Kingdom of Dinza Game Review

In this game you will feel like a real adventurer, or more precisely, the adventures will hunt you. In this project, you will have to find a long-lost mythical weapon and thus save your own home.

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Kingdom of Dinza1

On higher levels of difficulty, you will have to fight not only with hordes of monsters, and other dark creatures but also with time, hurry up!

A special feature of the game is the colorful and uncomplicated 2D graphics, which act as a bonus to the procedurally generated world.

Kingdom of Dinza2

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The developers, who delight the user with constant content updates, have added 3 game modes, each of which flows smoothly from quieter gameplay aimed at exploring the world, to the most complex survival.

You have no map, no signposts or indicators at your disposal – a completely unknown world in which you have to learn and become stronger, and to do so, learn equipment, items and characteristics.

Kingdom of Dinza3

The game is perfect for fans of the open world and 2d graphics, and even more so for fans of complexity because, in this game, every mistake can be the last one. The concept of exploring, dying, and then trying again fits perfectly with the medieval setting of this game.

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