10 Fake Social Media Generator Apps for Android & iOS

Enjoy pranking your mates with fake social media posts and messages? Then keep reading this article!

There are loads of fake social media generator apps for Android & iOS that let you create realistic mocks easy as pie. No need to spend hours photoshopping stuff anymore — this app will come will fake content in secs. What is more, all these apps have recreated the interface of various social media platforms well, so you can make it seem like a celebrity has commented on your post, or get yourself millions of followers — it’s up to you.

We’ve gathered the 10 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!



Let’s start with an app that lets you fake chat conversations in the classic iOS messenger setting. And as you may have noticed — this app is available for Android users, so now you can come up with fake conversations without even having an iPhone on hand.

It’s a roleplay SMS app that lets you come up with realistic conversations without any effort. Herewith, we have to admit that the app has done a great job recreating an original interface, so everything looks quite legit. Plus, the app gives you unlimited capabilities, so you can press your creativity in any way.

As always, you start by creating a character you’re gonna communicate with. Herewith, you may rather create a complex contact with the name and a photo, or enter the phone number. More to that, you’ll get to make a full-on fake messages log list with as many dialogues as needed.

The app comes with absolute emoji and media supports, so you get to send pics and vids as well. You may also pick the texting date and change the timing if needed. It’s even possible to change the battery status of your phone. In case you’ve accidentally sent the wrong text, you can simply delete it with one tap.

MeMiMessage 1 MeMiMessage2


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Fake Chat Maker

fake chat maker

If you need an app to commit a social media-related prank — you can’t go wrong with this one.

This app has three pranking modes that let you create fake calls, fake notifications, and fake conversations. As for the call mode, it turns on a call screen that looks identical to the classic iOS one. Of cores, some small details may vary, but it’s more than enough for a prank. Herewith, you get to set a call timer and customize the ringtone or the vibration type.

Plus, you get to customize the caller’s name, and even pick the voice he/she will speak with. Then, we have a fake notifications mode that lets you create made-up alerts from various apps. To be more precise, you can set fake alerts from IG, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, and a standard iOS messenger.

And just like it is with the calls, you get to customize the name of the sender, write down the message, and set a timer. The fake conversation tool lets you create fake WhatsApp or FB Messenger chats. It needs to be said, the messenger sims are well-recreated so no one would guess it’s fake.

fake chat maker 1 fake chat maker 2


Fake All

Fake All

This is a social media pranking app that lets you create fake WhatsApp chats.

The main goal of this app is to let you come up with the most realistic fake chat possible. That’s why the WhatsApp interface is recreated in detail, so it’s impossible to distinguish from the original. The best thing about this app is that you get to customize all aspects of the dialogue. You start up with making fake profiles and picking the profile pics.

In order to make a profile look more real, you may even add a fake status. Then, it’s time for the most important part — the dialogue itself. You’ll get to write all the messages and switch characters at any time needed. The app comes with ultimate emoji support so no worries about that. You’ll also get to send all kinds of media files — from docs to vids if needed.

What is more, the app lets you exchange audio messengers, but you’ll have to record them all by yourself as well. Besides, you get to create a full-on fake call log list and even send fake calls to yourself. Once this part is done, you may even take a screenshot to generate a vid of the whole conversation.

Fake All 1 Fake All 2




This app lets you come up with fake chat conversations.

We’ve all seen these made-up text stories spread across IG, TikTok, Twitter, and more. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make such content without any outside help — this app is for you. The concept is simple — this app imitates a regular messaging app, except you now get the opportunity to switch sides.

In other words, you get to write messages for both dialogue participants by taping on their names. Speaking of names, you’ll get to pick them by yourself, and you may even set the character’s profile pics if needed. Once you’re done, the app will automatically generate the vid of the entire testing process.

You’ll get to regulate the vid’s speed and share it on social media right away. However, the app has its cons as well, and the main con is that you don’t get to change the background or the color theme of the messenger. Thus, you’ll be unable to recreate any real messengers, and it’s quite obvious your story is fake.

TextingStory 1 TextingStory 2




This app is next-level pranking. It lets you create fake IG accounts, posts, and text conversations.

First things first, let’s start with a fake profile maker. Sooth to say, this tool gives you everything you may have expected from it. In other words, you’ll get to make a full-on IG profile from scratch. You’ll get to pick a profile’s name, set the main pic, add a brief description, and fill the profile in with photos.

Plus, the app lets you edit the number of followers, and even add a verified sign if needed. The other thing you can do in this app is to make fake posts. The mechanics are quite simple — you just need to choose a pic and write a description if needed. Herewith, you get to customize the name of the account that’s posted the pic and add stories on top of the screen.

Beyond that, you also get to set the number of likes and comments and even pick which comments will be visible. And last but not least, you get to make fake DMs. The concept is the same with all the fake texting apps — you make a profile you’re texting with and write all the messages by switching sides. Herewith, you’ll get to exchange IG posts, send audio messages, and all that.

Funsta 1 Funsta 2


Fake Posts Creator

Fake Posts Creator

Next, we have an app that lets you make fake posts, but this time — for Facebook.

Before getting into the app, let’s talk through all the potential issues. No, this app won’t connect t your FB account, and no – the posts you make won’t magically appear in your actual FB feed. More to say, this app doesn’t even require registration, so you can make all the fakes anonymously.

What this app does is create an image of a fake FB post that you can later use to prank your mates. Herewith, you get to customize all the little details about the post like choosing the content, adding an image, or link, or whatever else comes to your mind. Another good thing is, the app lets you switch languages, and it comes with full-on emoji support.

You can also regulate the number of likes and comments under the post along with the posting time and date. Additionally, you get to customize the account that’s posted the content and even add a verified sign to it. The app is fully free with no ads so no concerns about that.

Fake Posts Creator 1 Fake Posts Creator 2


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Here is another FB-related app, but it lets you fake more than posts — it also lets you create fake profiles.

Along with the previous one, this app doesn’t connect to your original FB account, and it won’t let you add fake comments and increase the number of likes in it. This app just copied the FB interface, so you could prank your mates and have fun without much effort. The app doesn’t require registration for making fakes, but if you wanna keep all the fakes for future use — you’ll need to log in anyway.

As for the fake post-making tool, it’s pretty similar to the one in the previous app. However, this app also lets you make a full-on feed of posts with a different number of likes, shares, and all that. You also get to customize the dates on all the posts individually. Besides, the app lets you pick the number of comments under the posts, and even write them all one by one.

You’ll get to regulate the time and date of each comment and customize the profile’s name as well. The profile maker lets you create a fake account from scratch — you get to add all the personal information, a photo, a status, and more. You even get to make a verified acc if needed.

Faker 1 Faker 2


TikJoke Prank

tikjoke prank

As you may guess by the name, this app lets you prank your pals by making fake TikTok profiles.

It needs to be said, this app lets you recreate all types of TikTok content, not only the profile. To be more precise you get to make fake chats, live translations, individual vids, and more. Herewith, the UI looks very similar to the original app, so it’s hard to tell that it’s fake. As for the profile mock, you get to pick the name, add a description, and set a profile’s image as well.

Plus, you get to set the number of followers and following accs and even make a verified profile. Moving on to posts, this app lets you load your vids just like you would with the original TikTok. Once again, you get to write a description, add a couple of tags, and pick the name of the profile who’s posted it. Then, you get to set the number of likes, comments, and reposts.

Beyond that, the app lets you write all the comments in the comment section by yourself, and even set the likes on each one of them. Plus, you may also make fake live translations with a specific number of spectators. And if that’s still not enough — you get to fake conversations in TikTok’s built-in chat.

tikjoke prank 1 tikjoke prank 2


Fake Profile Generator

Fake Profile Generator

Pranking mates by faking IG ad TikTok is fun, but how about pranking then with a fake dating app.

That’s right — this app right here is basically a fake Tinder. Of course, the sad part is the functionality of this app is not that wide yet, so you can’t fake a Tinder chat, but it’s still funny as hell. What this app does is let you create a fake dating profile in detail. You start with a name, moving on to an image, a deception, a status, and so on.

More to that, you can actually add multiple pics and even set the radius of finding potential matches. Plus, that app saves all your creations, so you can always come back and re-edit some parts of it. Once you’re done with the profile, you can move on to creating fake matches.

The mechanics here are simple — you get to create a fake match screen by filling in the name and adding a couple of pics. Then, you get to screenshot the screen and share it with your pals with no watermark. It needs to be said, the interface looks quite real so no one would guess you’re faking it.

Fake Profile Generator 1 Fake Profile Generator 2


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Fake Tweet-Post Creator

fake tweet

And lastly, we have an app that fakes posts on Twitter.

This app lets you fake everything — posts, followers, comments, shares, and even chat. Herewith, the app doesn’t connect to your original account in any way, so you can be sure your info is safe and sound. The main feature of his app is fake posts making, and there are two ways you can do it here.

First of all, you can make a fake post and customize all the tines details about it. Apart from writing the post, you may also add media files and hashtags to it. Plus, you get to decide if the translated form will be shown and even set the dark mode if needed. The same goes for comments, retweets, and likes.

As for the comments, you get to write the ones that will be visible and regulate the number of visible ones as well. Besides, the app lets you create a full-on feed of tweets from different accounts (even the verified ones). In that case, you don’t get to write comments — just set the number of those.

fake tweet 1 fake tweet 2


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