14 Love Test Apps for Android & iOS

When choosing a partner, we want to make no mistake and make the right choice. And love test can help in this process.

Choosing a compatibility test on the Internet you can find a huge number of them. But, most of them are just a way to have fun. Applications from this list are a serious and truthful way to check compatibility.

In these applications, you will need to use a lot of information. All questions must be answered sincerely. Only in this way will the results be accurate! Use these love test apps to determine your love and compatibility.

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Love Tester

The Love Tester app will help you quickly and for free to find out how compatible you are with your partners. To do this, you need to enter your names. Each name has some meaning and may affect compatibility. Verify this using the Love Tester app. Here you can find out a lot of interesting things.

There is also a test in which you need to answer specific questions. Answer the test questions with your partner. It is desirable to answer thoughtfully. Choose not the first answer that seems appropriate. But pre-think about all the options.

Even when it seems that some of the answers are almost the same, think about the nuances of the wording. Choose the most appropriate option.

Having learned your “family types”, see if their combination is promising. You can also check compatibility by date of birth or photo. In this application, you can also create a romantic collaborative greeting card. Add love quotes or interesting stickers. Test your feelings and find out how you fit together.


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Love Test

In the Love Test application, you can check your compatibility with a potential partner. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your love relationship. You will learn how to win the favor of the person you like.

How sensual will be the innermost side of your love? What to expect from a chosen one in everyday life? What kind of mistakes in a relationship are worth paying attention to?

You will also learn how your signs are combined in friendship and professionally. This love test is based on your zodiac signs.

With the help of zodiac compatibility you can:

  • Identify the strengths of your relationship. This will help you know exactly if they meet your expectations. Does the partner share your desire for spiritual development? Is he waiting for a serious relationship or wants a passionate romance?
  • Predict problems that you and your soulmate may encounter in a relationship.
  • Find out if you are compatible in bed. Intimate life is one of the important parts of a love relationship. Do your temperaments coincide and are your partner ready for experiments?
  • Make sure that you and your chosen one are ready for the birth of children and will become good parents. In each pair, the father and mother distribute responsibilities differently. One and the same sign may be a good and bad parent in combination with one or another sign.
  • Understand whether your partner is prone to treason and what may push him to this step.
  • Find out how representatives of his zodiac sign behave when parting with your sign.
  • Determine compatibility not only in love and marriage but also in friendship.

The compatibility of the zodiac signs is not a guarantee of successful relations. This is a parameter that represents the level of harmony in your relationship.


Love Test Compatibility Quiz 

The Love Test Compatibility Quiz app helps you calculate compatibility with your partner. To do this, it uses a numerical algorithm that will give an accurate result in just a few seconds. Names are of great importance in our lives. They are an important source of information about your character and your fate.

Application Love Test Compatibility Quiz features:

  • interesting tests
  • unique and attractive design
  • love messages
  • romantic images
  • quotes about love
  • is free
  • without advertising

Here you can check compatibility based on your name, date of birth, or zodiac sign. You can even verify this with fingerprints. The application Love Test Compatibility Quiz has artificial intelligence. This allows you to combine all the facts into one whole and get the exact result.

Enter your name and the name of your partner. Click on the “Check” button and find out how compatible you are. The application Love Test Compatibility Quiz takes into account all astrological details. It includes even the location of the planets.

Besides, you can find out how sincere your friends or relatives are. Who loves you the most? Find out in this app. The finished result can be shared with your friends on social networks.

The results will definitely surprise you. Then you can create a romantic card with your couple. Tell your soulmate that you are the perfect partner. Add a nice quote or a beautiful sticker.


LOVE TEST – match calculator

The LOVE TEST – match calculator app will help you better understand yourself and learn a lot. So, you will learn the secret traits of your character in a relationship with your partner. You can also determine whether your self-esteem is low or high.

The app LOVE TEST – match calculator will be the perfect assistant for guys and girls who want to check compatibility in a relationship. The test provides a list of statements that relate to a love relationship. For each statement, select an answer expressing your agreement.

When answering questions, try to introduce your current love partner. If you do not have one, then imagine your last partner. Remember what you thought of your lover or lover. What did you feel and how you behaved. If you have never been in love, answer as you would in a state of love.

The program interface looks very high quality and beautiful. The application LOVE TEST – match calculator resembles a game.

During it, you will receive answers to all your questions. After passing each test you will receive game points. They can be spent on unlocking new tests. Share your results on social networks or by email.


Love Test

Love Test is an application that is designed to check compatibility and more. This is a love test that girls and boys can use. During the test, you need to answer certain questions. You will also need to select the images that best describe your relationships.

Your answers to the questions must be accurate and sincere. If you lie, the test result will not show you the real state of your relationship. Check if you feel love or is it just friendship. If you are in love, then you can check compatibility with your lover.

Various tests are also available here to determine interesting facts. Want to know how passionate, jealous, or confident you are? Or do you want to determine the level of your sexuality? Take the tests and get answers to these questions. Choose the images in the test that best convey your state of mind.

You can feel free to use this test to measure your love. Determine what you really feel for the person. Is it true love, jealousy, or passion? This application will help you better understand yourself and understand your feelings.

You can use this to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find out who you are compatible with and share the result with your friends. You can do this using your account on any social network.


A Love Test

A Love Test is an app that claims to predict romantic compatibility between two people. The application was developed for purely entertainment purposes. Therefore, do not be upset if the test result upsets you.

The application has a simple and user-friendly interface. Users can enter their names and dates of birth, as well as the names of their partners or lovers.

The application then generates a compatibility score ranging from 0 to 100 percent based on an algorithm that takes into account various factors, including numerology and astrology.

One of the main advantages of this app is its ease of use, making it accessible to people of all ages. It is also free to download and use, although some in-app purchases are available for users who want to unlock additional features.

This mobile app has also received negative reviews from users who claim that its predictions are inaccurate or that it often crashes. Some users have also raised concerns about the privacy policy of the app, which collects users’ personal information and may share it with third-party advertisers.

Application features:

  • You can check compatibility with your partner based on your names, date of birth or zodiac signs (remember, the result may not be what you expect)
  • Easy to use app

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Love Compatibility Zodiac – Free Love Test

The Love Compatibility Zodiac – Free Love Test app is a fingerprint scanner. This is a unique way to test how well you fit together. Find out if your relationship is great and how it predicts.

Here you can scan your fingerprints together. To do this, an image from the camera of your phone will appear on the screen. Two circles will be depicted there. You and your partner need to put your finger on these circles.

The application Love Compatibility Zodiac – Free Love Test will do a scan. You will get the result. The finished result will be displayed as a percentage.

Besides, you can use this application as a game. Check if your friendship is perfect. It may even happen that you are with your potential partner at the moment. Check this. Maybe you will start a new happy relationship.

The application Love Compatibility Zodiac – Free Love Test is free. It is very simple and interesting to use. It has unique graphics, so all the animations here are in very good quality.

Fingerprint scanners work very well. The compatibility check will start after you place your fingers on the scanners. It usually takes a few seconds to scan. You will see a special scale on which the level of your compatibility will be shown.


Test Lover – love test

Using the Test Lover – love test app, you can find out how compatible you are with your partner. For this, the application uses a unique numerical algorithm.

Want to know how strong your relationship is? Or do you doubt the reciprocity of feelings? This free app will give you answers to all your questions.

In this application, you can learn not only a lot of new things about relationships with your lover. You can also determine the level of sincerity of friendship of your friends.

Answer the test questions truthfully and sincerely. So you get the exact result. You will learn a lot about yourself and your environment. To start the test, you need to enter data about yourself. This may include your name, date of birth, or zodiac sign.

You can view the results in the application history. This tab can be found in the settings. Here you can share the results with your friends. To do this, you need to enter your account information in any social network or email address.

Besides, this application uses artificial intelligence. This allows you to quickly process the information received. The application Test Lover – love test can be used by girls and guys of different ages.


Love Calculator

Love Calculator is an entertaining mobile app designed to calculate compatibility between two people based on their names.

The main function of the application is to request the names of two people, and then use a special algorithm to determine the percentage of compatibility.

The principle of the application is that the names of two people have a certain vibration and energy that can affect their compatibility. The higher the percentage, the more compatible the two people are.

The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible to everyone. Users can share the results on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or via messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

One downside of the app is that the compatibility percentage is not based on any scientific research or data and should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, some users have reported that the app sometimes crashes or freezes, which can be frustrating.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the accuracy of the results, with some feeling that the app is just a gimmick and doesn’t accurately reflect their relationship. Others have commented that the app is fun to use but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Application features:

  • Easy to use entertainment application
  • You can share your result on social networks

True Love – Calculator

The True Love – Calculator application will help you make the right choice at the initial stage of the relationship. Here you will understand what will be the best outcome for your relationship. Love or friendship? Find out in a quick and easy way.

In this application, you will find two types of tests. Friendly Compatibility and Love Compatibility. For both tests, you need to state your zodiac signs. You can also pass the standard compatibility test. This includes 11 questions that you need to answer truthfully and sincerely. You can take this test yourself.

But for a more accurate result, answer questions with your partner or friend. In this case, first, you answer the questions, and then the second person.

You can also learn a lot about yourself. For example, find out what your temperament is. The application True Love – Calculator will provide you with information. You will learn which temperament is compatible with yours.

This test can also be used by two people. Here you need to answer 13 questions. Each question has 4 possible answers. The interface of this application is very well done. All necessary functions and tabs are located on the main application window. You can open any necessary page with one click.

Each compatibility forecast is advisory. Every person and every couple is special. Thus, the percentage of compatibility will help you only partially understand your relationship.


A Love Match: Compatibility Calculator

Want to know if you have met your ideal partner? The Love Match app will help you with this. You need to answer 10 questions about the characteristics of your palm and the palm of a partner. You will receive an accurate description of your potential relationship.

You will also find out the percentage of compatibility. This is a great opportunity to check the compatibility of partners without questions.

Want to make sure the test is accurate? Then go through an individual personality test first. This will allow you to verify your own characteristics with the test results. You can draw conclusions about the accuracy of the analysis yourself. The result is guaranteed.

This is a unique technique for conducting a compatibility test. It is also known as a “love test” or “relationship test.” Analyzing lines and shapes of hands, the app creates relationship profiles.

This process occurs in the game mode for the couple. You can also take a photo of the palm of your partner to run the test later.

The application Love Match does not analyze astrological signs and does not “scan” faces. This app bases on studies of connections between brain areas and line shapes on the hands.

Thanks to the analysis, the application Love Match calculates the percentage of compatibility. Besides, you will receive a detailed report of your potential relationships.


Love Scanner – Couples Compatibility Calculator

Want to know what awaits you in living together with your loved one? Interested in knowing what awaits you together? The app Love Scanner – Couples Compatibility Calculator will help answer this important question.

You will find the aspects of the interaction of the zodiac signs that seek relationships. You can also find out how well friends or work relationships are. Compatibility by stars will help you better understand your partner.

Checking compatibility on the signs of the zodiac will help to detect your problems. It will suggest the best solutions. It should also be remembered that stars only show possible directions. People build relationships themselves.

Besides, here you can check compatibility based on your fingerprints. The application Love Scanner – Couples Compatibility Calculator uses a unique algorithm. First, you need to answer the test questions.

The test offers 10 key questions about the shape and lines on the hand. These questions need to be answered by you and your partner. The answer must be given as accurately and truthfully as possible.

The handline analysis will give the app an idea of ​​your personality. The application includes analytics based on the Personality Model. This model is used by professional psychologists to assess personality and potential compatibility.

Application Love Scanner – Couples Compatibility Calculator features:

  • individual personality test
  • compatibility calculator
  • a detailed report on potential compatibility based on 10 aspects of the relationship
  • saving/editing/adding personality profiles
  • running compatibility tests between your and other profiles
  • access to pre-made celebrity profiles

Download the application Love Scanner – Couples Compatibility Calculator on any device and enjoy using it for free.


Love Tester

The Love Tester app will let you know the compatibility with your partner. This is based on individual astrological calculations by date of birth.

Astrological compatibility is not only a coincidence of the signs of the zodiac. These are exact mathematical calculations, confirmed by practice.

The app Love Tester contains the most important factors. They will help you find out how compatible a man and woman are even before starting a relationship. Here you can find out your compatibility with friends, colleagues or relatives.

To do this, you need to enter two dates of birth and find out how two people are compatible. The app Love Tester publishes complete information about the compatibility of partners. It took the most significant points of the horoscope for the relationship. In this application, you can find out astrological compatibility by date of birth.

The position of the Suns of partners will tell how partners contribute to each other. This is energy compatibility. This is how comfortable it will be with you. Ascendant partners help calculate psychological compatibility.

The moon defines everyday habits and priorities, as well as a sense of humor. This is the personification of life and the economy in family life. Moon compatibility is home compatibility.

Sexual compatibility is one of the most important factors of compatibility in relationships. It is determined by the position in the horoscopes of the partners of Mars and Venus. Partners can be differently attractive to each other.


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Love Test Calculator

Who said you can’t calculate the low and it has nothing to do with all those numbers? This app will prove to you that numbers can actually prove how strong your love is! Check your compatibility with your partner by entering your dates of birth in this app and see what does the numerology says about you.

The design of this app is super cute and of course, will be more appealing to the female audience. It reminds me of the good old questionnaires that we were giving for filling to your friends. This time her you need to put the full name of your partner, your dates of birth, and see what the app says!

You can even take the test if your partner is going to leave you. There are many cute additions, for example, little games, and one of them is the summer challenge that you will be able to play with your lover and have fun!

Plus, the app has its own “dictionary” of sweet words, that you can always use when you want to send your boyfriend/girlfriend a cute message.

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