11 Best Medieval War Games for Android & iOS

Whether you’re drawn to the strategic depth of managing empires and leading armies into battle, or you’re captivated by the intricate stories of heroism and betrayal, there’s something in this list for every enthusiast of the medieval era.

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Age of Dynasties: Medieval Sim

“Age of Dynasties” boasts a rich tapestry of features that seamlessly blend the essence of a king simulator with the depth of a strategy game, all set against the backdrop of medieval Europe. You will strategize in an offline mode, charting the course of your empire from the dark ages to its zenith.

The empire simulation aspect allows for the meticulous development of your stronghold and cities, from forging alliances to managing resources for the prosperity of your towns.

Engage in total war, commanding epic battles with strategic acumen to outmaneuver your adversaries and secure your legacy. The family dynasty feature offers a personalized touch, letting you control the traits and talents of your heirs, ensuring the continuity of your bloodline.

“Age of Dynasties” stands out as an innovative amalgamation of civilization wars, turn-based strategy, king simulation, and empire building genres, making it a unique offering for fans of medieval strategy and empire games. Embark on this epic journey to rewrite history, strategize for world domination, and elevate your dynasty to unparalleled glory.

Age of Dynasties

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Age of Conquest IV

Players can engage in colossal wars solo, match wits against a challenging AI, or join forces with friends in cross-platform multiplayer games. The essence of strategy is brought to life through diplomacy, economic management, and the cultivation of alliances, pushing players to strategize beyond the battlefield to ensure the happiness and prosperity of their population.

With a diverse range of functionalities such as expansive map scenarios, a sophisticated AI based on genetic algorithms, and the opportunity to create and share custom maps through a central server, Age of Conquest IV stands as a testament to the depth and complexity of grand strategy games.

Whether you’re battling for supremacy in Europe, colonizing new lands, or attempting to conquer the world, your strategic decisions will echo through history.

In conclusion, Age of Conquest IV is not just a game; it’s a journey through history, a challenge to your strategic thinking, and a platform for connecting with fellow strategists. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a team player, this game offers a world of opportunities to test your mettle and achieve greatness.

Age of Conquest IV

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

“Kingdom Clash” emerges as a captivating strategy game, inviting players into a vivid medieval world where kingdoms vie for supremacy through tactical warfare.

As a commander, your role transcends mere battle; it’s about mastering the intricacies of war tactics, from deploying and merging units strategically on the battlefield to upgrading your warriors for optimal strength. The game intricately weaves a narrative of epic boss fights against ancient evils, demanding courage and strategy to prevail.

A distinctive feature is the ability to collect and enhance a diverse array of units, including lancers, bombers, and archers, each bringing unique abilities to the fray. Moreover, summoning legendary heroes into your ranks adds a layer of depth to your strategic planning, as each hero comes with special skills pivotal for victory.

With a vibrant community supporting it through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, “Kingdom Clash” offers not just a game, but an immersive experience into the art of medieval warfare. Whether you’re strategizing over troop placements or engaging in fierce battles for territory, this game promises a blend of challenge, strategy, and camaraderie.

Kingdom Clash - Strategy Game

European War 7: Medieval

European War 7: Medieval transports players to the tumultuous era of the Medieval Age, offering a rich tapestry of historical events to navigate. As the Roman Empire crumbles and barbarians invade, Europe is plunged into a series of relentless wars. Players take on the role of a resourceful general, tasked with conquering the continent and forging an empire amidst chaos.

What sets this title apart is its sophisticated system of diplomacy and conquest, enabling players to influence other parties, manage cities, and adjust policies for strategic advantage.

With over 150 generals at the player’s command and a vast array of military units, including legendary forces like the Knights Templar, the gameplay is both immersive and expansive. The inclusion of rare treasures, customizable war gear, and a cloud archive function for seamless data transfer enhances the experience further.

European War 7: Medieval is not just a game; it’s a journey back in time. It offers an engaging blend of strategy, history, and diplomacy, wrapped in an audio-visual feast thanks to its new game engine. Whether you’re a history buff, a strategy game aficionado, or someone looking for a complex and enriching gaming experience, this title promises countless hours of engrossing gameplay.

European War 7

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War is a throwback to the golden era of strategy games, wrapping you in the cloak of a medieval commander with a simple yet profound motto: strategy over wallet. This game, devoid of the all-too-common pay-to-win schemes, focuses on skill, strategy, and dedication.

In this meticulously crafted world, medieval castles stand tall, requiring strategic cunning to defend or besiege. Players can build formidable siege engines like catapults to breach enemy walls, while commanding archers, cavalry, and foot soldiers to protect their dominion. Naval warfare adds another layer of complexity, with transport ships and fishing boats playing crucial roles in victory and survival.

Key features include a vast array of missions, a robust multiplayer platform supporting cross-play, an in-game library filled with thousands of player-created missions, and a level editor that brings your strategic fantasies to life. The game also respects the classics with cheat codes for those who enjoy a lighter experience or need a slight edge in battle.

In conclusion, RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War is not just a game; it’s a vibrant community of strategists, creators, and medieval enthusiasts. It combines the depth of real-time strategy with the inclusivity of an indie game. As you lay siege to enemy strongholds or fend off invaders, remember: in this world, your wit is your greatest weapon.

RTS Siege Up

Strategy & Tactics: Medieval C

This game is a strategic odyssey, inviting you to navigate the complex politics and warfare of the Middle Ages. Command armies featuring historical factions, from the swift horsemen of the Horde to the disciplined ranks of the Imperial forces, each led by generals with unique attributes and abilities that influence the tide of battle.

The core of the game lies in its meticulous attention to historical accuracy, presenting over 50 types of units that eschew fantasy for realism. Generals play a pivotal role, bringing their distinct personalities and strategies to the forefront, making every campaign unpredictable. Players are tasked with not just warfare but also managing the economic and political landscapes of their kingdoms, offering a comprehensive medieval ruler experience.

Victory in “Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civ” requires more than just martial prowess; it demands strategic foresight and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of medieval conflict.

In conclusion, “Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Civ” is not just a game; it’s a journey through the annals of history, where your leadership can turn a struggling kingdom into a dominant empire.

Strategy & Tactics

S&T: Medieval Wars

This game is a feast for those who relish the art of war, offering a rich tapestry of campaigns and scenarios that span the dark ages. From the Viking invasions to the intricate wars of kings and crusaders, it paints a vivid picture of a world where power was won and lost on the battlefield.

The game boasts an array of features that cater to the strategist in you. With four historical campaigns encompassing 25 missions, you get to lead the forces of England, France, and the crusaders across various battlegrounds.

Whether you’re engaging in the free version with its generous offering of campaigns and scenarios or diving into the premium version for a more expansive experience, “Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics” promises hours of engaging gameplay. It’s not just a game; it’s a portal to a bygone era, where strategy, rather than brute force, determined the fate of nations.

As you navigate through the game’s rich historical tapestry, remember that every decision you make could echo through the annals of history. Are you ready to leave your mark on the medieval world? “Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics” awaits your command. March forth to victory, for the past is yours to conquer!


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Medieval: Defense & Conquest

Crafted single-handedly by Vojtech, a dedicated developer from the Czech Republic, this game invites players into a medieval world where they step into the boots of a knight tasked with founding and expanding a crusader settlement. The game intricately combines elements of wave tower defense, war strategy, idle gameplay, and kingdom management to offer a rich and immersive experience.

Players begin their journey on the shores of an uncharted island, starting with rudimentary defenses and a small band of soldiers. The game challenges you to evolve your settlement from this humble beginning into a formidable empire.

This involves training your peasants into seasoned warriors, fortifying your defenses, and harnessing the skills of archers and ballistas to fend off relentless enemy attacks. The economic aspect is equally engaging, requiring players to optimize trade, farming, and passive income strategies to fuel their expansion efforts.

“Medieval: Defense & Conquest” boasts an array of features designed to keep the player engaged, including over 70 enemy unit types, boss battles, 40+ outposts to conquer, and a plethora of upgrades for your army and defenses. The game’s pixel art aesthetic adds charm to its detailed map and character designs, enriching the overall gameplay experience.

In essence, “Medieval: Defense & Conquest” is not just a game; it’s a journey back in time, meticulously crafted to offer a blend of strategy, management, and conquest.


Lords & Knights – Medieval MMO

As you advance, your initial castle transforms into a formidable fortress. Resource management and technological advancements play crucial roles in your progress. Strengthen your defenses, upgrade your armories, and lead your medieval units, including knights and foot soldiers, to victory in battles.

The alliance system enriches this experience, allowing for joint ventures in conquests and defense, fostering a community of strategy and warfare.

Whether you prefer a peaceful reign or a warlike empire, Lords & Knights offers a versatile platform to showcase your strategic prowess. Engage in diplomacy or declare war to expand your territory and assert your dominance. With a constant need for an active internet connection, this free-to-play game promises a dynamic and immersive medieval strategy experience.

Embrace the challenge and prove your mettle as the supreme ruler of the Middle Ages in Lords & Knights. Start building your legacy today!

Lords & Knights - Medieval MMO
Lords & Knights - Medieval MMO

Medieval Kingdoms – Castle MMO

In the world of “Medieval Kingdoms,” you embark on a strategic journey from a humble count to the supreme ruler of the Middle Ages. This immersive, multiplayer online game allows you to forge your path, conquering territories and expanding your domain.

You’ll start by nurturing your county, focusing on the production of raw materials and unlocking distinctive buildings. Your goal is to transform your modest county into a flourishing empire, feared and revered across the medieval landscape.

The game challenges you to liberate territories from enemy clutches, build a formidable army, and conquer pivotal towers that are key to controlling vast regions.

What sets this game apart is its blend of individual and alliance play. You have the freedom to lead or join alliances, engage in diplomacy, manage resources, and make strategic decisions that influence the success of your realm. Whether you aim to dominate Europe or find solace in a peaceful corner of your kingdom, every decision you make shapes your story.

In summary, “Medieval Kingdoms” is not just a game; it’s a journey through history. It’s a test of strategy, leadership, and alliance. Whether you’re battling for supremacy or navigating the complex web of diplomacy, your tale will be one of legend. Ready your armies, for the throne awaits.

Medieval Kingdoms - Castle MMO

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Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games

This game offers a unique blend of castle building, army evolution, and tactical combat, all set against the backdrop of meticulously researched historical backdrops. Unlike fantasy-themed counterparts, Dawn of Ages commits to a realism that eschews dragons and magic in favor of real weapons, armor, and historical battles that shaped the world.

Players have the chance to engage in brutal combat, orchestrating mass battles using strategies that mirror the complexities of medieval warfare. The game allows for deep customization of your army with over a hundred different historical weapons and armors, each bringing its distinct advantages to the battlefield.

But Dawn of Ages offers more than just battles; it’s a community-driven project still in development, inviting players to contribute to its evolution through active Discord engagement.

In closing, Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games is not just a game but a journey through history, a test of strategy, and a community project wrapped into one. It offers a window into the past, challenging players to write their own chapter in the annals of time, armed with the knowledge and weapons of our ancestors.

Dawn of Ages
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