PricingBot Software Review

PricingBot is competitor price monitoring software for e-commerce companies. With PricingBot, you can track your competitors’ prices and get reports on every price change and new product.

PricingBot will help you:

  • Automatically track your competitors’ price
  • Receive alerts about prices and changes in stock
  • Get beautiful dashboards and summaries of your competitors’ pricing and catalog updates.

PricingBot is your ultimate pricing assistant.

In e-commerce more than everywhere else pricing is very important and also made very difficult because competitors are everywhere and change prices all day long. PricingBot is a tool allowing to monitor your competitor’s product and get notified if their products is cheaper than yours.


Stop wasting time looking after your competitor’s price, PricingBot takes care of everything. With PricingBot e-commerce integration you can import all your catalogue on your platform and with this extension you can flag competitor as soon as you see one.

The moment a competitor is cheaper than you we will notifie you and every day you vill receive a report of all prices change related to your products (how many competitors changed price, how many competitors are cheaper/more expensive …)


This eliminates the need to stop tracking price changes manually and automatically tracks every change. Alerts and notifications about every price change are then delivered. Through the dashboard and reporting feature, users receive summaries of competitors’ pricing and catalog updates.

Accounts can be easily set up within 3 simple steps. Users begin by adding their store URLs along with competitor websites. The bots will then find the associated information about the products and deliver them with neat visualizations.

With a single click, users can add the catalog while including support for platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. The extended functionalities include features like 100 products, third-party integrations, and unlimited alerts.

Suggestions are great and can significantly improve your average ticket/basket size but do not forget that the customer will first and foremost look at the price.


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