11 Best Skiing Apps (Trackers & Weather Control)

Are you a fan of skiing and want to plan your next trip? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of skiing apps for trackers and weather control that can help you perfectly plan the ski season. These apps can do lots of stuff – from ski trail maps and resort booking to weather and avalanches prediction

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Here’s the list of 11 apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report


Let’s start with an app called OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report. This is an app that shows you current snow and weather situation in particular areas.

For now, the app empowers you to get snow news from more than 2000 areas for skiing all over the world. Besides, the app can help you to learn more about ski courses in certain areas. Thus, the app shows you the conditions of the ski courses and even reports you when some courses get fresh snow.

You can even check out how many people are skiing on the course right now to define if it’s appropriate to go there. This info might not be fully accurate as there are other users who report the app about that. Into the bargain, the app can help you book a resort near the ski path and offer you other places to live while asking. You can even look through the lift tickets and buy those with a discount.

Furthermore, the app comes with course maps, resort reviews, discount codes, and the latest announcements of the skiing world. There’s even a section where you can buy or rent ski gear. It needs to be said, the review section of this app also covers the reviews of the ski trails itself. Thus, you can look through the comments of real people and view the snow history stats on any resort.

All in all, if you’re a fan of skiing and you’re planning your next trip, be sure to try the OnTheSnow app.



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Ski Tracks


The next app is called Ski Tracks and this is an app that empowers you to register your ski rides along with GPS.

The main aim of this app is to trace how fast you’re going through a certain ski trail. Therewith, the app also shows you the total distance you went through and separates one ski trail from another. At that, you can see the distance you’ve passed for an entire day or a week and also view how long each trail was. The app also uses the tech that empowers the GPS work with no Internet connection needed.

By the same token, if you want through the same course several times the app can compare the time it took you and give you the progress report. You can also attach the app to your smartwatch to use it without a phone and add your pulse rate to the stats. Besides, the app calculates your velocity and even the slope angle.

Along with the GPS, all the stats are being recorded in the background of your mobile so you won’t even need to open the app every time you’re starting a new session. You can also choose to get the stats in the form of graphs or a chart. Furthermore, you can view each ski trail you went through marked on the detailed 3D map and you can share it in a few taps.

In a nutshell, if you want to view you ski session stats, give the Ski Tracks app a try.

Ski2 Ski1



Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation


Waze is an overall GPS tracking app that can also be used to trace your ski rides.

This app can be used by ski lovers and snowboarders to ease the contest of traveling to the mountain. It’s a common fact that mountains are not the most easily accessible places on our planet and it is strife to even get there. But still, it might be the best place for skiing. Thus, this app can pick up the easiest driving route for all the popular ski places.

Accompanying that, the users of the app usually report about all the accidents and bad driving conditions so you will be aware. Besides, you will always know when it is a police trap along your way. The app uses the tech that empowers the GPS to run with no internet connection so no worries about that.

In case there are any difficulties on your path that can slow down you’re driving a lot the app will automatically pick up another route for you. The app can even show you the most affordable gas stations on your way and even some motels and cafes. All of those places have a comments section so you can read real reviews of people who’ve already been there.

In conclusion, if you want to know the safest and the easiest driving courses to your fave ski trails, use the Waze app for that.

Waze2 Waze1


Trace Snow Ski Snowboard Track


Trace Snow is a ski app that counts your stats in real-time.

The main goal of this app is to show you all the details about your ski session including your health indicators. Thus, the app counts the distance of each trail, your velocity, your sloop angle, and the high you’ve been through. As for the health data, the app shows you the number of calories you’ve burned, your pulse, and other helpful info. Besides, the app can rather show you overall distance for a particular day or for each trail you went through.

Into the bargain, the app marks your route on the 3D map and shows you how your health indicators and speed has been changing during the ski session. You can view daily alerts or progress for the entire ski season. Furthermore, if you go through the same route several times the app will compare the data and give you the progress stats.

The app uses the sensors of your mobile so it can even mark your jumps and airtime. In case you want to get more health data in the report you’ll need to attach the app with your smartwatch. The app even has a leader board with the people who have gained the best results. You can also compare your stats with the stats of your mate to see who’s better in skiing.

To sum up, if you want to register and rate your ski rides, be sure to try the Trace Snow app.

Snow2 Snow1


Liftopia: Ski Lift Tickets, Rentals, Resort Deals


Liftopia is an app that empowers you to book and buy everything related to skiing online.

This app empowers you to pre-book lift tickers, ski tutorings, gear rentals, and even the resorts. There are thousands of offers with all the details so you can find the option that matches your preferences. You can add the option you like the most in your faves and then pick something from this list. For now, the app covers two hundred resorts and gives you an exclusive discount for up to 80%.

By the same token, the app gives you the info on the current snow and ski routes conditions and even report your when some resorts get fresh snow. You can also set up a notification to get pop-ups when the snow conditions are changing in certain resorts. You can also mark the ski points you enjoy the most or plan to visit to get notifications about the snow there.

All the offers have a rating and comments so you can read real people’s impressions of each service or a resort. When you book a resort, you get an email with the booking details and a voucher that shows you the services the resort has to offer. Sometimes the voucher includes free lift tickets or an extra discount for that. You don’t have to print the voucher you just need to save it on your mobile.

To crown it all, if you’re planning a ski trip, use the Liftopia app for booking. You won’t regret it.

Liftopia2 Liftopia1




OpenSnow is another app that helps you to pick up the best ski area that matches your needs.

The app gives you weather reports for ski areas and notifies you about the status of the slopes. It also gives you weather forecasts that you could plan you trip for an appropriate time. The app presently covers 2000 ski areas including the mountain and resorts.

You can add several places you’re interested in into the list to trace and resemble the weather and the snow conditions in there. Accompanying that, you can set up the notifications to inform you about the forecast changes for particular areas. The app gets climate predictions from several trusted sources and gives you the most accurate data possible.

There’s even a prediction for snow situation for up to ten days prior. Besides, you can view 3D maps of ski trails even you don’t have an Internet connection. The app runs on subscription packs and if you’ll but a yearly pack you will also be able to view the cams from the resorts to check the conditions by yourself.

All in all, if you want to be aware of the climate and snow situations in the ski areas, try the OpenSnow app.

OpenSnow2 OpenSnow1


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FATMAP: Hike, Bike, Ski Trails – 3D Outdoor Maps

FATMAPFATMAP is an app with detailed 3D maps of ski trails around the globe. This app includes HQ maps that you can use to prepare for your future ski trips and navigate during it. You can zoom the apps as close as you want to mark the course you want to go through. Besides, you can search for the popular trails and explore them by yourself or create new ones.

All the paths have detailed info about its difficult and also the comments from people who’ve already gone through it. It also needs to be said that the app uses the tech that permits GPS to run with no Internet connection so you will be able to navigate even if you’re offline. The app also includes info about the depth of snow in certain areas and how fresh the snow is.

The depth info is being updated every day so that you can decide if it’s appropriate to go skiing. Therewith, you can see the statuses of ski routes live and look for the resorts and lifts to book. What is more, the app uses several sources to create the maps, so they are as accurate as they can be.

Overall, if you want to make smart decisions about your ski trip, be sure to try the FATMAP app.



Slopes: Ski & Snowboard


Slopes: Ski & Snowboard is an app that gives you the indicators of your ski trips.

The app uses the sensors of your mobile to trace the trails you go through including the lift rides. Thus, the app reflects your average speed, the length you’ve been through, and all that. It needs to be said, the app identifies the lift rides and doesn’t count is as a part of the ski path.

Besides, you just need to start tracing in the app for once and ot will do it automatically later on. The app also indicates the jumps you make and the high of it. If you’re going through the same path more than once the app will compare the stats and give you a report.

Furthermore, the app marks your courses on the 3D map with all the details. You can attach the app to your smartwatch to take the stats without your mobile and to add health info to the reports.

In a nutshell, if you want to view the details of your ski rides, be sure to try the Slopes app.

Slopes2 Slopes1




SkiLynx is an app that keeps you in touch with your mates and other skiers during ski rides.

The main goal of this app is to let you stay in touch with skiers and your fam while you’re riding. Thus, the app uses GPS to show you the location of your buddy’s lives. It needs to be said, the maps in the app are very detailed and can be zoomed in a lot so it won’t be a problem to find the person in real life.

Into the bargain, the app even shows you the percentage of the trail each person has gone through and the slope difficulty at the same time. Besides, the GPS can work offline so that you can see people’s location even if you or them don’t have an Internet connection.

There’s also a built-in chat for messaging people without closing the app. You can add a group of people to one chat and you’ll see the location of all of them marked on the map at the same time. The app also registers your ski rides results such as velocity, the length you went through, the number of jumps, and all that.

Summing up, if you want to be able to interact with your mates during ski trips, be sure to try the SkiLynx app.

SkiLynx 1 SkiLynx 2


Avalanche Forecasts


Avalanche Forecasts is an app that empowers you to indicate the safety of your ski trips.

The main purpouce of this app is to predict the avalanches for up to two days prior. The app shows you the maps of snow zones and it uses color codes for the particular points of it that may be damaged by the avalanches or cause them. The read color means it’s an extreme level of danger and you need to stay away from this area.

You can view the avalanche situations on the map and zoom it for more detailed results. For now, the app covers more than a hundred regions. Besides, the app can run offline so it will function even if you’ll lose connection in the mountains. You can also easily go back to the info you viewed any time you need. The maps in the app are also good enough to navigate by them.

To crown it all, if you’re going on a ski trip in a place that may have avalanches, be sure to load Avalanche Forecasts app.

Avalanche2 Avalanche1


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bergfex/Ski – Ski resort Skiing Weather Snow Powder


And last but not least, bergfex is an app that gives you info about all popular ski resorts.

The app covers thousands of resorts and has a detailed description of each one including the comments. Thus, you can look through the hotels, view the lift ticket prices, and all that. Besides, the app empowers you to view more than 500 cams around the resorts to see the snow conditions by yourself.

You can also get regular reports about the climate and the freshness of the snow in certain resorts. Furthermore, you can for a list of favorite resorts and set up notifications for them. The app also has detailed maps of ski courses for each resort and the climate predictions for up to ten days.

Therewith, the app empowers you to view the depth of the snow and see the difficulty level of each trail. In case you want to rent a gear you can also do it in the app. There’s even an avalanche prediction instrument that shows you the safety of the ski trip.

Overall, if you’re going to a ski resort, be sure to give the bergfex app a try.

bergfex2 bergfex1


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