11 Best Phone Virus Cleaners for Android & iOS

Looking for a great antivirus app that will clean your phone from any sorts of viruses? This article has you covered.

Nowadays, there are huge amounts of security apps for phones that are as good as the antivirus software you have on your PC. Most of these apps do more than just a regular scanning – it will try to prevent you from installing files and open websites that could contain malware. Moreover, you will be guarded against personal information leaks and unwanted calls. Sounds good, right?

So here’s the list of 15 best phone virus cleaners for Android and iOS users that are available for free.

Avast Security & Photo Vault

Avast logo

Avast Security & Photo Vault is an app that will fight viruses and relieve you of any sorts of digital malware.

As you start using the app it will scan your phone and check if any viruses need to be erased or potentially dangerous apps. And if it’ll find anything you’ll be immediately notified and will get full-on protection from digital viruses. Besides, you’ll be protected from Trojans and disturbing viruses which is also great.

Like the rest of similar apps, the Avast app is originally free but you still need to pay to use all advanced tools. That way, if you can’t stand any ads or want to set up a locker code on apps and also customize a camera trap you’ll need to pay every month. However, the number of functions you get for free are very useful in a war against internet viruses. That brings us to a conclusion, that the original version has enough tools to completely protect your phone from digital threats.

In addition to that, Avast is a pretty unusual antivirus app. In a word, if you want a phone to be protected from thieves and disturbing callers, you’ll find these functions in this app. That way, you’ll always be able to track where your phone is and add some numbers to a blacklist. If we’re talking about the interface of this app, it’s pretty basic and intuitive so you won’t have problems with that.

To sum it up, Avast Security & Photo Vault is a fully-packed security app that works fast, stable and has lots of features that will keep you all-around protected from viruses. Give it a try!

Price: free

Avast screenAvast screen1


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ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

eset logo

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus is a nice virus protector app that clean your phone from viruses. This app was destined to be your guard against viruses and harmful software.

As you start using this app for the first time you’ll need to sign up using your e-mail so remember that. Besides, you’ll get four weeks when you can use advanced features for free to see if you need pro versions tools or not.

In addition, this app is a full-on security guardian that will do everything in its powers to completely erase all sorts of digital viruses from your smartphone. It also has various functions that enable you to get regular security and activity reports, to turn on absolute malware security and a remote alarm.

If we’re talking about the design of this app, it is basic and was made for you to use it with no problems. Besides, you can synchronize the ESET app with your other devices to check out which ones need clearing and protection.

To sum it up, the ESET Mobile Security app is a nice software that will cover all your needs. Besides, there’s no need to spend money on extra tools do you should give this one a try.

Price: free

eset screeneset screen1

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Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security logo

Bitdefender Mobile Security is a full packed virus cleanser app that will guard your phone against harmful software. Besides, this app is very lightweight so you won’t find yourself with a lack of memory to install it.

Like the rest of similar apps, you can get this one for free but there’s also a pro version with advanced tools that requires every month payments. Your payment erases any ads so you won’t be disturbed by that and gives complete protection from robbers and internet viruses. However, if you’re not sure if you need these functions daily, you can agree for a free two weeks test. After that, you’ll be able to fully form your opinion and decide if it is worth paying.

Needless to say, this app doesn’t work in the backdrop s it is absolutely game-changing. That fact doesn’t slow down your device and live longers as it saves your battery. But it should be noted that you’ll need to schedule all scans on particular days yourself. However, this app will still check every file and app you download and tels you if it’s secure to use them.

Meanwhile, this app also contains a built-in VPN tool so you won’t need an extra app on your device for it. Moreover, if you have a smartwatch, there’s a useful tool that alerts you if you left your phone behind.

To sum it up, if you want a nice antivirus app that contains lots of tools, Bitdefender Mobile Securit is the perfect app for you. Give it a try!

Price: free

Bitdefender Mobile Security screenBitdefender Mobile Security screen1


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McAfee Mobile Security: VPN Proxy & Anti Theft Safe Wi-Fi

Mobile Security logo

McAfee Mobile Security: VPN Proxy & Anti Theft Safe Wi-Fi is an app that relieves your phone of all digital viruses and helps you to forget about this problem.

As you’ll start using this app you’ll be pleasantly surprised with various features it has apart from regular scanning. Moreover, you’ll always be able to see where your phone is located and block it if you’ll suspect that your phone was stolen. As you can see, if somebody will steal your phone or you’ll lose it, this app will do everything in its power for you to bring it back easily.

It should be noted that every file and app on your phone including the ones you plan to download will be scanned for viruses and leaking of private information. In short, you will always be guarded viruses that you could’ve potentially get. Moreover, if there’re any statements that need to be private absolutely private, try out the function that locks your files and asks for a code for opening.

By the way, the McAfee app will also block all websites that can possibly contain viruses. Moreover, you will’be able to customize your own block-list of websites you would like to avoid and numbers you don’t want to get calls from.

Another great thing about this app is the fact that it automatically cleans your phone’s memory and optimizes your battery. The interface of this app is very intuitive and it gives you training videos for every new feature you try.

To sum it up, McAfee Mobile Security is a full packed antivirus app that guarantees you complete protection from any virus you can imagine. Try it out, it won’t be disappointed.

Price: free

Mobile Security screenMobile Security screen1


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Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security logoNorton Mobile Security is an antivirus app that will make you forget about the problem of digital viruses. You might probably hear about Norton for PC and if you’re familiar with it, the phone app won’t disappoint you.

The design of this app is quite basic and intuitive so you’ll quickly understand how to use it the best way. It is important to note that the original version f the app contains various functions such as regular scan, protection from digital threats and even full-on cyberattack protection. To tell the truth, it has pretty much everything you might ask for so there’s you can save money on that.

Moreover, the great tool for people who regularly lose their phone is an alarm that you can set up. Besides, this app also contains thief protection that will block your screen form faraway and see the location of the phone. Moreover, you can also set up your own personal blacklist for websites callers you don’t have to deal with. Besides, there’s an app locker tool that will set a code on your apps so you’ll be the only one who has access to them.

To sum it up, Norton Mobile Security is an amazing app choice for people who want their phone to be all-around protected from viruses and disturbing calls. Give it a try!

Price: free

Norton Mobile Security screenNorton Mobile Security screen1


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360 Security – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

360 Security logo

The name of this app literally speaks to itself. 360 Security – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner is an app that protects your devices from viruses.

Let’s talk about why the 360 Security app is worth trying. The first reason is the fact that the original version has a full pack of tools that will cover all your needs. That way, you can skip the paid version and save money as a result. The second one, this app is a unique mix of everything from virus protection to VPN so you literally get a few apps packed in one.

As a matter of fact, everything you download will be scanned and checked if you might need your private information or contain malware activity. And in case anything harmful will be found you’ll know about it. The interface will also be a pleasant surprise for you – it’s pretty basic but still beautiful and does everything for you to not get lost in the app.

In the final analysis, if you want to find an app that will deal with all your virus problems then look no further, 360 Security is perfect for you. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: free

360 Security screen360 Security screen


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Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security logo

Sophos Mobile Security is an app that will keep your phone away from any digital viruses and will daily keep it secure.

As you start using the app you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the unique fact that the Sophos app doesn’t contain ads at all. That means that you can easily skip paid versions to be ad-free. Sounds great, isn’t it?

In addition, this app t will be a shield between your phone and digital viruses. Moreover, the Sophos app guard you against installing files and apps that may potentially contain harmful viruses or if they might leak your private information. Besides, there’s an opportunity to schedule scans and customize it or to turn on an auto mode so the app will do it on its own.

Moreover, the app will check all Wi-Fi connections in public places because the app will tell you if it’s safe to use. Another thing that the app will take care of you is creating passwords – from now on you’ll be able to do it automatically.

To sum it up, Sophos Mobile Security is an app for people who are looking for something with lots of great features. As you can already see, this app is worth trying.

Price: free

Sophos Mobile Security screenSophos Mobile Security screen1


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Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

security mastet logo

The Security Master is an app that will set you free from digital threats. This app has a full pack of features that won’t enable any viruses to spill on your device.

First of all this app brings the whole process of scanning under your control and customizations. So you can schedule scans on any date you want and decide what to do with viruses once scanning is over. However, the auto mode is also available so everything could be done for you.

The Security Master app is originally free but like most similar apps it also has another version that requires a monthly payment. Needless to say, the payments will bring you advanced tools but the question is – is it worth it? The answer is probably not because you already get a huge pack of features for free and can keep your device clean from malware.

There’s also a tool that will conceal your apps from everyone who shouldn’t have access to them. Sounds like magic but it will simply put a code o your apps so you’ll be the only one with access. This is a great way to let all private information to stay private. Besides, all the apps you download will be scanned and checked for potential threats.

Moreover, this app allows you to safely surf the internet and visit your favorite websites right from the app. That way you’ll get all-around protection that no viruses can slip through.

To sum it up, Security Master is a great antivirus app that gives you complete protection form digital viruses. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: free


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Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security logo

Avira Mobile Security is a nice virus cleaner app that completely scans your phone and an SD card and erases all viruses on its way.

As you start using the app you’ll get all your downloads including an SD card scanned to see if any viruses need to be cleaned. Besides, there’s a possibility to set a scanning process for particular dates or turn on an auto mode that will take care of it for you. Another great thing about Avira is it rates apps by privacy and shows you if there’s a possibility that it will leak your private information.

Apart from that, the Avira app regularly checks if any emails and numbers you connect with were involved in any suspicious things. Besides, there are also some nice tools that you regularly get on this sort of apps – protection from thieves, phone tracking and an opportunity to scan every last one of your files. Besides, if you’ll suspect that somebody stole your phone you’ll have the opportunity to block it from any other device.

As it is always with these apps, you’re not allowed to use everything for free so there’s also a paid version. But to be honest, all features contained in the original version will cover all your needs when it comes to viruses. That way, you can save money and skip the pro version, because it’s not a must-have.

To sum it up, if you want to find a perfect app that is fully packed with tools Avira Mobile Security a nice option for you. Try it out now!

Price: free

Avira Mobile Security screenAvira Mobile Security screen1


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AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus logoAVG AntiVirus is a nice app that will play the role of a shield between your hone and any sorts of digital viruses. As you start using the app, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its tools that can guarantee you full-on protection from any sort of internet viruses. As we always mention the pro version, this app also has one. That way, if you want to use advanced features – be ready to pay every month.

However, we have good news for you – there’s a free trial for two weeks. After that period of time, you’ll be able to think through all the pros and cons of the pro version and decide if you want to spend money on it. In addition, this app contains a performance-boosting tool that will save your phone’s battery an make it live a bit longer. Besides, here’s a build-in photo vault for stocking your photos and capturing them remotely from websites.

Moreover, this app also contains a tool that sets a code on your apps so you are only able to open them. Using this function you can keep all unwanted people away from your private info. Another great thing is an anti-thief protector that makes it possible for you to see your phone’s location at any time. So if you’ll lose your phone or somebody will steal it this app will be a lifesaver.

To sum it up, the AVG AntiVirus app has every feature you might need in an antivirus app, so give it a try.

Price: free

AVG AntiVirus screenAVG AntiVirus screen1


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Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro logo

Trend Micro Mobile Security is an app that will be your daily virus protector that keeps it malware-free on a daily basis.

By the way, this app feels different from the rest virus protection apps. That is because it checks everything you plan to download and will stop you from downloading something that can possibly harm your device. In a word, your private information will never be leaked or used for illegal actions and if any file you try to download is not completely safe, you’ll know about it.

Along with that, there’s a built-in privacy scanner that will send you a notification if your social media accounts contain information that should better stay private. Besides, it can also scan your OneDrive account.

Speaking about the advanced paid functions, you’ll have the ability to set up the process of internet surfing and decide which number you want to block. But if you’ll be okay with just checking your phone for viruses and protect it from thieves, there’s no need to buy anything.

To sum it up, Trend Micro Mobile Security is an app for people who want their devices to be all-around protected from malware. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Price: free

Trend Micro screenTrend Micro screen1


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