Kazarma App Review

Have you ever had such a mood when you wanted to shoot some aliens? If yes, then keep on reading. If no, by the end of this review you will run to download this game as well. There is a great game called Kazarma and it is a futuristic shooter. This app is full of colors, fun, and craziness. Let’s see what it is all about.

First, for sure you are wondering what’s up with the name. Well, Kazarma is the name of the Greek bridge and in the game, this is where the battle against the aliens takes place. It is amazing how this landmark inspired the developers to create such an app.

Kazarma is a super cool game, however, it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode. If you and your friends want to play together you might want to explore these apps and find something you like.


The visuals are very bright and vibrant and they made us love the game even more. We promise you will too. The game is all about touch and drag, in fact, you can play with one finger. Kazarma doesn’t require much effort, and it is the beauty of it.

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The music is also fantastic. It was created for this game especially and adds atmosphere to the game.
There are fifty levels and every time they are generated randomly. The only thing you know for sure is that the difficulty will keep increasing. The speed will get even higher and you will meet more obstacles and enemies.


But don’t worry after you finish those fifty levels (if you can, you have a chance to unlock the Challenge Mode. It is quite tricky and this makes the game more fun. Throughout the game, you can unlock better ships, get upgrades, and new powers. Kazarma is just full of special extras and bonuses.

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The technical support answers everyone’s questions, complaints, and critics. They are ready to help with anything to make your experience even better. We are in love with this shooter. Effortless design, cool story, aliens… What else would you wish for? This game has everything to become a classic arcade.



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