5 Best Dog Vision Filter Apps for Android & iOS

Dogs see the world differently. There is a common belief that they see in shades of gray. Yet, they can distinguish other colors. The brightest colors for them are yellow and blue. This is because dogs have different types of photoreceptors in their eyes than humans.

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These best dog vision filter apps will allow you to see the world through your dog’s eyes. These apps use various technologies to create a realistic simulation of animal vision.

Dog Optics

Dog Optics is an app that allows you to see the world through your dog’s eyes. It fades the colors around you with special filters to simulate your pet’s vision.

Dogs’ vision is similar to colorblindness and you can learn more about it in the app. So, it tells you interesting information while you are using its basic functions.

Take selfies with your dog on the front camera in the colors he sees. It can even help you understand your dog’s behavior better. You can use this app for fun activities such as playing games with your kids.

It is paid, but the cost is only $1. For this small amount of money, you will get a variety of features and a lot of useful information.


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Animal Vision: OpenCV Filters

The Animal Vision app helps you to see the world through the eyes of different animals, including dogs. The app uses special filters to create realistic simulations of animal vision.

By selecting the dog mode, you will see the world in blue-yellow colors, because that is what dogs see the brightest. You can also enable cat, bird, fish, turtle, frog, cow, and insect vision modes here.

This app is free. You can take advantage of all its features without restrictions.


Dog Vision HD by Laan Labs

With Dog Vision HD, you can better understand your dog’s behavior and preferences. You will learn how your pet distinguishes colors, sees in the dark, and how clear his vision is. For this purpose, the app applies special filters that distort the image to the desired format.

Take selfies and find out how your pet sees you. Take videos of everything around you to get a better idea of how your dog sees your home. You can also turn on fun sounds or use the special keyboard to play with your pet.

This app is paid. Yet, you get a diverse set of features that you’re sure to love.


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Dog vision by NGHS.fr

The Dog vision app will allow you to see the world through your dog’s eyes. Using appropriate filters, it creates a picture in colors that your pet can recognize.

To do this, launch the app and turn on the camera. You will see two images – the way humans see the world and the way dogs see it. Get a unique experience and gain a better understanding of your pet.

The app is free but is only available for Android users.


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Chromatic Vision Simulator

Chromatic Vision Simulator is an app that will help you understand how color perception varies with color blindness. Dogs fall into this category, so this app will also be a good fit for you to get this information.

This program uses your phone’s camera, creating a simulation of vision with color anomalies. It will also suit designers and artists to better understand color perception.

It is free and available for Android and iOS.

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