9 Best Day Counter Apps for Android & iOS

On the hunt for an easy way to keep track of important dates and deadlines? We’ve got all you need!

We’ve gathered the best day counter apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you add countdowns to big events and calculate the days since the meaningful dates.

These apps are a great way to memorize all the big dates that are coming. You’ll be able to count up birthdays, anniversaries, days together, and all that. You can even use these to build habits. Let’s dive in!


Counting days before special dates is a great practice, and this app lets you do that with ease. Its main goal is to make the wait for the big dates way more exciting, so if you have any big days coming, make sure to use this app.

You can actually make multiple countdowns for all kinds of occasions you would not like to miss. Once the big day mark gets added, the app will calculate the number of days left automatically, which is handy. You’ll also get to add repeated dates for countdowns if needed.

And if you want to keep count of the days you’ve spent together with your significant other or the days after your baby’s BD, you can easily do that too. The calendar tool lets you manage your agenda and decorate memorable dates with stickers, effects, and all that.

You can also decorate day counts with pics and notes. And if you’re counting diet days or time till your next exam, there’s a built-in diary to help with that.


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Countdown Widget

The name of this app gives you a clear idea of its concept. It’s beyond simple, yet can be helpful if you have any valuable occasions coming.With minimal effort, it allows you to effortlessly keep track of the days leading up to a variety of occasions. And to elevate the exp, you’ll get to add cute widgets to your screen as well.

Herewith, you can make more than just regular countdowns. The app can also create some fun ones that count the time in minutes or even heartbeats (perfect for weddings, long waited meetings, and anniversaries).

As for the widgets, you can have fun with these too. The app covers several types of widgets you can decorate with stickers and pics. You’ll get to set multiple calls and add meaningful phrases to go with these.

And if that’s not enough, you can pick your fave songs and pick the bg to match your needs. You’ll also get to pick phases of the calc and design the widgets differently for each one of these.



That’s a one-stop app to gauge all kinds of things. There are pre-made templates for all types of occasions from birthdays to vacays, so whatever you want to track, this app is here to help. More to that, the app works great if you’re trying to stop smoking, drinking, or building any kind of habit in general.

The main goal of this one is to boost your productivity and help to concentrate on valuable things in life. You’ll get to use all kinds of countdowns, there’s even one that calculates how many secs you have before certain events.

You’ll get to reach multiple events and goals at the same time. The app lets you decorate each one with pics and notes of your choice and create personalized widgets. These are fully adjustable, and you can change the size, fonts, borders, and more.

Plus, you can set up notifications to make certain points on your journey to the special date. You can also add alerts for all the approaching dates to make sure not to miss anything. The app lets you import data from your regular calendar, which is handy.


Day Counter

It’s a stylish app to help you recall special moments even better. The app will help you turn the waiting into an exciting game and a truly beautiful experience. There are two modes for you to use here: one for countdown and one for count-up.

You can use these to keep track of approaching tasks, events, and meetings you wouldn’t like to miss. You can turn the calendars into a stylish widget. These can be modified to match your needs, so you can alter the size, color, fonts, and all that.

The number of dates to track is unlimited, so you’ll get to keep up with everything. You’ll also get to set up notifications to remind you if there are important days coming up his week or month. Plus, you can use it to reach long-term goals and build new habits (or get rid of old ones).

There are some pre-made templates for birthdays, days together, alcohol-free and smoke-free days. You’ll be able to add notes to any date if needed.


I Am Sober

As you may guess by the name, this app is here to help you count your sobriety days. Although the concept of this one is pretty simple, it’s incredibly helpful if you’re trying to quit drinking and get to a healthier lifestyle. The app will help you form new habits and will motivate you along the way.

It also operates as a community where you can connect with those with similar problems and get support if needed. You’ll also get to share the tactics and insights you’ve got while abandoning your addiction. The app comes with an alcohol-free tracker to envision your improvement and keep track of days easily.

The tracker is linked to the calculator tool that will count how much time and money you’ve saved since you quit alcohol. You can also analyze triggers that make you want to drink and add reasons that help you stay on the right course.

There’s also a daily pledge tool to give you a positive boost every morning. You’ll also get to review how you’ve spent your day and if there were any issues.


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Sober Time

This app is pretty similar to the previous one. It’s here to help you gauge clean days and connect with a community of those who are trying to get clean as well. So whether you’re continuing your sobriety journey or just getting started, this app got you covered.

It comes it a sober day counter to visualize your improvement and keep you motivated. In fact, you can use the app to quit all kinds of addictions such as smoking, drugs, self-harm, and so on. You can also track multiple addictions at the same time.

You can turn a sobriety monitor into a widget to always keep it before your eyes on the screen. The app will send positive affirmations every day, and you’ll get to track the cash you’ve saved since becoming clean.

Plus, you’ll get to set multiple mini-goals and view stats in simple graphs. The app is pretty flexible, and you’ll get to share your stats and improvement with others if needed. The app is fully free, so nothing is standing between you and a better life.



If you appreciate the visual aspect of your apps, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. That’s a stylish calc app you can use to track social events of all kinds. Whether it’s an upcoming vacay, BD, wedding, or whatever else, you can use this app to gauge how many days are left before that.

You’ll get to track multiple dates at the same time and decorate the labels for each one of these as needed. You’ll be able to add personal pics, customize the covers, change the fonts, and all that. The app lets you add widgets to always have the countdown on hand.

Herewith, you’ll get to adjust the size of widgets and change the look of these to match your prefs. And don’t forget to set up notifications to make sure you won’t miss anything. You can even set notifications for certain phases before the big day, which is handy.

You’ll get to sort the reachable dates by multiple parameters and protect the app with a password to keep it away from prying eyes. All the countdowns are sharable, and you can save them in various formats.


Days To 

This app makes counting days to any event a breeze. It covers tons of stylish widgets to beautify your screen. These are fully adjustable, and there are numerous options for adjustment here.

For instance, you’ll get to regulate the size, pick the font, switch the bg and even add stickers. There are tons of templates for you to use, so even if you don’t have designing skills, you’ll be able to make cute widgets within mins. You’ll also get to add your own pics if needed.

The app lets you track multiple events at once, there are no limits there. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, an exam, or whatever else, the app got you covered. You’ll also get to set the repeated events and back up the data securely.

The app is free, and you won’t need to pay to unlock anything. You may also share the calls with your fam and mates and also track the history of your tracks.


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Days Counter

And lastly, there’s a hand app that helps you track the most meaningful days in life. The main goal of this one is to ensure you’ll never forget about a birthday or any other memorable day needed. Along with countdowns, there’s a tool that lets you see how long you’ve been with your partner, or how many days ago you gave birth.

The app lets you view the time in different units. Along with days, you’ll get to count time in minutes and even seconds. It will work great if you need to keep track of your sobriety or want to form any habit in general. You can add multiple counters and customize all of them as needed.

You’ll get to pick the font and add a bg image and a couple of stickers, too. Plus, you can turn any counter into a cute widget to add to the screen. You’ll get to adjust the size and look of the widget as well. You’ll also get to set various kinds of reminders.

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