Lee Paso a Paso App Review

Are you learning Spanish? Or, maybe do you want to increase your reading skills in Spanish? In this case, we have found an excellent solution for you – Lee Paso a Paso. The app is developed for both children and adults who want to improve their language skills.

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So, Lee Paso a Paso includes 220 images and over 880 words with 30 letters and 131 syllables. Plus, there is a wide range of entertaining mini-games. Below, you can check some of them:

  •  Match words to pictures
  •  Use syllables to form words
  •  Complete words with missing syllables
  •  Count syllables in words

Moving on, in this app, there are 3 different levels of difficulty:

In Level 1, you should learn step by step one letter at a time. After passing the game, you will earn prizes.

In Level 2, you can choose the preferred letter to practice with a great variety of words and images.

And in Level 3, you can select which game to practice, all the letters and images are presented in the game in random order.

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By the way, you can always check the pronunciation of each word and syllable. For this, just click on the picture or word and the pronunciation will be heard. As for the app’s interface, it is very simple to manage. Furthermore, the design is thoughtfully developed, that’s why the pleasurable user experience is guaranteed.

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But if you have faced any difficulties while playing the games, you can tap on the lightbulb button on the left side of the screen to listen to instructions for the particular game. Involving games, convenient navigation, and an exciting learning process – all these things you will find in Lee Paso a Paso. So, hurry up to try it – we believe you will not regret!


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