7 Best One Second Video Apps for Android & iOS

Can you imagine a movie composed of your daily life? Well, now you can get it with little to no effort.

We’ve picked up the best one-second video apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps will collect all your memories and make a video diary out of them.

And even if you’re not a big fan of diaries, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with these apps. Filming only takes 1 second of a day, but it all seems so meaningful when you look back at it. Get ready to take a road down memory lane!

1 Second Everyday Journal

1 Second Everyday Journal

If you wanna get on top of the trend of video journaling, this app is the one.

The main goal of this app is to turn your life into a memorable movie. It’s all about catching important moments and being able to track your journey. The concept is beyond simple: you just need to record a short 1-sec video every day, and the app will turn it into a full-on rewind.

It comes with a built-in cam you can use to record vertical and horizontal vids. And if you don’t think 1 second is enough to capture a moment, you can set the app to record longer clips. You’ll be able to view all the recorded lips in calendar mode, so it’s easy to find a certain day.

The app provides rewinds of your week, month, and entire year. You can also start different projects: one for trips and fun, and one for your daily life. And make sure to set alerts not to skip a single day of the year. You can also use the app to send yourself inspiring notes and quotes.

1 Second Everyday Journal 1
1 Second Everyday Journal 2

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Daylee: Your Video Diary


This app is also built upon recording short video clips on the go.

Just like the previous one, the app uses all the recorded clips to create a recap video of your life. You’ll actually get to customize the length of the clips from 0.5 to 10 seconds long. The clips may not only be videos, though, you can add pics, drawings, or even text notes.

Besides, you can personalize the clips even more by editing emojis, captions, filters, location tags, and more. There’s even a mood-tracking sticker if needed. Your goal here is to add a new clip every day, and the notifications will help you to stay on the course.

The app also comes with a reward system. Every time you film a clip, you will get hearts that improve your ranking. And once you’ve reached a certain point, you’ll get to exchange the hearts on some cool merch. The app is free, and you can easily share your recaps on all socials.

Daylee 1
Daylee 2

Daily Moments

Daily Moments

Next, there’s an app that makes sure you’ll never forget a single day of your life.

It doesn’t require registration, so you can go to capturing memories right after downloading. You’ll need to record 1-sec vids every day, so the app could turn it into a full-on movie. Make sure to add a clip every day to not ruin the magic.

In case you tend to forget things and have difficulties learning new habits, set up notifications to stick to the daily schedule. The app comes with a built-in cam that records stunning HD vids with sound. You can record both landscape and portrait mode, so no worries here.

The app automatically attaches each clip to the day it was recorded, s you could always come back and easily find a specific memory. And once the year comes to an end, you’ll get a personal recap that lasts 365 secs. You can easily save the recap or share it on socials with one tap.

Daily Moments 1
Daily Moments 2

One Second

one second

This handy iOS app lets you collect small pieces of your life every day.

The app lets you take pics or record vids that will be turned into a movie about your life. As for the clips, you may rater record 1,2, or 3-second snippets, it’s up to you. Then, the app will give you cute time-lapse recaps of your week, month, or entire year.

Beyond that, you get t add unlimited clips, so don’t limit yourself to one. The more vids you capture, the more memories you’ll get to re-live. In case you have too many vids, you can go for a random mode and let the app pick some automatically. Thus, you’ll get a little surprise watching a recap.

You can also level up your vid by adding a soundtrack, filters, and more. Plus, you may add location info, a mood sticker, and text notes if needed. The app lets you set reminders and fill in the empty days manually. All the vids are easily sharable, and you can do it right from the app.

One Second 2
One Second 1

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One Second Diary

One Second Diary

It’s a visual diary that lets you keep track of your brightest memories.

This is a minimalist journal that lets you record 1-sec vids every day. The main goal is to stick to the daily routine and save the notable memories, so make sure not to skip days. You can also set notifications to tell you when it’s time to add a new clip.

You may rather record the vid from a built-in cam or just pick one from your gallery. Once you’ll use the app for some time, you’ll be able to make a montage of your life and turn the clips into a beautiful mini-movie. The first move can be generated after one week, and there are also monthly and yearly options.

In case just a plain set of clips is not enough, you can level up the edit by adding subtitles, GPS tags, notes, color stamps, and more. All the clips get generated in full HD and you can add subtitles in 8 languages. The app is free and has no ads, which is pleasant.

One Second Diary 1
One Second Diary 2

Daily Snap

Daily Snap

With this app, you’ll get to capture 1 second of your daily life and turn the memories into a video recap.

All you need to do here is to make daily snaps, so the app could turn them into a recap of your journey. You can film anything: your pets, landscapes, selfies, gym, or some daily little things that make you who you are. And when you’ll use the app for a while, you’ll be able to pick a date range and watch a movie made out of memories.

The app has a built-in HD cam you can use for snaps, and you can also pick ones from our gallery. You can customize the length of the clips as well: from 1 to 15 secs. There’s also a calendar mode that lets you see all the memories in one place.

Besides, the app is fully ad-free, and it will send you daily reminders, so you couldn’t forget to take a short vid. All the snaps get stored safely, and you’re the only one with access to them. Once the movie is done, you can share it with friends or post it on socials if needed.

Daily Snap 1
Daily Snap 2

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1 Second Daily Cam 

1 Second Daily Cam

And lastly, there’s a daily cam app that lets you turn short clips into recaps.

It’s a personal video diary you can use to keep track of your life and progress. Your job here is to record 1-second snaps every day, and the app will take care of the rest. In case you tend to forget such things, make sure to set up a notification to remind you to take a snap.

The app comes with a built-in cam, but you can also choose premade clips from your library. There’s a calendar mode you can use to easily find certain memories and vids. You may also pick time periods to make the vids. The shortest option is a week and the longest is a couple of years.

The vids get generated in secs, and you get to save or share them right away. The app doesn’t cover any filters or stickers, so all you get is a minimalist mashup of your snaps here. It’s fully free and has no ads, so give it a try.

1 Second Daily Cam 1
1 Second Daily Cam 2
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