11 Best long distance relationship apps (Android & iOS)

A relationship is a constant work on yourself and full confidence in your partner. It often happens that lovers have to be separated by distance, but the distance is not a reason to break up a relationship.

In order to be in constant contact, you will need to constantly establish a relationship with your partner – for example, to constantly communicate, talk on the phone. But sometimes this is not enough.

To be close to your partner even from a distance, you will need a little more than just texting. It can be text games, intimate talks, or even long-distance learning together.

You can’t go out together or meet at a distance. But you can use your smartphone and feel the other half almost nearby. We’ve found 11 of the best apps for couples to help them maintain long-distance relationships.

Love Nudge

love nudgeThe main problem couples face when traveling is the lack of communication. The person becomes too small in your life, and you do not always have time to say important words to the person or even forget about it.

With the Love Nudge app, you will no longer have this problem. Your partner will now always know what you care about, and you won’t forget to say nice words and compliments.

Love Nudge will form your habit of expressing love. For example, the app will prompt you to send a gift, postcard or even a simple compliment.

Love Nudge was created from the book “Five Languages of Love”, which improves and takes your relationship to the next level. Love Nudge will be your personal friend and help you get closer.

You and your other half will be learning each other’s languages of love, knowing what your partner needs at this time. Control your love accents, and then no distance will interfere with your relationship.

love nudge1 love nudge2


Happy Couple – relationship quiz

happy coupleThe key to a good and lasting relationship is full trust. It is especially important for you to understand this from a distance. By keeping in touch with your soul mate, you can seize the moment and learn a little more about the person you love.

It is not always possible to ask a thousand questions in person and get the right answers. But in the Happy Couple quiz, you can find out what your partner thinks or feels at that moment.

By staying at a distance and playing Happy Couple, you can strengthen your relationship. During the day, you will have to answer 5 different questions that your partner will get the answers to.

You’ll learn a little new information every day, which will keep you from getting bored at the same time. Happy Couple can be a springboard for a quitting relationship or even help you build new and interesting dialogues about your future.

For every answer you guess, you get points that move your relationship forward. Go to a stronger and friendlier relationship with Happy Couple.

happy couple1 happy couple2


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Been Together (Ad) – Couple D-day

been togetherLong relationships get bored after a while. You get used to your partner and don’t even notice how fast the time goes. Been Together helps you always know how much time has passed since the important events in your relationship.

For example, how long have you been together? When did your first date happen? You can track any love date with your partner.

Been Together is installed as a widget on your smartphone screen, and you can always see how much time has passed since your first date. Been Together can be displayed on both the home screen and the lock screen.

Customize its appearance – for example, you can put your photo together as a background and a cute nickname instead of a name. Keep track of multiple dates and share numbers on social networking sites or via SMS – even the distance will not be a barrier to your love. You’ll also know how long you’ve been apart.

been together1 been together2


Tinkovu – Long distance relationship

tinkovuIt is difficult from a distance to express your feelings fully and reliably to your partner. You may feel too much and be unable to say it in person.

In this case, the Tinkovu app can help you. It is designed for those lovers who cannot be near you at the moment. But here you can sweetly confess your love or other experiences and feelings.

In order to communicate with your other half, you will need to scan your partner’s code. That way you will be connected inside the application. You don’t need to register or create an account – just install Tinkovu and enter your partner code.

Anytime you feel lonely or want to make a declaration of love to your soul mate, you can do so with Tinkovu. At work, at home, or at school – there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. Your Tink message will be sent instantly and your loved one will know how you feel, even far away from you.

tinkovu1 tinkovu2



desireDesire is an application that is designed for couples in love. It will increase the degree of your relationship and engagement, and you can excite your partner. Passion can easily fade away in a relationship at a distance, so you will need to keep it going.

Desire game will help you to heat up the temperature of the couple a little and even reignite the passion again – despite the fact that you are far away from each other.

In Desire, you challenge your partner, and he will have to accept it. Once accepted, he or she will have very little time to complete the task. It can be your erotic fantasy, your love confession, your photo and much more.

Most importantly, with Desire, you can create your own tasks that your partner will have to complete. Each completed challenge brings you scores that open up more and spicier tasks for the couple.
Unlock new categories and continue to use Desire even during a meeting, so the date becomes even hotter after the breakup.

desire1 desire2


Wefeel – Juegos para parejas

wefeelImproving relationships is not an easy task that is really hard to accomplish. In order for both lovers to get closer to each other, it will take a lot of cooperative work and many other actions.

But after you do it, the relationship will approach in an ideal way, and your partner will know you even better. Wefeel was created precisely to improve your relationship.

There are many games for couples. These are not simple games – in these games, you will have to express how important this relationship is to you and what you are willing to do for them.

But in Wefeel there will be no boring questions about your interests or level of love. The app will enhance your mutual passion and secret desires, which you can realize when you meet.

All the results are truly authentic and can stimulate your relationship, as the questions and their interpretation were created and developed by a team of psychologists. Entertain your imagination and partner at Wefeel.

wefeel1 wefeel2


Couple Game by iPassion ApS

couple gameCouple Game is an interesting quiz for couples, which is not standard. You will learn a little more about your partner here than you would in a regular quiz.

Besides sex and other intimate matters, you may have a lot in common in your interests, behavior, and desires. Couple Game was created so that you can have fun with your partner, as well as learn a little bit more about him/her.

You choose the package that interests you the most. Each package includes a number of questions on the subject, and your partner will answer them. Once you’ve both taken this quiz, you’ll need to guess how your partner has answered the question.

This way, you can see how well you know your loved one at the moment and how well you see the future. All the important information you need can be found in Couple Game!

couple game1 couple game2



ipassionRelationships are always supported by a shared sexual desire and lust. All is strictly 18+!

We have found an app that will help you keep the fire in your relationship even from a distance, understanding and learning all the intimate parts and desires of your partner. Download iPassion and pass the intimacy test – so you and your partner will be even closer, and communication will improve significantly.

iPassion is unlike any other erotic game. This is where you are invited to get to know your partner and get closer to him. Do you understand exactly what he wants and how to break the ice when you meet him?

Because the game is played in pairs, your other half will also get to know you. You will find out how well you know each other at the moment and what you both do not like in your intimate life.

Answering questions about preferences and disagreements, you tell each other a little more about yourself, revealing yourself to your lover. iPassion is a great way to start a conversation about intimacy in a relationship, especially if you’re both shy.

ipassion1 ipassion2


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Between – Private Couples App

betweenThe applications that are most often designed for pairs do not have direct communication. You can play something, talk a little, that’s all. And what about the service where only you and your other half will be?

This way you can organize the common space even from a distance – after all, only you and your other half will be there! Here your communication will be more romantic and close, and you will be able to keep all your memories in one place – even if you change your phone.

In Between, you can send each other photos, videos, as well as special GIFs and stickers. The app also allows you to count down together until your next date!

Anytime and anywhere, you’ll be chatting together as a couple and no one can interrupt you. Since the application can be synchronized with your computer, you will be able to continue communication even on different devices.

By sending photos and personal messages, you don’t have to worry about security and privacy – Between encrypts all your data and messages.

between1 between2


Gottman Card Decks

gottman card decksIn a relationship, it is important to talk to each other and tell the partner about your own experiences. People are not always able to do this directly; more often than not they bear any negative feelings and are unable to express themselves.

But the Gottman approach has already helped millions of couples. They have released the Gottman Card Decks application, that helps you hear yourself and your partner.

The app contains 14 decks with different themes. These can be Communication Rituals, questions about sex for men and women, and more. You can choose the category you would like to discuss at the very beginning.

It is recommended to go through all 14 decks of cards to know and hear your partner. There are a total of about a thousand cards in the decks, among which you can see your favorites – the ones you mark yourself during the game.

Improve your relationship even from a distance, and Gottman Card Decks will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses in love.

gottman card decks1 gottman card decks2


LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen

loklokIf you were living with your loved one, you definitely wrote notes to each other. Often couples do this on the fridge or on the table, leaving paper messages of love.

It seems impossible to repeat this experience from a distance – for example, to come home and see something nice. But we can change your opinion!

The LokLok app lets you leave notes to your partner right on your smartphone screen. This can be a pleasant surprise and experience for anyone who reads the message.

To do this, you’ll both need to install LokLok on your smartphones and let the app sync your screens. The first thing your partner will see when unlocking their smartphone is your message.

The lock screen, in this case, will act as a widget and chalkboard for your notes. The history of your messages is not saved – so everything you write or receive will be unique.

loklok1 loklok2


A distance relationship is a challenging experience that allows couples to test the strength of their feelings. Of course, you can be sure of your partner, but it doesn’t stop you from doing and saying something nice, even when you’re away from each other.

An internal love connection will be maintained not only through messages and love words but also through special applications. They will help you feel your other half close to you even when he or she is far away from you.

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