11 Free Car Designing Apps for Android & iOS 2021

Individuals who are interested in automation, maintenance, and installation are often looking for the things that make them more information regarding this field.

Car customization apps are valuable to install and access. It lets you learn more about car customization, keeps you updated about the latest auto trends, tips and tricks, and even games.

If you are a car enthusiast and want to fill your smartphone with the best automation apps, then you have come to the right place. In this review, we will tell you the best free car designing apps that will make your smartphone more valuable. By the way, if you are a car lover, you may try first-person car racing games.


3DTuning logoWith more than 10 million downloads, this app becomes the most popular car custom app for Android and iOS.

3D Tuning allows you to modify and configure with lots of features.

Such as changing exterior color, painting the car, upgrading suspension level, and many more.

With an extensive range of car options, you will never get bored using this app.

Find your favorite car brands and models from its collection library. This app boasts the newest and most popular cars in this century without limiting themselves to the specific brand or manufacturing countries.

To ensure your best experience, the 3D Tuning app is integrated with 3DTuning.com so your creation will always be at your disposal. But, constant updates will be available on your smartphone device.

3DTuning screen 1 3DTuning screen 2

If you are more into automotive, this app is worth trying. Create your own project and share it with your community.

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Fix My Car

Fix My Car logoCustomize your favorite car with this professional car custom app. With this app, you can upgrade your favorite car to be a street racer.

In this app, you will be required to upgrade a racing car and make it perfect for a race.

This quest helps improve your mechanical skills, not to mention you can learn more about car customs and mods.

You will be able to learn how to custom, change, and install parts in real life.

With this app, you will enjoy how to find and use tools, order parts, and convert the car from zero to hero.

Fix My Car screen 1 Fix My Car screen 2

There are more other features brought to you, such as exploring a cool environment, a built-in hint system, and after-market parts.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 logoThis free app can be a perfect choice for Android and iOS users who need to simulate car custom and modification.

In this app, you can find classic cars inside old barns. Choose your favorite car and be ready to show off your mechanical skills.

Do your best to repair engines, gearbox, chassis, and brakes to give the car a second life.

Don’t forget to remove rust and apply putty to give a new face to the car. And the last touch, repaint the exterior with your favorite color.

To help you with the project, this app features a part’s market where you can buy spare parts, warehouse features, and a task list. What makes it different?

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 screen 1 Car Mechanic Simulator 18 screen 2

Car Mechanic Simulator allows you to sell modified vehicles. Find someone who is interested to buy your car and be the best car mechanic ever.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop logoThis app stands out from the others but you may like it if you want to use a more professional tool.

Clients who know about Adobe Photoshop altering devices can utilize Adobe Photoshop for vehicle structures.

Since it is a well-known stage, there is a lot of instructional exercises and manuals accessible that will help you without fail.

Powerful 3D altering and picture investigation apparatuses have been incorporated into Adobe Photoshop.

You can match up your work, alter and share it with anybody you need whenever.

Utilizing Adobe Photoshop Express you can alter your photographs from multiple points of view. For instance, you can change the difference between them, you can edit the unfocused pieces of your photographs, etc.

Adobe Photoshop screen 1 Adobe Photoshop screen 2

It offers some fantastic capacities for photograph altering. However, the highlights are constrained contrasted with its work area form. The best highlights are shading amendment and contact highlights.

NFS Heat Studio

NFS Heat Studio logoThis is one of the best car customization apps to install.

NFS Heat Studio is where you can collect and customize amazing racing cars, thanks to weekly drops collections.

In this app, you can find the Cars tab that helps you access all vehicles.

It also has a Showroom feature, a section where you can display your favorite custom cars.

And if you want to find the hottest release, simply go to the Container tab. This is an awesome app that lets you own as many cars as you want and customize them as you desire.

The workshop may be the place you like the most. In the workshop, you can express your wildest imagination to create the most unique and powerful cars.

NFS Heat Studio screen 1 NFS Heat Studio screen 2

Have lots of fun with body kits, exhausts, wheels, and many more. And don’t forget the finishing touch by using the Color Selector.

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Overdrive City

Overdrive City logoThis car custom app is worth the thought. Not only can you build and collect favorite cars, but you can also create a dream car town and become a tycoon.

Overdrive City comes with plenty of features to give you an engaging and different experience of upgrading a famous car and produce your own car parts.

Overdrive City lets you manufacture more than 50 famous car models like Ford, Porsche, Lamborghini, and many other top brands.

You can also make car parts, such as carbon fiber, steel bolts, and drivetrains. Best of all, you will be able to express yourself and customize a car with creativity as your only limit.

Unlike other car customization apps, Overdrive City enables you to export and manage mechanic repairs in order to expand your business.

Overdrive City screen 2 Overdrive City screen 1

Additionally, you can create a car town, customize the city, and even construct car factories and other facilities.

Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D logoIn this app, you will play the role of a mechanic who has to serve your customers with the best service.

Different customers will come to your garage and you have to repair, restore, or tune the cars with your best mechanical skills.

There are many other things to do, such as wash and clean the car, pick the right color for the exterior, and replenish your tools.

If you want to have fun with the car customization app, Car Master 3D is a light and entertaining choice to install.

Car Master 3D screen 1 Car Master 3D screen 2

If you are bored with some serious apps or heavy modifications, this tool is going to refresh your mind. Despite it seems trivial, it can improve your mechanical skills in real life.

Tuning Car Simulator

Tuning Car Simulator logoAs the name suggests, this app focuses on tuning the car. Especially for Android users who love racing so bad, Tuning Car Simulator can be a perfect app.

This car customization app lets you enjoy car tuning and preparing for a race. It is not only about the result but how smooth the driving will be.

This tuning simulator features smooth control and easy steering with touch button control.

You will also enjoy a realistic sound environment and driving experience right from the smartphone.

With beautiful graphics and full HD support as well as realistic physics, Tuning Car Simulator redefines your experience not only in tuning but also in crushing and drifting.

It doesn’t stop there. This app features a view from the cabin that allows you to see everything at the moment. Once you have driven the car, you will find out what needs to be improved.

Tuning Car Simulator screen 1 Tuning Car Simulator screen 2

Additionally, Tuning Car Simulator offers a wide selection of cars that can be chosen as you desire.

Rebaixados Elite Brasil

Rebaixados Elite Brasil logoRebaixados Elite Brasil is one more game that is famous for its car customizing features.

Here, you will have access to a wide range of car models. After you pick the favorite one, it will be high time to customize it.

A user can choose any color from a color palette, change wheels and glass, headlights, and so on.

Apart from this, the app also supports character customization. As a result, you will have access to a great choice of shorts, shirts, caps, shoes, glasses, etc.

By controlling a character, you will have a chance to try your car in driving. What is more, the whole process will look so lifelike.

You will be able to do quite many realistic things from turning on windshield wipers to tanking up a car. Besides, just like in real life, playing low-bass music will also be possible.

Rebaixados Elite Brasil screen 2 Rebaixados Elite Brasil screen 1

When it comes to driving a customized car, it will be available to do with a steering wheel, accelerometer, and arrows. As for the perspectives, you will be able to try both first- and third-person modes.

Torque Drift

Torque Drift logoIf you prefer the combination of customization and seed races, here is an app for you.

Though the main attention is paid to racings, the app still meets your requirements. It will let you completely customize a car.

There will be tons of models. You can change the car parts, add details, paint a vehicle, and apply some decorations.

After you prepare a car, you will be able to take part in speed races. The game is also so powerful in this aspect.

Torque Drift screen 2 Torque Drift screen 1

Smooth control, real drifting physics, high-quality graphics, and many other things will surprise you for sure. One more feature that makes the game naturalistic is real professional drifting teams and branded sponsors.

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Fix My Car

Fix My Car logoIn this app, you will be able to both repair and customize the car.

To be more precise, it will be a car to prepare for a speed race. By resisting the rivals, you will need to do your best to upgrade a car and win.

Your task will be to find tools and car parts, install them to a car, improve a vehicle’s engine, body, suspension, interior, and so on.

By doing all these jobs, you will be able to try yourself in so many occupations from basic routine maintenance to fantastic performance mods.

Fix My Car screen 1 Fix My Car screen 2

In case you get stuck, the app’s tip system will help you to cope with the difficulties.

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