7 Power Hour Apps for Android & iOS

Are you gathered with a large group of friends? Are you bored? You can play an interesting and fun game. It is called a power hour. The rules are simple.

You need to choose alcoholic drinks and drink as much mono as possible within an hour. You need to drink every minute for an hour or 60 shots per hour. The choice is yours. You won’t recognize your friends. This is a very friendly and fun game.

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Everyone has a smartphone. You don’t need to record the number of shots on the paper. Download any app from the list. It will help you keep track of the game. It will simplify your life.

You can turn off your brain and have fun with friends. More friends funnier this game. It is a great way to hang out at the weekend. There is a list of the best power hour apps for Android and iOs. Try them all or choose only one.

Shot Power Hour

This app will help you start any party. The app will explain the rules to you. The navigation is intuitive. You won’t get confused. It will notify you that you need to drink a shot.

This is convenient when a big party has gathered. This hourly game can work on any smartphone. You can customize the game to your preference. Choose the interval for drinking alcohol.

The app can connect to YouTube or Spotify to stream music. This will give your party more fun. The design of the app is awesome. You will like it.

Don’t worry if you have a small battery. The app will work even after restarting the smartphone. All progress will continue. You can select a ringtone. Choose something funny or scary. Have fun with your friends and be happy.

Shot Power Hour Shot Power Hour

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This is a great streaming music app. It will allow you to not only listen to thousands of music tracks but also play power hour game. It is easy. If you have gathered a large company of friends and want to have fun, open this app.

Set the song timer to 60 seconds. Songs will switch every 60 seconds. All you need to have time to drink shots. You will be accompanied by your favorite music.

The app has complete information about each track. You can create your own playlist. So your game will have more fun. You can choose the design of the app.

You can install a simple or sophisticated design. This app will allow you to play in the easiest and most amazing way. You will easily learn how to set a timer and select tracks. You can select playlists from Spotify.

Shotify Shotify

App Store

Power Hour Drinking Game

This is a great app to help you have a great time in a large company. You can play power hour. This app is specially designed for this. You can choose the music that will play during the game.

This will make your game energetic. You can choose the number of rounds from 20 to 120. Can you hold out all 120 rounds? You can also select interval lengths from 20 to 120 seconds. Turn on your imagination and create your own game.

The app has a special function. It will make the game more interesting. One round will last 1 second. This is a very difficult version of the game. You can try it. You can play everything at random.

The app itself will choose the number and length of rounds. All you need is a beer and good company. You can choose any alcohol. It all depends on you. Make fun and be with your friends.

Power Hour Drinking Game Power Hour Drinking Game

Power Hour Playlist

Just drinking is fun, but drinking to music is even more fun. This app is created specifically for you to create your perfect playlist for the Power Hour game so you make it memorable to you and your friends. The app is super simple and it is basically a player where you can create the specific playlists.

The only difference between the real music player app and this one is that it’s called “Power Hour Playlist” and that’s it. However, why not add atmosphere to the game by installing this app?

Plus, the app can be synchronized with Spotify and you will be able to add music from there right to Power Hour Playlist. Maybe you don’t want to use your original Spotify app for that – who knows who might look the playlist for a drinking game there.



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Power Hour in the 6

The app has a very simple design. Black background and stylish text are waiting for you. This app allows you to play a fun drinking game. It is a power hour.

The rules are simple. You need to drink shots for an hour every minute. Your task is to be sober to the end. Can you do it? Invite a lot of friends and check them. Can you hold out for 100 minutes? This app is a great way to test this. Select the length of the interval.

You can blow music into the game to make it more interesting. Select the songs that you have on your smartphone. You can create a playlist. Add fun or romantic songs. It all depends on you. Songs will help create a good atmosphere for your party. You can also select the number of rounds.

The largest number is 100. Invite as many friends as possible and have a grand party. This app will help make your party the best in the world. Download this app as fast as possible.

Power Hour in the 6 Power Hour in the 6

Power Hour

Do you want to have fun but don’t know how? Invite your friends to a party, buy a lot of beer and download this app. This is a great way to have fun. The rules of this game are very simple.

You need to drink shots every minute for an hour. The person that can stay sober longer won. You will have fun. You can ask interesting questions during the game. You will learn all about your friends.

The design of the app is amazing. Navigation is easy. You won’t get confused. To make the game more interesting, turn on your favorite music. You can create a playlist in the app.

You can customize the game to your preference. Choose the length of the interval between sips and the number of rounds. You can spend the most unforgettable party in the city. Download this app as soon as possible.

Power Hour Power Hour

App Store

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Easy Centurion (Power Hour)

Maybe you knew maybe you didn’t but the Power Hour game is sometimes also called “Centurion”. This app will be your little assistant in that game – whatever you call it. It helps to keep track of the countdown before the next player must take their drink. Before the timer reaches zero the app will start beeping, so you will be prepared to drink in advance.

Once you start the timer, you don’t have to look at the screen again because it will stop automatically and you won’t need to measure how much did you drink.

The app can be put up running in the background, the countdown will continue even then. This is not the most popular app in this category, but it is exactly the case where the lack of popularity doesn’t mean they lack of functionality.


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