8 Best Music Speed Changer Apps 2024 (Android & iPhone)

Looking for a simple tool to change music speed? This article has you covered!

There are plenty of music speed changer apps for Android & iPhone that let you slow down and speed up audio files with little to no effort. Some of these apps are fully dedicated to time-stretching, while others are full-on music editors.

Herewith, all these apps are easy to use and let you export the audio files in HQ. All of those are also easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. Let’s get started!



Let’s start with an app to elevate your music creativity.

It’s an all-in-one music app that lets you feel like a true music artist. For instance, it lets you remove or mute vocals and instruments, adjust the pitch, view metronome count, and more. Of course, it covers speed changing as well. This tool works simply, and you get to slow down or speed up and track in secs.

There are three basic modes – 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x, but you get to add custom ones as well. All the instruments run on AI tech, so there’s not much for you to actually do here. You’ll get to add new tracks and sync them with any song, along with detecting a key in one tap. The app also comes with chord detection that lets sync all the chords right away.

As for the uploads, you may upload any track from your device or a public URL. Once you’re done with your audio mix, you get to export it in various formats such as MP3. M4A, and all that. Plus, you get to save the tracks on cloud storage services. You may also create multiple playlists within the app and organize them as needed.

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Next, we have an app that lets you adjust the speed of audio files.

Apart from the previous app, this one is fully dedicated to speed altering, so if you don’t need a multifunctional tool – this one is a great option. This app lets you cope with any audio files in general, so you can even speed the audiobooks up or down if needed. The usage field is wide: from simple practice to language learning and more.

The app comes with two standard audio modes: 0.5x and 2x, but you may regulate the speed settings as required and save the options you like the most. The best thing here is that the app can adjust the rate without pitch shifting, which is nice. Plus, the app supports longer audio tracks, so it works well with audiobooks.

In case you’re editing long audio, there are multiple seek bars to help you on the way. You may even add marks if needed. The amount of makes is unlimited, and you get to set partially repeated playback as well. The app does have a paid version, but you may totally go without it.



It’s a multifunctional app that lets you edit audio files.

This app is practically a pocket audio lab that lets you regulate the tempo, pitch, and repeating loops, and do lots of other fun stuff. The speed adjuster is included, so you get to slow down or speed up any tracks with one tap. There are some standard speed settings, but you may add custom ones as well. Herewith, you need to keep in mind that the app won’t work with DRM-protected songs.

The app comes with a pro version, but let’s see what you’re getting for free. First of all, the free pack includes the pitch and tempo adjustment along with the speed instrument. Plus, you get to visualize the song, which is effective for music writers. You also get to mark and loop some parts of the track if needed.

The free pack even comes with a powerful recorder, which is great. Once you’re done, you may save the track in any format required. You may also share the song or save it on a cloud service. In case you’d like to store the tracks within the app, you may create various playlists and organize them as needed.



This is a perfect app to build setlists with.

This app was made by musicians for musicians, so all the essential tools are covered here. The app lets you regulate the rate and the pitch individually, which is great. It comes with several pre-set speed options, but you may add custom ones if required. Both speed and pitch control are HQ, so no concerns about that.

You may regulate the rate and the pitch in real time without stopping the audio. The controller has no restrictions at all, so feel free to play with it. Plus, the app provides you with an unlimited number of bookmarks to add to the songs. You may also add as many loops as you want.

Once you’re done, you get to save any track in MP3 format. Plus, you may create multiple playlists within the app, which is very handy. The UI is nice and clean, so even if you’ve never edited songs before, you’ll figure out how it works.

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Riff Studio

Riff Studio

It’s a speed-changing app for iOS that anyone can cope with.

This app is incredibly easy to use. It’s fully dedicated to speed control, so you won’t get lost in the features here. It lets you adjust the songs’ speed, pitch, and tempo individually to gain the best possible results. You may also sync all these parameters and adjust them all at once.

The mechanics are simple: just add the files from your media lib and play with the speed slider. Herewith, you need to keep in mind that the app won’t work with DRM-protected files, and some songs downloaded from iTunes come with it. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t let you regulate the speed while the song is playing, but that’s not a big deal.

The app doesn’t have any paid packs, but it contains ads that you can remove w with a one-time fee. Once you’re done, you may add the song to one of your custom playlists. Plus, you get to export the song in several formats and save it on cloud storage if needed.

Music Speed Changer Lite

Music Speed Changer Lite

As you may see by the name, it’s a music speed changer that lets you edit the songs for free.

The app works simply: just pick all the needed audio files, mark the part you’d like to edit, and play with the pitch, speed, and tempo. You may rather adjust all these matrices individually or at once. The app comes with some pre-set speed mods, but you may add custom ones as well. Plus, you get to admit the song on the fly without any stops.

The best thing is that the app works with audio files of any length, so it will work great with audiobooks. You may rather re-speed the entire file or a part of it. The time-stretching tool doesn’t affect the quality of the sound, though, which is nice. Along with that, the app lets you loop some parts of the songs.

You may also play with volume amplification and channel selection. The app also supports various output formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and all others. The output won’t alter the sound as well, so no concerns about that. Besides, the app doesn’t have any ads or paid features.

Music Speed Changer

Music Speed Changer

Here’s an app that lets you adjust the speed of your audio files.

Music changer is the main tool of this app. It lets you slow down, quicken up, and time-stretch your music without impacting the pitch. Of course, you may sync these two parameters and modify them all at once if needed. There are a couple of pre-set speed modes, but you may add custom ones as well.

Beyond that, the app also lets you loop certain parts of the songs as many times as you want. The pitch-shifting tool lets you pitch the songs up and down on 24 semi-tones. Herewith, both time stretching and pitch regulation don’t impact the quality of the audio, which is pleasant.

Besides, the app lets you reverse the music (or a part of it). There are also plenty of effects to add to your tracks if needed. The app works with multiple file formats and lets you export the audio in all of them. You may also store the files within the app and sort them into playlists.

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Up Tempo

This app is a one-stop shop for all your music editing needs. It covers all the essential tools while being pretty easy to use. So even if you don’t have much experience with such apps, you’ll quickly figure out how to use this one.

The app lets you regulate the playback speed and pitch any audio file needed. All you need is to pick a file and adjust the speed to your liking. It also works as a looper and basic audio editor (it may not be interesting to pros, but it’s more than enough for average users).

You can also set points to loop or speed up certain parts of the file. The editor itself can be zoomed in to get a detailed view. You can also save your projects and come back to editing after time.

The app works with diverse file formats, and you’ll get to export your projects in several formats as well. It also covers a pro version that gives you access to advanced tools such as an equalizer, bass cut, and even an audio recorder.

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