15 Best Word Game Apps for Adults (Android & iOS)    

Sometimes you need to escape from the daily routine and spend time with benefit, mobile word games do an excellent job with this task. They will not only help diversify your free time, but also increase your vocabulary, and provide your brain with an interesting opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work.

Therefore, we present you with a selection of the best word game apps for adults. By the way, more of dictionary and word game apps you can find here.

Scrabble Go-Classic Word Game

Scrabble GO is an improved version of the famous classic word game. In this app, you can play classic Scrabble with friends, relatives, and even random strangers online, or challenge yourself with one of four additional game modes, some of which are available offline.

The basic rules and meaning of the game is to compose words. The expressions are made up of seven letters, which the app randomly selects for each player and then adds them up into words on a virtual game board.

  • There are cells on the playing field that multiply the scores of letters and whole words several times when placing letters or words on them, respectively.
  • The app has a practice mode that will help you practice before an online tournament and understand the rules of the game.
  • To defeat your opponent, you need to make as many expressions as possible from the letters that will be offered to you, as well as place them correctly on the playing field in order to get more game points.
  • For interesting communication and variety in the game with friends, use various templates and emoticons. Get special secret cases that contain cool visual effects that you can use right during the game.

Use special power-ups to defeat opponents faster and get more points. Take part in official tourney and intellectual matches, and get the highest places in the rating tables.

Scrabble GO is a great app for fun and great memory training, as well as for increasing vocabulary, developing speech, learning expression formation and word meanings. Despite the seeming calmness and regularity, the game is very exciting, in which you will fight for victory with all possible forces.


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Word Domination

Word Domination is an interesting intellectual word game that will allow you to spend your time in a fun and useful way.

Immediately after installing the game, you need to go through a quick and easy registration, after which you can immediately start playing.

To start the game you need to find an opponent, for this you can invite a friend or pick up a random opponent from the Internet. But you can also play in single player mode.

  • Gameplay in the Word Domination app is based on the familiar classic board game.
  • The players have at their disposal a certain number of chips with different letters, from which you need to try to collect as many expressions as possible and place them on the playing field.
  • A feature of the Word Domination app is two cells with random letters that are on the field at the very beginning of the game to simplify the task. From these two letters you need to start making up your words.
  • Users of the game Word Domination make a move in turn, after which they receive chips with new letters. The winner is the player who is the first to get rid of all the chips and make more expressions.

Word Domination supports English, Spanish and French. Therefore, you can use the game to practice foreign languages.

The game Word Domination has a nice beautiful design, a simple interface that will be clear to absolutely every player. Thanks to the simple menu and design, mastering the app will not be difficult even for beginners.

Of the minuses, one can note the large presence of advertising content, as well as donations for which you can purchase tips, which gives an advantage to some players.

Word Domination is a great mind game that helps you expand your vocabulary and makes you think. Therefore, call your friends, arrange tournaments, earn rating points and take first places in the tops.


Word Collect – Word Games Fun

Word Collect – Word Games Fun is a puzzle game where you have to guess and make expressions from the letters you are given.

The more levels you pass, the more the difficulty level of the game will be. With each level you will meet expressions that are used less often, the more difficult it will be to guess them. But the more difficult the level, the more interesting and exciting the game.

With each level, the difficulty increases, and it is not surprising that some words may have problems deciphering. To do this, the game has special tips that can be purchased for virtual coins that you get when you complete each level, as well as for deciphering additional expressions.

Word Collect – Word Games Fun has over two thousand levels with a wide variety of expressions. At first, the game may seem easy, but try to pass several levels and find out that with each level you will get more and more difficult.

The game does not have an internet connection, so you can solve this puzzle absolutely anywhere and anytime.

A nice addition to the Word Collect – Word Games Fun game is that you can look up the meaning of the word that was guessed in the level, which will help you not only remember the correct expressions, but also learn new meanings.


Word Search 2022

Word Search is an app where you can find many interesting word search word puzzles among random letters, many people know this type of puzzle called fillwords.

The playing field in the Word Search app is a grid with letters, among which you need to find the necessary words. All the expressions that need to be found will be displayed above the playing field with letters.

The level will pass only when you find all the words that are above the playing field.

You need to be careful and use spatial thinking, because the expressions are located not only horizontally, but also vertically and diagonally. And also the word can be written in reverse order, which will make you think carefully.

Playing the Word Search 2022 game, you will not only have an interesting time, but also spend it with benefit, because puzzles of this type develop spatial and logical thinking, attentiveness, visual memory, and also expand vocabulary.

  • The first levels may seem easy to you, but trust that the subsequent levels will become more and more difficult and they will definitely make you think carefully and break your head over the proposed puzzles.
  • The game has eight difficulty modes, and you can also choose from over ten different themes. For example, sports, countries, cities and etc.
  • The game is available in many languages, so you can practice and improve your foreign language while playing Word Search 2022.

You can play Word Search absolutely anywhere and anytime because it works without internet connection. The only drawback of this app is the large number of ads. But this problem can be solved if you play offline.



If you love word games, crossword puzzles and puzzles, then you will definitely like Wordscapes.

The rules of the Wordscapes game are very simple and will be clear to absolutely every user. The whole essence of the game is that you need to make a certain number of expressions from the letters that are located on the playing field in the form of a grid.

The number of words and letters presented depends on the level of difficulty, which will only get more difficult as you progress through the game, forcing you to think and reflect well.

The only clue you can get is the number of letters in the expression that you need to guess. Completing each level earns you virtual in-game coins that you can use to purchase hints if you have difficulty completing the level.

And if you find among the proposed letters an existing word that is not guessed in this level, you will receive a bonus in the form of coins.

Wordscapes game will definitely appeal to those who dream of learning a foreign language, because more than twenty foreign languages are available in the game. Learn the vocabulary of another language and expand your vocabulary by playing the game for just a couple of minutes a day.

You can play Wordscapes even without an internet connection, and if you play offline, you won’t see the ads that many users complain about.

Beautiful graphics and smooth animation will allow you to enjoy the game and relax, because when you pass the levels, you will discover new landscapes against the backdrop of the playing field. And in the game there are more than three thousand levels that will not make you bored.


Bonza Word Puzzle

If you like to solve crosswords and are looking for something similar, then Bonza Word Puzzle app is made especially for you, as it is a completely new and unique type of crosswords.

The main feature is that you are already presented with ready-made answers, but they are broken into many pieces and syllables. To pass the level, you need to analyze all the proposed particles and combine them into one crossword puzzle.

The main thing is that any expression necessarily depends on another. In addition to the fact that you need to restore the word, it must be correctly placed in the overall structure of the crossword puzzle so that it does not become an obstacle to other expressions.

With each level there will be more expressions, and their complexity and complexity of design will only grow. Every day, developers offer you to solve a unique crossword puzzle and improve your vocabulary and abstract thinking.

And the simple and cute design of the Bonza Word Puzzle game pleases the eye, which will not create a strong load on the eyesight.


Letterpress – Word Game

Letterpress is an unusual word puzzle game in which you have to fight for victory using your brain and erudition.

The Letterpress puzzle is designed for two players, so you can invite friends and relatives to play or choose a random opponent online.

Immediately after the start of the game, you will be presented with a playing field measuring five cells wide and five cells high.

The players take turns, and on each turn the player must make up expressions using only those letters that are on the playing field. The peculiarity lies in the fact that in order to compose a word, you need to use only those letters that do not touch each other.

The goal of the game is to score more points for the expressions you make and the letters you use, the more different letters you use to make a expression, the more points you get.

Each letter you use will be in the color of your team, in order to win, you need to color the entire playing field in your color. But if your opponent uses the letter you used on the next turn, the color of the cell will change back to the color of the opponent’s team.

Another feature of the Letterpress game is that you can completely assign a cell with a letter to yourself. You need to use all the letters that surround this cell. The player can use this letter, but its color will remain unchanged.

The game ends when one of the participants in the game admits defeat, or when all the tiles on the board are painted in certain colors. In the second case, the winner is the player who painted over the most cells with his color.

The only drawback is the length of the game, because players are not limited in time to make a move. There are time limits only in the paid version of the game.


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Words is an addictive word puzzle game in which you have to find a certain number of hidden expressions in a variety of randomly arranged letters on the playing field. The Words app is a variation of the fillwords, but the game has more features, as well as several game modes.

The developers of the Words game have prepared for you a lot of levels with a wide variety of expressions, topics and difficulty levels.

  • In the Words game, you will be asked to choose one of nine difficulty levels, as well as one of two game modes.

For example, you can play against the clock, then your goal is to make as many expressions as possible in a certain time. You can also choose the time of the game yourself, there are six time modes available in the game.

  • The second game mode is a classic fillword with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game.

Also you can choose Words game if you want to improve your foreign language and correct spelling of foreign expressions because the game is available in several languages.

A nice addition is the built-in dictionary, which will help you find out the meaning of a expression you don’t know. Therefore, the Words game will help you not only have fun, but also improve your vocabulary and improve your memory.


Words with Friends 2 Classic

Words with Friends 2 Classic is a virtual remastered version of the interesting classic Scrabble. As in the classic version of the game, you can invite up to four participants.

The main goal of the game is to make as many expressions as possible from the seven letters offered to you, while using words compiled by other participants and already on the playing field.

Your goal is not only to make a expression, but also to place it on the playing field in such a way that it brings more points.

After each turn, your used letters will be replaced with a random new set.

You can also play the single player game mode to practice before competing against your friends in the big online game.

Win, complete tasks and get virtual coins that will help you get hints while playing online.

Also in the game, you can get or buy for virtual coins the design of your chips with letters and the design of the playing field, which will diversify the game and make you individual among your friends.

And also compete with friends, get points for victory and take first place in the rating tables.


Words of Wonders: Word Game

Words of Wonders is an exciting word puzzle game in which you have to find and form expressions from several presented letters, which are located on a special round playing field.

All you need is to form a word by drawing a line from letter to letter without lifting your finger from the screen.

The peculiarity of the game is that absolutely every level is diverse in that the background of the game changes with each game. In addition, the picture, which is the background of the game, serves as a kind of hint, that is, it is associated with the expressions that you must guess.

Many interesting levels will not let you get bored. With each level, the words will become more and more difficult, and to find the hidden ones you will have to strain your brain and be attentive.

But if you have difficulty deciphering the word, do not be discouraged, because you can use the hint. Hints can be purchased with virtual coins, which you get for completing levels or making additional expressions.

The word game Words of Wonders will allow you to learn more expressions from the culture of other countries, because the game has many sections that relate to the culture, traditions and sights of other countries.

Also in the game Words of Wonders there are additional tournaments and competitions that will help you diversify the game and get new achievements.

The only drawback of the game that users complain about is the large number of ads.


Quotescapes: Word Game

Quotescapes is another interesting word game in which you have to make up the word you have guessed from a small number of suggested letters on the playing field.

The main difference between the Quotescapes game is that the expressions to be guessed are part of a specific sentence.

If you are having difficulty composing a expression, then a hint will help you with this, which will open one letter in the word. Earn virtual coins by completing levels, watching short videos and completing special tasks.

The Quotescapes word game works without an internet connection, so you can make expressions absolutely anywhere and anytime. Play Quotescapes and improve your vocabulary, test your attentiveness and ingenuity.


Word Game – Offline Games

Word Game – Offline Games is an interesting game in which you have to find a certain number of expressions from several letters that are on a round playing field.

The main feature of the Word Game – Offline Games app is that you can play without internet connection right after installing the app.

In the game you have to go through more than three thousand interesting and varied levels, which become more and more difficult as you progress through the game. Also, the Word Game – Offline Games app is perfect for those who study foreign languages, namely French, Spanish or German.

Therefore, you can start taking levels in one of the offered foreign languages, which will increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar.


Figgerits – Word Puzzle Games

Figgerits – Word Puzzle Games app is a collection of interesting expression puzzles that will keep your brain busy.

The game does not have a colorful and bright design and design, but the app has a very rich and interesting gameplay.

At first glance, the game may seem very easy to you, but once you install it and start playing, you will realize that in order to win you need to think carefully and cope with complex puzzles in order to decipher the expression.

Play Figgerits – Word Puzzle Games, have fun and enjoy this game.


Game of Words: Word Puzzles

Game of Words: Word Puzzles is a interesting expression game in the form of a new and improved crossword puzzle with links that will allow you to have interesting and improve your vocabulary.

You will be presented with a certain set of letters and you have to make up the words that are hidden in the crossword puzzle.

Just draw a line among the letters to make expressions and complete levels, and there are more than five thousand of them in the game.

In addition to interesting gameplay, the game has a colorful and beautiful design that will please the eye and will not create a big load on the eyesight.


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Crossword Quest

If you love crossword puzzles, word search games and the like, Crossword Quest is the app for you. Because Crossword Quest is an addictive puzzle game where you have to find and form words from a given set of letters.

The game Crossword Quest has a fairly simple, but very interesting gameplay, and the design of the game is made at the highest level, which definitely diversifies the gameplay.

Also, the Crossword Quest game does not require an Internet connection, which will allow you to play absolutely anywhere.

Pass the levels every day and get rewards, and also have fun and usefully spend your time playing Crossword Quest.

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