Spire.PDF for .NET Software Review

If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with using regular programs for working with PDF-files, we recommend that you consider the wide functionality of Spire.PDF for .NET.

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Please note that this product is not an application, but an API (Application Programming Interface). In case you don’t know what it is, these words hide a whole set of tools that allow applications to interact with each other. The main idea behind the API is to enable developers to simplify creating programs.


Without knowing how the application works, they can still interact with it. Besides, the API is a great way to make life easier for ordinary users who do not have special knowledge but want to take advantage of certain services’ capabilities.

Let’s see what the possibilities are in the case of Spire.PDF for .NET.

With the .NET PDF library, you can do a lot to create PDF files.


Create them from scratch, edit, process, convert and burn files like a pro. Everything you need is here. You do not need to install any program for reading or working with PDF or anything else external.

You can edit those PDF files which were scanned. And when you’re not busy with your paperwork you can also have fun and use the naked scanner apps – better at the party with your friends!

The interesting thing is the ability to combine and separate PDF documents and document overlays. The form fill function will help you read values from fields. That is great for maintaining databases, and in many other cases too. The library provides opportunities for booklets formation, stamps, import, etc.


The main functionality of Spire.PDF for .NET:

  • Convert PDF to about a dozen formats, including Word, Excel, and so on
  • Convert text and images to PDF, including HTML, XPS, and other formats
  • Security is provided by passwords for the author and users of documents
  • Ability to use a digital signature indicating the time of signing
  • High accuracy of document conversion, as well as information extraction

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The additional functionality of the service is so wide that it is difficult to tell about everything at once. We offer you the opportunity to see for yourself that Spire.PDF for .NET will free you from the need to use standard software, and in some cases will surpass its capabilities.

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