9 Best Naval Strategy Games for Android & iOS

Are you a fan of glorious warships and strategic battles? This article has you covered!

There’re lots of naval strategy games for Android & iOS that aims to become a commander of your own armada. The majority of these games are inspired by historical events so you get to rule the fleet of actual WW2 ships. Plus, these games let you form an alliance with your mates to defeat the rival fleets side by side.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best games in that category you may try. Take a loo!

Battle of Warships

Battle of Warships

Battle of Warships is one of the most well-known sea battle games on the market.

The game lets you lead your own armada out of the actual ships that have been used in WW1 and WW2. The game covers overs 20 unique ships that are recreated in detail. At first, you only get to pick one ship but you’ll be able to get more when you’ll move forward in the game. Plus, you’ll get to improve your ship. Get more battle equipment, level up its protection, and all that.

As for the war equipment, the game has done a great job as well. It covers plenty of weapons such as missiles, interceptors, and so on. You can also spend your points and rewards on improving your gaming skills and ship’s overall characteristics like speed and health points.

Another cool thing about this game is the wide battleground area — you practically got the entire ocean or the sea (depends on what you’ll pick) to fight your opponents. Therewith, the game runs n a weather-changing system so you’ll need to fight regardless of if it’s raining, snowing. The time in this game also changes so you’ll get to fight day and night.

Battle of Warships 1 Battle of Warships 2


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World of Warships

World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships is the game that will make you a fleet commander facing the encounters on the high sea.

Your main goal in this game is quite predictable — you’ll need to destroy all your opponents with the least losses from your side. To cope with that, you get to build and improve your fleet, hire a team and get the newest and the deadliest weapon equipment possible.

The game covers a compilation of over 200 historical ships that were used in WW2, and they are recreated in detail. Along with that, it’s a multiplayer game so you’ll get to fight against actual people from all over the globe. Therewith, you may rather fight in nation 7 vs. 7 battles or look for battles while exploring the sea map. Plus, you may fight on a high sea or in a bay by your will.

In case you’re not in the mood for multiplayer battles you can always pick an offline mode. You can also regulate the difficulty level of your missions to not accidentally face opponents that are twice stronger than you. Additionally, the game has breathtaking graphics — it’s 100% as good as the one in the PC version.

World of Warships Blitz 1 World of Warships Blitz 2


Enemy Waters

Enemy Waters

The next game is slightly different by the concept. To some extent, it’s inspired by the good-old cat and mouse game but between ships and submarines.

Your goal here is to expand your fleet and defeat all the enemy warships without losing much of yours. As always, you start small but have the ability to increase your powers and get more ships with time. And once your influence at the sea will reach a certain level you’ll be able to get a submarine to attack the opponents from underwater.

Therewith, you get to build your own strategy and there are no limits there. Wanna entrap your enemies and beat them in the unequal fight? You’re free to do that. Just make sure you won’t get into a deadly trap yourself. As for the equipment and weapons, the game covers a wide range of those. You can even buy a sonar ping to id the submarines near you.

It also needs to be said, the game runs on sim controls that let you control the depth of your ship and submarine and navigate it as you want. The graphs and animation are on a high level so you’ll get the best experience possible.

Enemy Waters 1 Enemy Waters 2


NAVYFIELDNAVYFIELD is a holy grail game for all the naval fans out there.

The destination point in this game is quite classic for the genre but the detail and elaboration it’s made with is beyond great. The game aims you to compete with other users from all over the world with high-class gunships in the middle of the ocean.

Herewith, the game covers over 400 ships of diverse kinds — from powerboats and destroyers to submarines. All the ships come with detailed characteristics and the country it was originally made in so you can pick the one according to your taste. As you’ll move forward in the game and get your first wins, you’ll get able to upgrade your ships and get new weapons.

You’ll also get to hire crew members and train them to assist you. Herewith, you can view each sailor’s personal profile and level them up individually. Besides the game lets you fight in historical WW2 battles and doesn’t limit your in strategy at all. The game also has intuitive controls so you’ll quickly figure out how to play.



Naval ArmadaNaval Armada is a strategy game that is dedicated to sea battles.

First of all, this is a multiplayer game so you get to fight against real people from all over the globe. Herewith, you can join together with your mates and create alliances to defeat your rivals. The game also covers a wide range of gunships to choose from. There are also diverse classes of ships and equipment s — from light guns to rockets.

As always, you start small but as you’ll move forward in the game you’ll earn points that can be spent on improving your fleet. Plus, there’s an individual upgrade system for each ship and you can adjust it according to your strategy. The game also covers various battle arenas in all corners of the globe.

Speaking of the strategy part, you get to order your ships as you want and attack by your own mechanics. The game doesn’t limit you in strategic moves so if you’ll want to entrap your opponents you’ll get to do that. The graphics in the game is on a high level and the controls are beyond simple — just put a weapon to the rivalship and shot.

Naval Armada 1 Naval Armada 2


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Pacific Warships

Pacific WarshipsNext, we have a free naval shooter that lets you command your own armada. This game rings you straight in the middle of the massive ship war. Your goal here is to build the best fleet possible by picking up the strongest and deadliest gunships and improving them.

Therewith, the game covers lots of ship classes such as classic battleships, dreadnoughts, aircraft carriers, and more. The game has a wide range of navy weapons as well such as torpedoes and missiles. Besides, you’ll get to improve your ship while playing — you can get more weapons and other equipment such as robot drones for balance. You may also improve your skills as a captain along with the skills of your sailors.

Each crew member has his own skills and strong points you can use during fights. This is a multiplayer game so you get to compete with actual users from all over Earth. You may also pick any strategy you want — from beating opponents in a close battle to firing them from afar. Plus, you get to explore the new seaways and use them in your strategic plans.

Pacific Warships 1 Pacific Warships 2


Naval Creed

Naval Creed is a navy strategy game that lets you operate your warship fleet.

This game is based on historical docs about the most famous sea battles. Thus, you’ll get to choose from over 100 warships recreated from the real ships used in WW2. It needs to be said, all the ship’s equipment is recreated in detail so if you’re into such things you’ll definitely appreciate that. There are 4 basic gunship types — from cruisers to aircraft carriers.

Plus, the game covers a large variety of war equipment — from torpedoes to guns. The game has a multiplayer mode so you’ll get to face real players in 12 vs.12 or 7 vs.7 battles. Your goal in this game is quite predictable — to destroy your rival’s fleets with minimal losses from your side.

Wherein, you can make alliances with your mates or other players and work together to defeat your enemies. The game also had s wide battle map with lots of historical battle locations. You can also regulate your viewpoint to match your tactics and view the warships from 360 degrees.

Naval Creed 1 Naval Creed 2


Battle Warship

Battle WarshipThe next game is a classic representative of the navy strategy genre. Your main point in this game is to build your own naval base and form a powerful fleet to crush your opponents. This is a multiplayer game so you get to form alliances with your mates and fight side by side with them.

You can participate in daily battles and join alliance wards each weekend. The outstanding thing is the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the ocean is filled with pirate ships and sea monsters. The game covers a wide range of gunships with over 100 options to choose from. Plus, you get to add an aircraft to your armada — there are over 200 bombers, helicopters, and all that.

Each ship and an aircraft piece has its own unique update system that you can customize with some extra weapons. Along with that, you’ll need to improve the sills of your sailors and the crew team. You can develop their skills individually or in groups and give them some area weapons as well. Besides, the game doesn’t limit you in tactics so you can act as you want.

Battle Warship 1 Battle Warship 2


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Warships Universe

Warships Universe

And lastly, Warships Universe is a navy MMO game that lets you participate in glorious sea battles.

The game lets you become the commander of your own armada and defeat all your rivals. It needs to be said, the game is highly inspired by the WW2 events so you can take part in actual historical-recreated sea battles. All the ships you may get in this game recreate the actual gunships as well.

Plus, you get to improve your gunship in numerous ways — from increasing its protection to adding some deadly weapons such as torpedoes and all that. You can also battle in various locations to no get bored with the same view and try different tactics. The game also has a weather system so you may fight under the rain, snow, or even face an actual storm.

This is a multiplayer game so you get to fight against actual players. Besides, you can form an alliance with your mates t stand together against the rivals. Therewith, you may participate in PvP or 6vs.6 battles. And if it doesn’t sound impressive enough — you can also fight against pirates and sea monsters.

Warships Universe 1 Warships Universe 2


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