Lucky Fortuna App Review

Lucky Fortuna is an excellent application based on the well-known and legendary television game. Download Lucky Fortuna and test your luck and erudition!

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The game’s essence is simple and known to everyone from childhood. Read the question written in the screen’s center. Try to be the first to guess its answer encrypted on the field with one or several words. To do this, spin the wheel, choose a consonant or buy a vowel for 50.


You can download the Lucky Fortuna app and use it completely free. Registration is also optional.

Perfectly, you can play Lucky Fortuna offline, even if there is no internet connection. Please note that you will not be able to play with your contacts if you sign in offline.

Launching the app, you can choose the mode to log in: whether to play offline or log in with your email.

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The main screen of the application is quite minimalistic. There you will see a big blue ‘New Game’ button (you can also do this by tapping the small blue icon in the upper right corner). There is also a Settings button at the top of the app. There, you can change the general settings of the application (such as the sound and vibration) as well as contact the developers, rate Lucky Fortuna in the Google Play Market, and log out.

To start playing, tap the ‘New game’ icon on the main screen. Then, you can choose the language (English, Espanol or Polski) and one or many categories preferred to play in: sports, literature, video games and much more.


To play, you have to choose one or two opponents. If you decided to play Lucky Fortuna with your online friend, you have to log out from offline mode and log in with your account.

Besides, you can choose from two more options: Pass & Play friend (using your smartphone for both of you) or CPU. You can have two opponents maximum. Tap the ‘Start’ button in the middle of the screen to start playing.

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Lucky Fortuna’s interface is straightforward and intuitive. Even a beginner won’t get confused about the app. To sum up, if you want to have fun alone or with friends, Lucky Fortuna is what you need!


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