7 Free Fighting Games For Android & IOS

For a few years now you don’t need a computer or a game console to play a cool fighting game. I mean you can get games with pretty amazing graphics. And Apple’s devices got superior screens. All you need is time and at least a semi-charged mobile device.

FIE swordplay

FIE swordplay looks quite an academical. FIE stands for “Federation Internationale D’Escrime”, quite official.

fehmaxresdefault screen1136x1136

Here you can fight with real internationally recognized rules. Laws of physics are applicable as well. Your avatar can fight real players (say hello to social networks) or computer opponents (they don’t look like Androids).

As the summer Olympics in Rio are taking over the world news this game is a sure thing to make you feel like a part of it. And just like the Olympics, it gets really difficult further in the game. You can arm up with sword, saber or rapier.

Features for you:

  • High quality graphics
  • Customize weapon and outfit
  • Realistic physics
  • Responsive controls

Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Portal power

Teenage mutant ninja turtles are all the rage right now. User can play together with ninja turtles and prevent villain Shredder from bringing his devilish plans into life. Roam through enemy worlds moving through magic portals. Plenty of ninja-type weapons will make you want pass the game up to the end with different weapons. Enjoy unique skills of turtles and defeat all the legendary enemies!

On the other hand, bodies don’t spray blood, no matter how hard or with what they are hit. That is a real good thing if your kid wants to play a fighting game (kids usually do). All player has to do to fight an enemy is tap and drag one or more turtle to where the enemy is standing. The fighting happens automatically. That is good for small kids, super boring for older gamers.

Portalpower TMNT-Portal-Power-2 unnamed (1)

Features for you:

  • Popular characters
  • Unique system of team attack
  • 5 worlds
  • Wonderful graphics and animation
  • New enemies


  • cheesy dialogues that give you face cramps
  • fights happen automatically

 Real Steel Robot Boxing Champions

It is a true fighting game. You don’t do much besides fighting.

unnamed (2)us-ipad-5-real-steel-world-robot-boxing us-iphone-3-real-steel-world-robot-boxing

It has buttons and directions that you have to press and everything else. A block, a light attack, a heavy attack, and a context sensitive special attack, help you to punch around (and decapitate) your opponents. Combining an attack with a direction does change the type and animation of the attack you do, but it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on how much damage is done. That mostly depends on whether your opponent is defending himself. Meanwhile it does deliver lots of fun.

Attacks look and sound like they connect with opponents with force, the UI is easy to navigate. And in the end of the day, Real Steel Champions is about fulfilling the dream of owning a cool thing you could never hope to own in real life.

Features for you:

  • Excellent graphics
  • 5 levels of parts upgrades
  • straight-up logic


  • can’t really dodge
  • hard to pull a combo
  • attacks have no effect on enemy’s mechanical capabilities

Blood & Glory

Blood & Glory is the best thing close to Gane of Thrones or Spartacus you can get for free.

blood_and_glory___legend_by_charro_art-d60hygr mzl.fwrdzqvm.800x500-75 unnamed (3)

Set in the days of the legendary Roman death sports, player takes up the mantle of a promising young combatant in the gladiatorial arena. You’ll work your way from tournament to tournament, earning experience points and silver that can be traded in for stat boosts and new equipment. Each tournament is broken up into five different matches, and you’ll need to survive all five if you want to win the title of Tournament Invictus.

The gameplay in Blood & Glory is a straight cut and paste from Infinity Blade. While it lacks originality, it’s hard to blame them for wanting to copy such an exceptional formula. In fact, Blood & Glory‘s gameplay is just as good as Infinity Blade‘s.

The difficulty ramps up at a pretty quick pace, so as you win tournaments by a finger’s breadth you’ll eagerly run to the store to get whatever you can before facing the next challenge. It does not force you to spend your actual real money though, as you can restart the fight or restart the tournament as well.

Features for you:

  • blood
  • glory
  • swords
  • blood
  • awesome gameplay


  • lacks originality
  • lacks miltiplayer

Marvel: Avengers alliance 2

Avengers are another uber popular bunch. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and others are going to save the universe from villains again. Join the Avengers army and fight off the attacks of galaxy evil.

maxresdefault (1) unnamed (2) unnamed

The first release wasn’t all that awesome though. Players noted poorly-implemented PVP, serious issues with cheating players, and broken character balance. The seruel looks way better. Alliance 2 offers the same strategic battle system that should tickle the fancy of anyone who enjoys RPG combat + improved graphics, and a less punishing PVP mode. The stamina system works so far. The game is extremely generous relative to similar games. It’s quite possible to clear all of the missions in the game, especially on normal, without paying a cent. Once finished a mission on normal difficulty, you can play it again on a higher difficulty setting. That gets tougher, but with careful planning and strategy, even the hardest missions are possible with what the game hands you.

Features for you:

  • Awesome graphics
  • Powerful system of upgrades of the heroes
  • Step by step battles
  • Heroes with supernatural abilities
  • Interesting missions

Cons: character balancing is still shaky

Never Gone

Never gone welcomes you to a gloomy gothic world in which you are going to participate in dynamic battles against skeletons, vampires and other evil spirits. You battle hordes of monsters with a sword and other weapons. This is where your close fight skills matter.

1_never_gone GamehubVN-Never-Gone-Mang-mau-dien-cua-Devil-May-Cry-len-Mobile-13


Basically, Never Gone goes along the lines of games like Double Dragon or Final Fight, but it brings a lot of elements from stylish action like Devil May Cry. There are some light RPG elements that allow you to develop your character and get new gear.

The framerate is smooth, but there’s a stilted feeling to the animation and movement that never goes away. The enemies outpace you in character development that you are basically forced to pay up if you want to keep up. On the other hand you can’t tale style out of your character’s attacks. You’ve got a virtual directional pad that you can use to modify your attacks, and buttons for attacking, jumping, and blocking. There are quite a few moves to learn, and you’ll open up more as you progress through the game and level up your character. Levels are kind of short, made up of just one or a few more smaller arenas where you’ll face a set group of enemies.

Game features:

  • 3 modes
  • High quality sound
  • Boss fights
  • Variety of weapons

Lego Bionicle: Mask of control

Lego Bionicle: Mask of control – is a fighting and adventure game. You go to a dangerous maze to find ancient and powerful Mask of Control before it gets into hunter’s hands. Stop enemies standing on your way, charge powerful attacks against them and don’t let evil powers resurrect!

maxresdefault (2)JTO_Uniters unnamed (3)

Bionicle line is main  force of Lego’s renaissance. The game is less promising though. The game is marketed as suitable for gamers in the 9-11 age bracket – and, surely enough, the battles involve a lot of button-bashing that wouldn’t frustrate the young kids. Intriguing narrative that underpins the essential appeal is not available is sorely lacking in the Bionicle franchise as a whole. The game mostly consists of fight after fight.

Features for you:

  • Excellent graphics
  • 6 characters
  • Many traps and enemies
  • Skills upgrade


  • almost non-existent narrative
  • button-bashing based fighting

Now, these games are free but you will probably have to invest into a power bank. Also don’t you tap on through your Apple screen. Those things are expensive!


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