9 Best noise canceling apps for Android & iOS

Noise-canceling is a useful feature when listening to music, podcasts or other audio in public places.

Most people like to listen to music on the bus, subway and other places where there are so many people. These places are full of loud noises and prevent you from focusing on listening to your music. So, to get rid of such interference, there are designed applications for this purpose.

This list contains the best noise-canceling apps, which will help you to get rid of extraneous noise.


UrbanDenoiserThe UrbanDenoiser app will help you turn your headphones into a noise-canceling headset.

Now you won’t hear any strange sounds while listening to your favorite music. This app will be useful in public places where noise is always distracting.

With the app UrbanDenoiser, you’ll get clearer sounds from your music. It greatly improves the sound quality.

Here you can check your hearing. The app will check which sound frequencies your ears respond better to.

Based on this data, the app will correct the sound and volume of your music. You can also adjust these settings yourself in the application settings.

The application uses a system of audio amplifiers. This does not affect the sound quality. But, it amplifies the sound frequencies that should prevail in the music of your choice.

The application UrbanDenoiser has a simple interface and a nice design. Here you will find useful features that will improve your music listening experience.

UrbanDenoiser UrbanDenoiser

Besides, it is an absolutely free application that runs without restrictions. You will not have to make any built-in purchases or pay to turn off ads. Enjoy the music and don’t be distracted by the noise.


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Parrot Zik

Parrot ZikThe Parrot Zik application can determine the noise level around your phone.

So, it will know what sounds to suppress. This will help you make listening to music more enjoyable. It is also useful for listening to lectures and podcasts in public places.

Since the noise level is very high there, the app will apply the noise reduction function.

The app Parrot Zik determines the noise level around the phone using a microphone. When you turn the app on, you need to allow it to access your mobile device’s microphone.

This way, the app can recognize unnecessary noise and suppress it. If the noise level seems too high for the application, you will be notified.

Your phone may also be able to vibrate to inform you about this. In the settings, you can change the alarm limit value.

The application Parrot Zik is able to identify the source of the noise. This helps it to cut this source and suppress its sounds. To use all the functions of this application, you will need headphones. Connect them and turn on the music on your phone.

Parrot Zik Parrot Zik

Then it will start the application and turn on the “Start” button. Within a few seconds, the application identifies the sound source. Then it will start the noise reduction process.

Jabra Sound+

Jabra Sound+ logoThe Jabra Sound+ App lets you connect a wireless headset from the same manufacturer to your mobile device. You can customize the sound settings.

The utility supports noise cancellation and allows you to create different sound profiles. To use the app, you need to turn on Bluetooth. Next, it will search for available devices within range.

An auto-connect feature is available once detected. Next, you can proceed to configuration.

The app contains several preset configurations for different situations. For example, there is a profile for sports, work, leisure, and so on.

You can also change the sound settings yourself. There is a built-in equalizer. It allows you to adjust the frequency characteristics according to your musical preferences.

Jabra Sound+ screen 1 Jabra Sound+ screen 2

When developing the utility, SmartSound technology was implemented. Its purpose is to analyze the level of ambient noise and automatically change the headset settings. It also has an active noise cancelling feature to help increase hearing when you’re talking or listening to music.

Noise Wall – Block Noise

Noise Wall - Block NoiseIf you are tired of making noise in public places, use the Noise Wall – Block Noise app.

You also don’t have to turn off the music or take the headphones out of your ears to hear what you were asked. All these processes are available thanks to the huge and useful functionality of the app.

Besides, this application is a beautiful and pleasant music player. You can add all your favorite music here. It will significantly improve the sound of the music being played in your headphones.

This application has a noise compensation mode. It adjusts the volume according to the sounds around your phone.

If they are very loud, the app Noise Wall – Block Noise will increase the volume of the music playing in your headphones. Nothing will stop you from enjoying your favorite music now.

Also, this application has a special mode, thanks to which you can hear your interlocutor. In this case, you will not need to turn off the music or take the headphones out of your ears.

When you enable this mode, the app Noise Wall – Block Noise transmits surrounding sounds from your phone’s microphone to your headphones.

Noise Wall - Block Noise Noise Wall - Block Noise

The app Noise Wall – Block Noise also processes sound to make it better. It pays special attention to individual sounds that affect the quality of music.



NeutralizerThe Neutralizer application runs in active noise reduction mode. All you need is your headphones and nice music. Now you can listen to any audio recordings in public places without interference.

This application easily determines the noise level around your phone. It uses your mobile device’s microphone for this purpose.

It can work automatically. To do this, open the application settings and select the appropriate menu item. This way, the application Neutralizer can work even when the screen is locked.

The noise around your phone will be cut by increasing the volume of sounds in your headphones. The higher the noise level around you, the louder the app Neutralizer will make the music you are playing louder.

This process is invisible to our ears, and the result is amazing and helps to enjoy a pleasant sound.

You can set a range within which the app can turn up and down the volume of sounds in your headphones. You can also select gestures in the settings, which will allow the app Neutralizer to do its work automatically.

Neutralizer Neutralizer

You no longer have to use the volume up and down buttons on your phone. Just shake the phone and the volume of music in your headphones will increase.

Noise Generator

Noise GeneratorThe Noise Generator app is an excellent tool for noise reduction when listening to music in headphones.

The active noise reduction works as follows. The app captures the noise you want to suppress through your phone’s microphone.

Then it emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but mirrored by the phase of the original sound. The wave of noise and generated sound are mixed and suppress each other.

This way of listening to music allows you to abandon the noise isolation or increase in volume.

You can also enable the reverse process. The app Noise Generator will broadcast sounds from the world around you to your headphones.

This way, you can better hear foreign sounds without turning off the music. This will be useful if someone wants to ask you something while you’re listening to music. The app will make the music quieter and you can hear the other person. This is very convenient.

Noise Generator Noise Generator

It’s a completely free app that doesn’t need built-in shopping. Besides, there is no built-in advertising. Listen to music without restrictions and distractions.


Safe Headphones – Hear Background Noises

Safe Headphones - Hear Background NoisesThe Safe Headphones – Hear Background Noises app will mask unwanted noise you don’t want to hear.

This is a great noise reduction tool. It will help you listen to any audio recordings without any interference.

This application will also replace your expensive headphones with noise-canceling features. Just put on the headphones, turn on the music and enjoy the sound.

Unusual sounds are especially common in public places. For example, most people like to listen to music on buses or the subway.

These are places where there are so many people. That is why there is a lot of noise here. This application will easily cope with this problem. Like other such apps, it uses a microphone to determine the level of background noise.

When this level reaches a certain limit, the app Safe Headphones – Hear Background Noises will let you know. At this point, you will need to confirm that the volume of the music in your headphones is increasing.

You can also make this process automatic. To do this, go to the application settings and select the appropriate mode.

This application works perfectly with any headphones. It accurately determines the noise level and suppresses it.

Safe Headphones - Hear Background Noises Safe Headphones - Hear Background Noises

Use this free app to enjoy your favorite music. It works without restrictions and does not need built-in shopping.


myNoiseIf you are often in noisy places, you will need the myNoise app.

It has an active noise reduction feature. It will help you to enjoy listening to music on your headphones. Just turn on your favorite track and start the app.

The noise reduction process works very well. It helps you to avoid distracting sounds.

The app myNoise reads the noise level around your phone with its microphone. This process can take several minutes.

It then decides which frequencies to turn up and which sounds to suppress. It can also identify the sound source for better noise reduction.

It can also change the volume of your music according to your surroundings. With this application, your phone will always be able to control the noise level around you.

When you use the headphones in a loud place, the volume level will increase automatically. If you get to a place where there is no noise, the volume will automatically decrease.

myNoise myNoise

With this free app, you can enjoy music in your headphones without any extraneous sounds. It works without restrictions and does not need built-in shopping.


Mic Speaker

Mic Speaker logoThe Mic Speaker app is designed to output sound through headphones, a wired headset, wireless speakers, and other speakers.

You can use your phone as a stethoscope. The program is capable of playing audio in the background. It allows you to use your phone as a microphone for singing songs while using karaoke with music.

This service can be used to amplify the volume of the voice during presentations. The option of selecting a speaker jack is available.

You can create your own karaoke with a microphone. It can also act as a hearing aid. Use the program as a stethoscope to check how fast your heart is beating.

Mic Speaker screen 1 Mic Speaker screen 2

To use the miniature microphone, you need to connect the headset to the phone. After that, you should open the program and select the desired mode. After selecting this, you need to press the microphone button and the audio signal from it will start to be output in the desired way.

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