9 Free Money Apps for Kids in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Wanna teach your kids the basics of money? This article has you covered!

Unfortunately, they don’t teach financial behavior in school o lots of kids has no idea how to tree money right. There are lots of free money apps for kids in 2023 (Android & iOS) that will help your children to build the right money attitude. Some of these apps will educate your kids on the basics and others show how the money can be earned.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best free apps in that category you should try. Take a look!



Let’s start with the BusyKid app. It’s a debit card app that will teach your kids how to treat money right.

To cope with its main concept, the app gives your kid his own debit card and the money to spend. Herewith, you may have no worries about your child spending all the pocket money on soda and treats — the app runs on potential control so you can set all the limits you need.

Plus, the app helps you build a reward system that lets your kid learn his pocket money. This way, he’ll get used to them though that money doesn’t grow on trees and require some work to be earned. To be more specific, parents get to set chores that kids should complete. It might be cleaning around the house, a walk with the dog, or whatever else comes to your mind.

You’ll get to set a chore schedule for a day, weak or mouth, and get notified once any of them is finished. You may rather go for individual prices for each chore or set a weekly or monthly allowance. Additionally, you can reward your kid for some extra work or as an encouragement. The app also lets your kid get into investment from an early age.

BusyKid 1 BusyKid 2

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Chores & Allowance Bot

Next, we have an app that will help you manage your family chores and more.

The main idea of this app is to incorporate chores and allowance systems into your daily life. This system lets you set tasks for your kids and family members and pay for them. Thus, you’ll be able to teach your kids that money needs to be earned and it doesn’t come from anywhere. Plus, this app will help to educate your children on how to spend money properly and save some of it.

What this app does is lets you add all your family members and set allowances for all of them. The chores can be any housework or tasks you may think of — from doing homework to cleaning up the room. Herewith, you get to set chore timetables for a weak or mouth. Plus, you can set different allowances for all of your kids if needed.

As for the kids part, they’ll get to view how much money they earn and send daily. They will also get to see how much money they could earn in the future. The parents get to see all the kid’s spending and money balance as well.

Chores & Allowance 1 Chores & Allowance 2

Learn Math & Earn Pocket Money

Learn Math & Earn

The name of his app speaks for itself — it’s an app that lets your kid earn some coins for doing math.

Frankly speaking, it’s the same chore and allowance kind of service but with a slightly different concept. Let’s go through all the differences, shall we? First of all, parents can no set different kinds of chores for their kids. According to the app’s concept, the kids earn money for solving math examples right.

Herewith, the parents get to determine the amount of money their kid spends for solving each task. Besides, it’s not a debit card app so the reward payments are not automated. In other words, the app only counts the amount of money the parents should give their kids. As for the payment method — it’s totally up to you.

As for the month part, the app covers various types of arithmetic and math tasks o no worries about that. The parents get their own parental section of the app to track their kid’s progress. Once some amount of earned money is paid out the parents can mark it within the app. In case you wanna skip the money part and just make your kids solve examples — there’s a way to do that but it ruins the whole concept whatsoever.

Learn Math & Earn 1 Learn Math & Earn 2


gohenryThis app will help your kid learn the basics of money. The app worked for kids from 6 to 18 and teaches them how to manage their finances, spend wisely and save up for the future.

It’s basically a debit card app synced with various parental control tools. For instance, parents get to track all the kid’s expenses and balance along with setting the spending limits.

Besides, parents get to set automatic allowances for every weak month or day. In case it sounds too easy for you, you can set paid tasks for your kids. The task can be literally anything — from washing the dishes to being home till 11. On the one hand, it’s a great way for your kids to develop healthy habits. And on the other hand, you’ll give your kid financial independence.

Speaking of the kid’s section of the app, there are plenty of cool features for them. Thus, the kids get an actual debit card, and they can customize the design as they want. Plus, they get to set earning and saving goals, track their balance and get some budget tips. The kids can also give the money back to their parents in a few clicks.

gohenry 1 gohenry 2

Kids Learning Money

kids learning moneyIt’s an educational app that will help your kids to recognize different kinds of coins and banknotes.

You may think this app is for kids only, but it’s not entirely true. Of course, this app is great for the kid’s first money experience but it can be as useful for the parents. For instance, you’re about to go on a trip to a foreign country. Isn’t it wise to learn how the new currency looks before going? Yeah, exactly.

Needless to say, people massively replace real coins and banknotes with online payment services. However, not all kids have their own debit cards and it’s great to know about all the options. The same cover two modes — the learning and the arcade. As for the first one — it aims for your kids to reach the targeted amount of money by drawing coins on the top part of the screen.

The learning mode is great for beginners as it has no time limits and you can play at your pace. The arcade mode has a countdown clock and allows you to compete with your mates to see who knows more about coins. The game covers over 200 levels and various currencies as well.

Kids Learning Money 1 Kids Learning Money 2

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GreenlightIt’s another debit card app that will help your kids instill the right money attitude.

In the case of this app, parents, and kids get companion accounts that attach. Thus, the kids get the ability to save money, earn, spend and given invest it. Herewith, all the operations happen under rental control so no troubles here. The parents get to see how much money their children spend and what for, limit the expenses, and set auto allowances.

What are more, parents get to pick the exact stores where their kids are allowed to spend money (sound a bit harsh but works great with troubled kids). Besides, parents get to set tasks to pay kids for. Each task may have different prices and extra rewards if needed. Once the task is done, the parents will get notifications to pay for it.

It’s also possible to set notifications on kid’s spending. The app also has an investing part. Of course, kids will go through a quick investing course before getting into is and the parents get t to approve all the investments. The app also allows you to set saving and learning goals for both parents and kids.

Greenlight 1 Greenlight 2



This app will help your kids to build helpful financial habits.

This app is practically a set of pre-paid cards for your family members. Thus, you can make a set of cards for all your kids and sort them by themes. For instance, you can make launch cards, clothing cards, emergency cards, and more. This app can cope with managing all aspects of your budget – from savings and expenses to charity. The app has a simple UI so you’ll quickly figure out how to use it.

All you need to do is to sign in your entire family which takes a couple of mins (no credit history check is needed). There are no age restrictions for the kids so regardless of if your child is pre-school or in college — this app has you covered. Once it’s done you and your kids get to reach this app on mobile or PC.

Parents get to track all the kid’s expenses and more — there are lots of parents’ control covered by the app. However, when your kids grow older they start to need some financial independence so you can low down the control a bit. The kids get to ask their parents to add some money on particular cards if needed.

FamZoo 1 FamZoo 2



It’s a financial management app that aims to teach your kids how to treat money the right way.

The app has its own Visa debit card that lets the parents get full control of their kids’ money spending. This app also covers the chores and allowance system that lets you reward kids for completing the tests you set. There are no limits for the number of tasks or their concept — you can pay your kids for walking with the dog or even reading a book.

Besides, parents get to set the schedules for a week or a month and change the prices for all of them if needed. The parents can also give ids some extra money as an encouragement. Herewith, the app covers plenty of parent control tools — from balance and spending tracker to limits.

Plus, the app covers a pot system that educates your kids on how to put some money aside for saving. Your kids will get to set saving goals for different purposes and track their progress. In case you’re worried your kid will spend his pocket money on the wrong purposes you can limit the number of stores he can shop on.

RoosterMoney 1 RoosterMoney 2

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And lastly, we have an app that will get your kids into financial management.

To be fair, this app is quite similar to the previous one — it lets you set chores for your kids and pay for completing them. Herewith, you may rather set one-time tasks or repetitive ones — it’s up to you. You can also make schedules with all the tasks your kid can poetical complete in a week or month.

As for the prices — these are totally up to you. You can set different prices for all the tasks and change them at any minute. You can also set extra encouraging rewards if needed. It needs to be said, the app also lets you said responsibilities that don’t require any payment but need to be done.

All the money your kid learns can be automatically transferred to their debit card or bank account. However, if you wanna pay cash you’re free to do that as well (just make sure you won’t trick your kids cause it leads to mistrust and motivation loss).

Homey 1 Homey 2

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