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Today a huge amount of music is available on a variety of Internet services. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to find these sites, as a result, many listeners have resorted to downloading pirated products.

The makers of music box applications came up with a way to combine a lot of free audio and video files in one place – in a versatile player that lets you listen to music and watch videos, create playlists with your favorite songs.

All information is taken from various publicly available sources and is accumulated on your device. What do you need to work with such a player? Only to write the name of your favorite song or its author.

With the help of music box application, the owners of smart devices can listen to the radio, music, and compose their playlists. The music box is a music application for smartphones, allowing users to listen to their favorite music and discover new MP3-tracks by name, hashtag, and even mood. Music box based on playing online music. Its resource is official music videos from YouTube. And all songs are carefully selected and controlled quality.

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Input in the search box the name of the composition «Still loving you», and the user does not risk to get to the home recording of an unknown singer. The music lover will hear the original performance of the Scorpions group composition. He can also see the video in the “Player” section.

If the speed of the Internet is not sufficient, the user turns the traffic to saving mode and enjoy the soundtrack only. During the playing time of the track, the Player transmits video for the song, in order to save traffic this function can be changed to display the album cover.

Each song can be added to the “Favorites”, thereby reaching your personal playlist of your favorite tracks.


The main thing that distinguishes music box from other music players is the ability to search for new music interests. For this goal, the app has hashtags. For example, you can set the music genre (#pop, #rock, #rap) and discover new artists or to register the name of the movie and get the official soundtrack.

Moreover, the application is offering its users the most popular versions of hashtags such as #trend, # top100, # bestof10years, and so on. In addition, the application has a free online radio and the ability to add your favorite stations to “Favorites.”

Selection of a specific genre of music, playing the songs in the cycle, or mixed, easy search and management, the creation of playlists, convenient sorting, and legal content – that are all of the benefits described by the creators of music box apps. For the rest, it is a small tool that can notice a number of Internet services at the same time and that has the possibility of combining them in one device.

The developers plan to put into operation the synchronization of playlists to include in the search all available sources of music from the device or PC, and they also want to include the hot charts.

Find and listen to any music, any genre and watch music clips absolutely legally!

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