8 Best Logic Puzzle Apps in 2023 for Android & iOS

Wanna boost your brainpower? Then keep reading this article!

There are plenty of logic puzzle apps in 2023 for Android & iOS that will rack your brain while keeping it entertaining. All these apps are made to wake up your logic and contribute to its development.

Plus, the chances are high you have never played some of these games, which makes them even more challenging. But the best thing is, all these apps are different by concept, so feel free to try them all.

We’ve gathered together the 8 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Logic Puzzles Daily

Logic Puzzles Daily

Let’s start with a logic puzzle app that will challenge your brain.

On the one hand, it’s a classic puzzle app to test your logical skills, but it has a plot that adds up to the charm. According to the plot line, there’s a (not that mentally stable) logic professor who you’ll become your nemesis for a number of levels. It needs to be said, there are hundreds of rounds in this app, so you won’t get over it that easy.

More to that, the new quizzes come p every day, so it’s practically impossible to run out of material. There are plenty of free rounds, but there are some that may only be unlocked for money. The professor is your only competitor here, and if you’ll lose him around—he’ll attack you with loads of wisecracks.

The game also comes with international leaderboards, so you get to compare your results to other players as well. The game is based on increasing difficulty techs, so the rounds will get more challenging with time. Plus, all the riddles are unique and haven’t been published anywhere else, so there’s no such option as to google the answer.

Logic Puzzles Daily 1 Logic Puzzles Daily 2 



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Disc Drop

This app is a really fun puzzle game with vivid animations and unusual sound effects. The key object of this game is the disk that falls. Users need to make sure that the disk falls in the right place.

To do this, players need to find and implement the smartest moves. All that is required from users is to drop the disk in a way that forms a line of objects of the same color.

In addition, users can earn boosters that will make it easier to cope with the challenges. There are a lot of levels in this game, playing which users will be able to have a great time.

Also, in this game, there is a big choice of colors and sizes for the grid. Moreover, users will be able to easily play this game on different devices and at the same time not lose their data, since the app has a progress synchronization function.

In addition, users will be able to play Disc Drop offline. Therefore, players will have access to this exciting game at any time and anywhere they want.



Hard Penny Dell Puzzles 

Penny Dell Puzzles

In case you’re one of those people who look at all these puzzle games and think—“it’s too easy for me”—this app is for you.

This app is for true logic tasks fanatics, so if you’re a beginner—find yourself something less difficult. Herewith, only the first 10 puzzles are free, and all the other ones come as in-app buying. The free version comes with no ads, though, so you can decide if you’d like to buy the next 30 volumes or not. Each volume includes 30 more rounds, so you’ll get more than enough material.

All the rounds come with a unique storyline that you’ll need to get into to solve it. Each volume contains a various range of problems to keep your mind sharpened and stimulated. It needs to be said, the app has pretty cluttered graphics. So go look at the screenshots below and decide if you can work with it or not.

Plus, the app relieves you from annoying erasing. Thus, if you’ll make several mistakes, you may go for a one-tap multi-level undo. It will erase all the errors, and you’ll be able to at the black canvas. In case you’ll get stuck, you may also use hints to move forward. However, you’ll only get a limited number of tips, and all the extra ones should be earned.

Penny Dell Puzzles 1 Penny Dell Puzzles 2 



Mahjong Unlimited

mahjong1Mahjong Unlimited is an entertaining game with over 100 featured game layouts, 19 backgrounds, and 6 tile sets. The difficulty of the game automatically changes based on the skill level of the player, which will make the game more user-friendly.

Also, users can manually make the necessary changes in the settings based on their preferences.
The goal of the users in this game is to clean all tiles out of the board by selecting pairs of tiles with the same drawing. Thus, the essence of the game is quite simple, but the game is still addictive.

In other similar games, the number of different game options is limited by the already loaded layout options. On the contrary, Mahjong Unlimited is able to generate an almost unlimited number of games from any layout with solutions.

There are no time limits in this game. Also, the game developers guarantee that all the tasks in the game can be solved.




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Valentine’s Zoo

valentineszoo2Valentine’s zoo is a puzzle game for animal lovers.  In this game, users will be able to help lonely animals and find a mate for them in a large zoo.

The puzzle game has always been a fairly popular type of game because of its simplicity, but at the same time fascination. The constant search for the same images in a short period of time captivates users so that they can’t stop playing. 

This particular game will test the reaction speed of the players, because they will need to quickly find the same types of animals.

This task seems simple enough, but the challenge is that users only have 10 seconds to find a match.  In addition to the fact that this game is very cute, as it is related to animals, it develops the speed of reaction and information processing by the player. 

Also, the result of each game is saved and users can see their record, and then beat it. The interface of the app is quite simple and has a wide variety of animals.

In addition, as you progress through the levels, you will receive special boxes with gifts. These gifts can be additional types of animals. With each level, the game becomes more and more challenging.




Einstein’s Riddle

einstein riddle

As you may guess by the name, this game lets you test if you could cope with the Einstein riddle.

It’s a challenging riddle game with a tick and cross kind of concept. Frankly speaking, this type of game doesn’t have any confirmed name, so it can be called differently. Plus, the chances are high you are not familiar with such riddles yet, which makes it even more fun to play, right?

Speaking of the rules, all the rounds will give you some logical problems that need to be solved. Herewith, you’ll be given a number of clues that describe a script with several people involved. All of them will have jobs, pets, or other stuff that makes them unique. Your goal is to use all the clues to solve the mystery.

Now, here’s the best thing—the game already covers over 5K puzzles. More to that, all the rounds are free, and there are no bonus packs as well. There are ads, of course, but you can easily handle them. Besides, you’ll get 15 extra challenges daily, so it’s practically impossible to run out of material. As for the difficulty, lvl. There are various grid sizes here, and the bigger, the harder.

einstein riddle 1 einstein riddle 2 





This is a logic riddle game that will rack your brain.

This whole game is built around problem-solving kinds of quizzes. To be more precise, it’s a mix of cross logic and word games for the people who like to try smth new. Your goal here is to use all the given clues to decrypt the words and solve the cryptogram. If you’ll get it right, the words will turn into a little truism.

As for the mechanics, everything is pretty simple. You start by matching the letters with the numbers to turn into solution dashes. Herewith, make sure to pay attention, cause the words can be matched with several numbers. Plus, don’t forget to use definitions to guess all the words possible.

Then, you’ll just need to go back to the list of words and fill in the dashes. The game covers plenty of rounds, so you’ll be busy for a long time. Besides, there are various difficulty lvls that you get to switch if needed. Thus, you’ll have enough time to adapt to the rules and find your pace.

Figgerits 1 Figgerits 2 



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LogiBrain Hitori 


And lastly, we have a brain-teasing game based on Japanese puzzles.

In case you don’t know what history is, it’s a traditional riddle game where your goal is to logically find out which number to eliminate. To get more into it, you’ll need to erase the numbers till all the columns and rows only contain one piece of a given number. Herewith, these cells can’t be placed next to each other, but they can be diagonal.

For years, this game used to be played on paper, but now you have it on your phone in a handy format. It’s pretty similar to Sudoku and binary, so if you love such games, you’ll enjoy this one. The game covers thousands of rounds, and new ones are added regularly.

Beyond that, there are 5 difficulty lvls (and not 3), so whether you’re a pro player, or getting ready for your first round—you’ll get to play in comfort. The difficulty mostly depends on the grid format, and the bigger it is, the more complicated it. The game comes in 7 sizes that you can switch by your will.

LogiBrain 1 LogiBrain 2



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