Paintation App Review

Whether you are a photography and painting pro, or just want to add some variety to your shots, welcome to Paintation!

You will find so many options for processing images in this application that you won’t have time to try them all! The application does not require registration. After a graceful splash screen, it asks for permission to access photos and other media, which is logical.

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Next, take a photo, or load the image that you want to edit from the gallery into the application and start processing. You do this using the tools located in the bottom panel.

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First of all, prepare your picture. You can flip it, rotate it, crop it, resize the frame, and change the focus. Adjust brightness, contrast, softness, saturation, and hue. And also a number of other options, only about a dozen and a half. You make changes with clear icons and sliders.


Then comes the time for styling. You can modify the picture in the manner of forty famous works of art. The choice is facilitated as they are grouped by style: Renaissance, Baroco, Rococo, and Neoclassicism.

Now apply one of over twenty filters. Finish with the tools from the frame preparation menu.


If the result suits you, save it to your smartphone’s memory or share it with your contacts. You can just leave the final frame, or you can set it in the form of a collage consisting of the original image and the resulting one. You can also add a work of art after that the styling has been made to your collage.

Plus, you can also cartoon yourself using special apps.

Even if you are new to photography and painting – with this application you can make your works look like masterpieces. The application has a very clear control, and technical support is always ready to help. Install Paintation and become the new Grand Master of Photography!



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