11 Best IPTV apps for Android & iOS

Today, app developers and gadget developers offer users wide access to a variety of resources while using the global network.

Thanks to these innovations, almost every modern person can watch movies and TV series using IPTV technology. To watch IPTV on SMART TV you need to use specialized applications – players for IPTV.

To install the application on your TV, you will need to have the Internet. The best choice is to connect by wire, not WiFi. This will ensure signal quality and stability.

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Entering the menu for each device is different in some respects, as is the installation and start of third-party programs.

A SMART TV user must first create an account for each program. You then need to use your smartphone with a special application.

This overview contains the best IPTV apps, with which you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and TV series.


This version of IPTV is includes the following features:

  • No advertising
  • Ability to launch an operation when the device is loaded
  • Starts from the last channel you were watching
  • Extended playlist history
  • The application works with M3U and XSPF playback
  • Playback history
  • Multicast streaming using the UDP protocol, which previously should have been installed on your source network.
  • The list of channels is displayed as a grid, channel, or list available to you.
  • EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats
  • Internal and external video players
  • Age verification


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IPTV Extreme Pro

Please note that this application requires a channel playlist. However, this app is for you if you usually use VLC or Dreambox IPTV suite to watch TV.

You must have your own IPTV list.


  • Built-in Advanced & Light
  • Chromecast Help
  • Age verification
  • Auxiliary means for remote control
  • Reverse transition and recharge settings
  • Support for M3U playlists
  • Help with multiple EPGs
  • Standalone EPG
  • EPG alias operation
  • All EPG suppliers involved
  • Support for icons of different sizes
  • Ability to record with a time limit
  • More than ten useful topics
  • Timekeeper control
  • Autorun function at the beginning
  • Schedule a memorable meeting for related TV events
  • Look for similar events in the TV satellite
  • EPG slip time

You can also pay for a pro version to get rid of advertising


Metropol IPTV

This application has over a hundred channels.

It supports auto-renewable playlist and no ads, subscriptions, or other monetization methods. It’s definitely the best TV app to watch.

Metropol IPTV is a TV set-top box application that provides access to a large catalog of movies, cartoons, TV series.

It allows you to open pages with descriptions, ratings, trailers of almost all cinema products.

It is also possible to view the movie, finding it on the Internet.

Metropol IPTV

For playing, you can use third-party players such as VLC or MX. You can download the program from the developer’s website.


The GSE SMART IPTV application is one of the most popular. It has a user-friendly interface, fast installation, and stable operation.

Distinguishes the player from the other set of features. First, download the application and install it on your TV.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to install the program. Smart technology will do everything by itself.

This application has won the sympathy of users with a set of useful commands and features.

The player allows you to play almost all available video and audio formats. Navigation inside the player is simple and easy.

The presence of a large number of different languages to choose from greatly simplifies the setup process.


This application allows you to watch more than 150 channels. Video is played in FULL HD mode. The user can also create his own playlist.

IPTV Pro by Juanriapps

Watch IPTV-TV of your Internet provider or TV using any internet source in any way.

The operation works with love m3u playlists.

Playback of multicast aqueducts via UDP.

How to configure:

  • Get a list of channels m3u of your internet provider or look for thematic platforms.
  • TV can be watched over the Internet using 3G and Wi-Fi (except for IPTV from an Internet provider).
  • You can transfer the list of channels from your computer to the SD card directory using the empty “.nomedia” file.

However, add it to your operation if you have the recipient’s name.

  • IPTV Pro m3U does not allow and does not contain any media.
  • The operation does not violate the generally accepted rules regarding the brand.


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IP Television – IPTV M3U

IP Television – IPTV M3U is a universal player for playing audio and video formats.

DVD, VCD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime.

Built-in codecs and flexibility of settings are considered key features.

Also, the player is able to work not only with internal but also with external filters and plugins.

This modification allows the greatest flexibility in configuring audio and video playback parameters.

Using IP Television – IPTV M3U user gets a set of extra functions instead. Support for subtitles playback, volume increase.

Panorama mode, streaming content playback, video capture by TV tuner and camera, use of screenshots, and much more.

IP Television - IPTV M3U IP Television - IPTV M3U

Besides, there is one more specific detail. Setting the standard volume and normalize it in case of loud or quiet use of audio mode.

SteelTv IPTV

SteelTv IPTV shows content with different quality modes (SD, HD, and even 3D).

It broadcasts not only the terrestrial channels but also channels from local provider networks (IPTV).

Like the previous application, it is monetized with ads and a subscription fee for its disconnection.

There are no archives of records in this application, and some channels are available only for a subscription for money.

This is a video player familiar to many people and is capable of playing the most well-known video formats.

With codecs and hardware acceleration, the application can even play 4K content. You can use it to watch downloaded movies as well as play online TV.

SteelTv IPTV SteelTv IPTV

This program perfectly complements Ace Stream and FRY!TV by playing the stream received from them.

TVCast – Watch IPTV everywhere

In this application, you can find channels, add third-party IPTV playlists, add popular channels to your favorites.

There are a lot of settings, you can customize everything to your liking.

Wizards are available as a tool to import playlists and TV program sources. You can add a playlist.

To play playlists, you need a third-party media player, as the program does not have its own.

It is best to use MX Player or VLC Player, Ace Stream platform must be installed to view the playlist. Playlists from Rostelecom, soft orbit, and torrent TV also work. There are channel logos.

TVCast - Watch IPTV everywhere TVCast - Watch IPTV everywhere

There are ads in this application, but they are so unobtrusive that they won’t interfere with your watching your favorite TV channel.

Televizo – IPTV player

Using this app, you can watch your provider’s IPTV really while in the jungle or the living room at home, it doesn’t matter.

The program is just a player and does not contain any preset channels, so you should contact your provider to provide you with a playlist and EPG, which you also need to add to the application.

  • Live broadcast and broadcast libraries.
  • Adding an unlimited number of Xtream canons or M3U playlists and XML EPG
  • Sort and search
  • Support for streams such as HLS, UDP, RTMP, etc.
  • Thanks to parental control your kids won’t see anything unnecessary
  • Ability to add channels to Favorites
  • Choice of audio tracks
  • -Select and customize subtitles, etc.



It is also a good program that is actively developing, new TV channels are being added.

There is a TV program that is updated in real-time. There are also HD channels available which are working smoothly.

There are the smallest settings available, you can choose the video quality, type of interface, and picture format (full screen or zoom).

This is a very simple application that allows you to watch your favorite TV channels in good quality without spending a lot of internets.


If you understand the functionality of the application, it can replace all the other software on your smart TV.

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This application has an IPTV playlist preinstalled by default.

To play this playlist, Ace Stream, MX Player, or VLC Player applications must be installed on your Android device.

Live TV has various categories and a huge number of channels. Excellent image quality, channels can be added to favorites.

The only disadvantage of this program, which may be significant for someone and for someone not, is the lack of TV programs.

This is a multifunctional multimedia harvester for TV set-top boxes with different software. The program supports music and video playback, TV broadcasting.


It also has the torrent downloading, online storage, and much more through extensions and plug-ins.

Free apps for Android and iOS