15 Best Soccer Game Apps for Android & iOS

Football is widespread all over the world, so it’s no wonder that in App Store and Google Play you can find quite a few games related to this kind of sport. In our today’s selection we’ve reviewed the best soccer game apps for Android & iOS. Try them all or choose the greatest one.

Enjoy more ways to play your favorite sports game with these best free kick soccer games.

FIFA Soccer

This is a FIFA World Cup simulator. The team is waiting for a strong captain in the updated version. You can assemble a team, choosing from more than fifteen thousand players or six hundred famous teams.

This is an official app, there is a permit and a license. Coach and player modes are available. With high-quality graphics, the atmosphere of a soccer match is conveyed. All duels are accompanied by soccer stars. There are online options.

The game contains original uniforms and emblems of athletes from more than thirty countries. Each has its own soccer star, which occurs in the app. The sounds are voluminous and realistic.

In Coach mode, it is necessary to build strategy and tactics. There is an autopilot mode to just watch what is happening on the soccer field. The platform contains advertisements.


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Football Strike: Online Soccer

Play together with your friends or build the career of a famous athlete. A virtual soccer player performs a full list of necessary movements.

The hero constantly takes part in sports matches. He travels around the world, earns medals, and always strives for the top of glory.

The gameplay is simple and dynamic, with full involvement. To score a goal and pass is enough for one movement.

The game is played on behalf of a member of one of the famous soccer teams. To take on the challenge of the professionals, you need to continuously improve the skills of your hero.

There is an author’s sportswear and creation of a personal emblem. High-quality graphics and surround sound will not let you get bored. The app is intuitive and easy to use. You can only play if you have access to the Internet.


Soccer Super Star

A game of soccer is now available on every phone. The app features dynamic soccer games and an exciting process. It is intuitively easy to use. You need to swipe your finger on the screen to kick the ball and score a goal.

As the level of the game grows, it gets harder to make shots. A solid strategy comes to the rescue. You have to learn how to build it.

The app gets a little more complicated, but it keeps the sport interesting. The concept of the game is well thought out in detail. It is possible to show personal tactics to build a career. High-quality graphics and surround sound provide full immersion in the game.

The platform works without the Internet. It is so well thought out that even the laws of physics are observed. Available weekly tournaments among users in real-time.


Soccer Manager – Football

More than twenty-five thousand players and ninety clubs from thirty countries are waiting to make up the team. You can not only be a player, but also a coach, and a manager! This capacity requires control of all aspects of the club.

You have to make a training plan and choose the initial team composition, beat other clubs with impeccable tactics, build a soccer stadium, control income, and attract new star players.

The app is constantly updated and new versions are released. After creating a team, you should come up with a coat of arms, a slogan, an emblem, and sports uniforms. Achievements and victories unlock new attributes.

For a successful game, it is recommended to take into account the orders of the management, the expectations of the fans, and the monetary funding of the club.


Super Goal – Soccer Stickman

To hit the ball, you need to draw a straight line. The direction of flight and ball movement depends on the user. To score a goal, you need to build tactics.

The game is available at any convenient location during the day. It is possible to use the Internet. You can hit the ball with different parts of the body: head, and feet, or catch it with the back.

The app has fewer restrictions than in classic soccer. Each match poses a challenge to collect coins and keys. These are designed to unlock new abilities of players and balls. High-quality graphics and voluminous sound will provide full immersion in the game.

The game has three-dimensional graphics. Some of the characters are controlled by artificial intelligence. There is a storyline. Costumes feature crazy styles and colors. You can change them according to your taste.


Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

In the game, you will be in charge of a soccer club. It will be necessary to control all processes: from recruiting a team of the best athletes to the construction of the stadium.

Withstanding the competition among other managers will be difficult, but quite possible through the right tactics. It depends on it to attract famous players at the auction.

High-quality three-dimensional graphics and surround sound will provide full immersion in the game. It is necessary not only to organize the work of the team but also to choose exercises for effective training.

When you achieve success it will be available to build a stadium that accommodates all the fans. Its design is also developed independently, as well as the team uniform with the emblem and flag.

It is possible to create a coalition of sports managers together with your friends and play against other users.


Football League

This game will give you an unforgettable experience thanks to high-quality graphics, easy controls, and voluminous sound. Each shot, pass and goal are the result of tactics and precise technique.

The user builds them independently, as well as the selection of teams. The pinnacle of success is the soccer champion. Fans will be happy with the new star.

You can play both with artificial intelligence and with friends. Excellent intuition, comprehension of each action, and accurate kicks will lead to victory. More than a hundred national teams and three hundred sports clubs are available to play.

To raise the level of the team, you need to constantly train it. The app is realistic and meets even the laws of physics. Several languages are available in the settings. It is possible to play outside the Internet.


Mini Football – Mobile Soccer

This game is intuitively simple and not boring. It does not require massive settings. You should start by recruiting a team of star players. Then come up with a training program to constantly raise their level.

The appearance of the team is not the least important: the range of emblems, jerseys, cleats, socks, and shorts. There are more than thirty ready-made sets of national team clothing.

The next step is to choose the ball. And finally, it’s time to give the team a name. At the competition, there is an opportunity to win a unique uniform and show your opponents.

You have to conquer five major stadiums, each of which is more prestigious than the previous ones. There is not a single repeating match.

The game is constantly updated. The title of world champion is close, you only need to make an effort.


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Soccer Stars: Football Kick

An app for simulating the game of soccer. It is intuitively easy to use. You can arrange soccer matches with other users. It is possible to play with a friend through one device without an Internet connection.

All ball movements meet the laws of physics. The composition of the team depends entirely on the wishes of the user. The higher your rating, the more soccer stars you can get at the auction.

Rating rises with daily training and victories in competitions. It is important to choose a team-appropriate appearance. The range includes cleats, socks, shorts, and jerseys. Flag and emblem design should reflect the mood of the team.

High-quality graphics surround sound and dynamic movements provide full immersion in the game. The title of world champion is not far off, just regular training is important.


Dream League Soccer

A soccer simulation game with high-quality graphics. Users have to create a strong team, choosing from four thousand players. All models of players are three-dimensional.

Matches are realistic, as thought-out to the details. For example, all games are commented on. To be at the top of the career ladder, you need to hone your skills at regular training sessions.

When you achieve certain successes you will be able to construct large-scale stadiums. Dynamic animation conveys the intense atmosphere of major matches.

Do not forget about the appearance of the team. It is necessary to adjust the appearance of each character, as well as choose a form and emblems. Users from the list of leaders are available for special prizes. For the title of world champion, you need to win ten cups.

Development requires not only sports personnel, but also medical and commercial, training halls and stadiums.


SOCCER Kicks – Stars Strike

This game is available for free to all users. Ahead of you will have many adventures with the soccer ball. You must create a stellar team of the best players.

First, it is necessary to choose the appearance and create an emblem and a flag. There are two modes of play: target and free. In either case, the team requires training and equipment upgrades.

The more achievements, the higher and more unique the rewards. There is a soccer store with balls and accessories. To get extra gifts, you have to spin the wheel of fortune. You can play with friends, other users, or artificial intelligence.

High-quality graphics and surround sound provide full immersion in the game. The more wins, the more opportunities. The title of world champion will be awarded to a team that trains regularly.


Soccer Cup: Football Game

The simulation game of soccer is available for free on your smartphone. Here you can become a world champion.

First, you need to assemble a team with the best characteristics. Then win matches and take a decent place in the overall ranking.

The more victories, the higher the league and the more valuable the awards. Manage your team simply by changing your squad. To track wins and losses you can use the tab stats.

There are four compulsory tasks to accomplish in each season. Without them, it is impossible to move to the next level. Every day also brings new five tasks. Once a year, all teams gather for the Cup.

The goal of each Cup is to be first among the thirty-two national teams. High-quality graphics, dynamic animations and surround sound create the impression of a second reality.

Full immersion in the game is guaranteed. To become a winner, you need to think in advance about attacking and passing tactics.


Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer

This is an interesting soccer game in online mode. You can fight with an opponent alone or convene teams. One match lasts ninety seconds. The name of the winner is announced only at the end of the game.

The more victories, the higher the league. Career mode involves regular training, improving skills, new accessories, and sports uniforms. Champions always stand out from the crowd.

125 characters are available for promotion. The size of their success is directly proportional to the number of stadiums they own. The higher the level, the more serious the rewards, as well as the risk of losing everything.

You can score goals with your head, and feet, or with the help of superpowers, choosing one of eighteen. A total of five leagues are available, each with fifteen tournaments.

New missions become available every day. Some bonuses can be purchased for money. You need an internet connection to play.


Score! Match – PvP Soccer

An online soccer game with a large number of users. It is possible to invite friends to the team and together move to victory. Make passes and score goals in your own style.

It is necessary to improve the skills of your players, make a conscious choice of tactics and according to it lead the course of the game.

The app is free to all users. It is intuitive and easy to use. High-quality graphics and surround sound provide full immersion in the game. On the way to victory, it is necessary to overcome many arenas.

The more victories, the wider the range of player types, game schemes, and soccer uniforms. To improve your results, you should train your players regularly.

The graphics are three-dimensional, the animations are dynamic, and the artificial intelligence will support any game. The main content is free and extra features is for a fee.

The game contains promotional offers. You need an Internet connection to use it.


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Fulbo Galaxy

A game of soccer in the Galactic League. A simple app without complicated rules. On average, the game lasts two minutes.

Its characters are diverse: zombies, aliens, and so on. They need to develop to the maximum level. Winning the match, you can buy players on the market for coins.

A detailed characterization of each character is available. To make your club recognizable it is necessary to think up a bright name, create an emblem, and a suitable sports uniform.

The game has many stadiums and training grounds. They are designed for five, eight, or eleven players. The game is constantly updated, and new locations are added.

To receive unique prizes, you need to be in the lead in the rankings. This is facilitated by participation in weekly tournaments.

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