10 Free Manga Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Are you a fan of manga looking for the best app to read with comfort? This article got you covered!

There are lots of free manga apps for Android and iOS in 2024 that will satisfy all your needs. These apps cover comics of all genres from both famous and independent authors. And the coolest thing is — you will be able to read the newest releases the day they officially come out!

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Here’s the list of the best free apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

VIZ Manga – Direct from Japa‪n‬

VIZ Manga

Let’s start with the app called VIZ Manga. This is an app for manga lovers that covers the entire VIZ catalog you can read.

As you can guess by the title, this is an official VIZ app so you can be sure you’re reading your manga legally and right from the country of a rising sun. The app covers all the popular series and the new releases coming out every weak.

The coolest thing about this app is there’re lots of free material here and you can read the latest episodes of your fave comics the day they launch in Japan. Speaking of paid comics, there are some but you can always read a free preview to find out if you’d like to keep reading it or not. All the comics are organized by themes and authors and there are lots of fun compilations for you to read.

Thus, you can always view the list of the most popular comics of the mouth and fans’ faves in each category. Plus, you can rather install the manga to your device to read it offline or stream them without filing up your phone’s memory. The reading engine is quite great so you can add bookmarks, set the look of the pages, and all that.

VIZ Manga 1 VIZ Manga 2


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Crunchyroll Manga

Manga by Crunchyrol‪l‬

Crunchyroll Manga is one of the most popular services of anime streaming on the market.

This app is made to provide anime fans an unlimited reach to the massive collection of comics. The main goal of this app is it adds all the newest material the exact day it comes out on shelves. Thus, you can be sure you won’t catch any spoiler of your fave manga before reading it.

Speaking of the comics’ collection of this app, it’s quite impressive. The app covers manga of all genres — from fantasy to detectives and all that. All the comics are also separated by genres and authors so it’s quite easy to navigate through the app. Plus, there are lots of compilations such as fan’s faves or the most popular comics of the weak in case you’re looking for something to read.

You may rather download the comics to your phone or read them online to save space on your device. Besides, you may also customize the reader built-in app. For example, you may change zoom the pages, set the rotation and screen resolution, and all that. Plus, you can leave bookmarks on your fave places to come back and re-read.

Manga by Crunchyrol‪l‬ 1 Manga by Crunchyrol‪l‬ 2


INKR Comics

INKR Comic‪s‬

INKR Comics is another manga app that provides you access to your fave comics anytime everywhere.

Frankly speaking, this app has a high chance of becoming your one-stop manga app. Firstly because it has a massive diverse library with thousands of comics. Therewith, there are comics of popular and niche publishers, comics from independent authors, and all that.

As for the genres, there’s something for everyone — from action and horror to drama and romance. Plus, the app does everything for you to easily pick the next comics to read. Thus, when you scroll through the comics you will be able to view the previews and the first pages of the manga. Thereby, you will be able to the device if the drawing style and the plot match your preferences.

It also needs to be said, once you’ll read a couple of comics or simply add some to your faves the app will start giving your recommendations. Plus, you can turn on notifications to never miss the new chapters of your face manga. As for the viewer, it’s quite powerful as well — it captivates each comic to match your screen resolution and it empowers you to leave bookmarks.

INKR Comic‪s‬ 1 INKR Comic‪s‬ 2


MangaToon – Manga Reade‪r‬


MangaToon is a comic-reading app with a huge amount of free material.

This app provides you with a massive collection of various materials — from comics to manhua and manga. There’re comics of all genres as well — from romance to comedy and horror. All the most popular series are covered and the new chapters coming out each week. There are even comics that get daily updates!

Of course, some comics in the app are paid but don’t hurry to get upset. First of all, you can always read the first couple of pages for free as a preview. Thus, you will be able to see if you like the plot and the drawing style and decide if you’d like to keep reading. Plus, the app covers hundreds of free comics of all genres.

In case you’re not sure what you want to read, the app covers various complications with the most popular comics and the fan’s faves in specific genres. As for the comics’ viewer, it’s quite comfy — the size of the material adapts to your screen resolution and you can switch the languages. You can also download the comics to read them offline.

MangaToon 1 MangaToon 2


Manga Reader – Free Manga APP

Manga Reader

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics is another webtoon reader that empowers you to read the most popular graphic novels.

The main goal of this app is to provide you with the ultimate manga library so you’d always have something fresh to read. Plus, the app does everything in its power to deliver you all the newest episodes as fast as possible. In most cases, the new chapters are being added to the app the same day they come out in Japan.

Along with that, the app covers all the legendary and hyped series and releases so you’ll never miss a good comic. All the genres are covered as well — you can find everything from horror to romance. The search engine also comes with several filters in case you’re searching for something specific.

It needs to be said, there’s a massive amount of free content in this app, but there are some comics you need to pay for. However, you can always read the first chapter of the manga for free to find out if you are even interested in it or not. Once you start reading comics it is being added to your personal library and you can sort it to the thematic folders of yours.

Manga Reader 1 Manga Reader 2


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Manga Dogs – webtoon reade‪r

Manga Dogs

As you can guess by the title, Manga Reader is the ultimate app that empowers you to read your fave comics wherever you are.

The app covers thousands of free comics of all the genres you can think of. The main point of the app is to gather the biggest collection of manga for you to effortlessly read. All the most popular comics series are covered and all the comics get regular updates of the new chapters. As for the genres — there’s everything from comedy to horror.

All the comics are organized by genres and creators and you can filter the search according to your preferences. You can also scroll through thematic compilations to find something fresh to read. Once you’ve started to read a manga, it automatically appears in your personal library. Then, you can make your own thematic folders and manage the comics by your will.

Plus, you can view your whole searching history any time which is great. As for the viewer, you can rather read the comics online or downloaded them on your device. In case you’ll devise to download you will be able to open the mange in any other viewer as well but the app’s one has everything you might need.

Manga Dogs 1 Manga Dogs 2


Manga Box: Manga App

Manga Box

Manga Dogs is a cute comics reader that will cover all your needs.

In the first place, this app is more than just a manga reader — it’s the community of manga lovers that empowers you to discuss your fave comics with other fans. The collection of manga covered by this app is massive — it is based on more than 20 manga sources so there are thousands of comics waiting for you.

Plus, all the comics get regular updates the same day they come out on shelves so you’ll never run out of material. You may also subscribe to your fave authors to get notifications about their new comics. All the comics genres are covered — from fantasy and horror to comedies. Besides, the comics are organized by genres and authors for easy navigation.

The app comes with a built-in viewer that gives you the best reading experience. It covers both horizontal and vertical modes and you can set the rotation by your will. You can also leave bookmarks and download the manga to your phone to view them offline. At that, you can organize your bookshelf and split your archives into folders.

Manga Box 1 Manga Box 2


Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

Shonen Jump

Manga Box is another manga viewer that empowers you to enjoy original manga whenever you want.

The main goal of this app is to level up your manga reading experience and make it as comfy as possible. Thus, there’s a massive base of free comics in all genres so you’ll always find something to read. Herewith, you can view all the previous issues of the manga and follow notifications about its newest releases.

Speaking about the apps’ library, it covers all the popular comics series, famous and niche manga authors, and even some independent publishers as well. Plus, all the comics you see here are good quality — you can zoom the pages and the quality of the pic will remain the same.

As for the updates, there are new chapters and comics being added every day so you’ll always have something fresh to read. The manga viewer is also great — it permits you to control the screen rotation, adapt the comics to your screen resolutions, and all that. Plus, you can rather read the comics online or install them for ultimate access.

Shonen Jump 1 Shonen Jump 2


Manga Zone – Manga Reade‪r‬

Manga Zone

Manga Zone is a free comics reader that provides you will all the popular series and newest releases.

The coolest thing about this app is it developed by manga loves so it covered everything an average reader mat need. First of all, all the comics in this app are free. You can rather read them online or get them on your device, it’s up to you. Therewith, there are no downloading limits or something so feel free to get every graphic novel you like.

Besides, the app has a massive base of comics of all genres — from drama to action. All the most beloved series are covered as well and there are weekly updates for the majority of the comics. You can add some comics to your faves or waiting list to get notifications when the new chapters will come out.

Plus, all the comics are sorted by the author and the genre so it’s easy to navigate. Once you’ll like or start reading some comics the app will start giving you reading recommendations. As for the viewer, it’s extremely comfy — the reading process is smooth, you can set the rotation and leave bookmarks if needed.

Manga Zone 1 Manga Zone 2


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Webnovel – Fictions & Comic‪s


And lastly, Webnovel is a graphic novel reader that provides you with a massive library o exclusive comics.

The app covers all the latest releases and famous manga series so you’ll always be aware of what’s happening in the industry. Plus, the majority of the novels get daily updates with the new episodes so you can be sure you get the content along with the other world.

As for the genres, the app covers everything from fantasy to comedy so there’s something for everyone. Plus, their app adds both famous authors and publishers and some niche and independent ones. All the comics are organized by genres and authors so it’s easy to find something specific.

Apart from that, this app is also about the community of manga fans. Therefore, you can view people’s comments and reviews for all the graphic novels and interact with them. You can even add your own manga and start getting your first readers and reviews (yeah, just like Wattpad but for manga lovers).

Webnovel 1 Webnovel 2


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