NOTEPAD Simple AdFree App Review

It is difficult to find an ideal notebook app, that would help you and have no unnecessary junk. Thanks to creators, there is NOTEPAD Simple AdFree app! The name speaks for itself. It was created to make your life easier.

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When you open the application, it immediately offers a brief Notepad manual, which describes its main features. After closing this instruction, you can see the main page of the app. It is one of the notes, which, by default, also contains a brief instruction. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list of available slots for other notes. There are 12 such slots available in the free version.


At the top of the screen, you can see the main actions for working with notepad: copy, paste, select, undo, delete, and redo. There is More (additional menu) button top right. It suggests you send a note by e-mail, insert a date, time, or signature, save all notes in the cloud, and download them. You can find Settings and a PRO features button.

Using Settings, you can change the text parameters, such as Font size and characters width. There, you can also adjust general settings (color scheme, notepad lines, bottom bar, etc.) and text settings (your signature, date-time format, etc.)


The feedback section is the last one in Settings. The app’s technical support works well. Notepad provides FAQ as well. The application has an excellent laconic design, nothing superfluous, no ads!

Notepads are basically for the old-school guys (and there is nothing bad about that). And if you’re still using the prepaid cards – you can check out the cash apps which accept them.

In the free version, there is a choice of one of eight color schemes. The paid one provides many additional exciting features, for example, unlimited notes, search within notes, checkable lists, sort/group notes, custom themes, and many others.


The application stands out among its counterparts with maximum ease of use, functional and intuitive design, small size (63kb), and the absolute absence of ads even in the free version.

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All in all, NOTEPAD Simple AdFree is the best notebook for your smartphone you can imagine. Try it and love this little helper with all your heart!


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