15 Best Soccer game apps for Android & iOS

Football is very popular all over the world, so it’s no wonder that in App Store and Google Play you can find quite a few games related to this kind of sport. In our today’s selection – 15 best soccer game apps for iPhone and Android.


Electronic Ats made fans happy with the new part of the football simulator – FIFA 16, this time the engine was updated and the management was reworked, new features were added in the form of changing and selling players, as well as the “simulation” mode for a quick match.
Along with the updated engine, the game was improved significantly in terms of graphics, but with it, the game became more demanding on the resources of the device. The whole interface, even management, everything is sharpened under the tablets, but on smartphones, the game pleases very simple and responsive control. By the way, you can connect the gamepad and fully enjoy the game!

In the game you, you have to be both a player and a manager at the same time, choosing a club to taste you can “customize” it to your taste, change the players or their arrangement taking into account their “skill”. The game modes are tightly related to the career mode, so all games are related to tournaments and ratings. Particularly pleasing is the online mode that selects players about the same level.
Each part of Fifa pleases with an excellent set of music, the mobile FIFA 16 is not an exception: high-quality contemporary music of various genres, successfully assembled into one collection. A powerful howl of fans in combination with the voice of the commentator creates a true football atmosphere!
FIFA 16 – is a quality football simulator, with an online mode and very simple control. Even if you are not a fan of sports games, FIFA 16 can be a very unexpected and pleasant exception.

Android version

Dream League Soccer 2017

Dream League Soccer – is a quality football simulator with realistic physics and an exciting gameplay.

Gameplay and control
The game is positioned as an alternative to Fifa 16, while it does not have a license and all the teams, and the players will be unknown to the user, in any case, this does not make the game not interesting. Of course, the first thing we need to do is create our own team, indicating the main player who will be the coach and starting his hard climbing path in the table of the chosen league.

All the manipulations with the team takes place in the main menu of the game, here you can view the statistics of played matches, change the placement of players on the field, conduct transfer purchases and sales, if, of course, there is enough money, and do training and move on to the next match.

Before the match, you will always see your own squad, the number of players with warnings and set goals, for which you will be rewarded with additional coins. The match itself does not last very long, and you cannot set the time, unfortunately. Classic greeting, team composition and whistle signaling the beginning of the match.

Immediately it is worth to say that in the game all the rules are absolutely observed: penalties, angular, outs, offsides and the like. To manage the team is simple: at our disposal, there can be any player, you need to switch between them with the button. Well, moving around the field, we will be with a standard virtual joystick.

Graphics and music
Visually, the game cannot be compared with the latest version of Fifa 16, but the graphics are on an average level, the players move quite realistically, and the goalkeeper tries to fend off every blow of the opponent. With music, everything is very good, however, as well as comments during the match.
Dream League Soccer – is a good simulator, which in some moments can replace Fifa.

Android version

 Soccer Physics

This is a game for football fans.
Soccer Physics – is simple, but at the same time funny and interesting football with cool management – just one button! Score goals simply and accurately. Press the button and punch! Play with a friend on one device – for everyone, there’s one button! Incredible physics, random game modes, shape and appearance of your team! In addition, you can record your winning goal and watch the video again and again!

Soccer simulator on your device has a primitive and easy graphics, but quite convenient control, extraordinary physics. The entertaining and crazy game is a well-designed interpretation of a semi-professional football simulator with mini teams of two people.

  1. Three modes for a fun, humorous game.
  2. Uncommon acrobatic movements of players.
  3. Primitive graphics without the load on the smartphone processor.

Familiarize the game modes of Soccer Physics after installation and first run on the phone or on a tablet. Do not be afraid of weak graphics and a somewhat primitive process. In fact, an entertaining “toy” that simulates the management of a small team of amateur footballers has its own peculiarities, raisins, subtleties. Uncover the details through the installation of the simulator on the phone, take a few seconds of time to load with a future installation.

Score! Hero

Score! Hero – become the most successful young football player, having passed the way from the youth football school to the captain of the national team!
Who of the boys did not dream of becoming a great footballer and repeat the achievements of their idols or even surpass them? This game is able to transfer this fantasy into reality, even if virtual.

In the Score! Hero you are given the opportunity to participate in the most important moments of football matches, directly affecting their result. To do this, we must assess the situation, calculate all the options and start scoring the ball. All that’s required is to swipe your finger across the screen in the direction that the ball should go. It’s easy to learn, but it’s hard to become a master, so get ready to spend hours trying to play a draw of the next scoring chances.
In order that we do not have to be bored, the game has a pretty good story based on the ascent to Olympus of a young football player. To achieve the goal, we have 14 seasons with 20 games each, which is more than enough for a full enjoyment of the game. Our protegee will move from club to club, win a place in the main lineup and even improve his image.
In technical terms, Score! Hero is perfect. Commentators conduct the match, the broadcast directors choose the best perspectives for repetition, the stadium roars with delight, sports journalists print the covers of the publications with our protegee and all this in excellent graphics and excellent sound accompaniment. The only thing that adds a fly in the ointment is the energy that ends very quickly, and without it, it is impossible to continue the game. But this is not a problem if your device has Root access rights and Lucky Patcher is installed.
Score! Hero – the best game in the genre of sports puzzles, and therefore is recommended to all fans of not only football but also really high-quality games.

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Puppet Soccer 2014

If you are tired of classic football games, then the game Puppet Soccer 2014 will change your idea about football: in the match will participate not 11 players as it is accepted, but only one from each team. One of the rules remained unchanged – this is the total duration of the match – 90 minutes.
Before the start of the match, you need to decide for which country you will perform, there are more than 30 countries available, after you need to choose the character for which you will act: there are both real players and fictitious and even high-ranking personalities like President V.V. Putin.

The management in the Puppet Soccer 2014 is simple, you can move forward, backward. Jump and hit the ball. Since this is a special football, you can use the “black receivers”: ice, chewing gum, reducing the ball and other tricks.
For every scored goal, you will be credited with money, for which you can improve the force of the kick, the speed of movement and discover new characters. So, you can make free purchases with Freedom.

IOS version Android version

Just Soccer

According to the developers, they tried to make an analog Soccer Physics, but only completely free.
So, at our disposal, will be a football field, as well as two gates and two football teams – in blue and red forms. Here you will not see 22 players, as in the classic football simulator, and so at your disposal there will be only two players from each team. The goal of the game remained the same – to score as many goals as possible. The game continues until you score five goals in the opponent’s goal. Control of the game is carried out with simple clicks on the display.

Despite what is happening on the screen, the game turned out to be quite fun and funny. But it is difficult to call it football. Our so-called players almost the whole game will crowd in one place or chaotic jump, thus not bringing any result and useful actions. In addition, players will fall very often. As a result, in order to score the ball into the goal, you need to do anything you like since the ball will get there only thanks to the case.

Yes, there is no physics in the game, but in practice, the game proved to be interesting and fascinating. The game process turned out to be uncontrollable, which means that we will never know what the next match will end. There was a share of humor: you can play soccer in the winter, knee-deep in snow, and play with an ordinary bottle or a rugby ball. Graphically, the same game does not differ from most pixel projects.
Of course, Just Soccer cannot be called the best arcade or football simulator, but the feeling and mood from the game are only positive. Everything looks funny and interesting, and if you need to pass a couple of minutes of free time, then the game will do its job well.

Perfect Kick

We introduce the world’s first sports simulator of football penalties, with the ability to compete with friends from around the world in a multi-user mode. Improve your players and bring them to champion titles and medals.
What did the developers of Gamegou Limited prepare for us? Undoubtedly, beautiful 3D graphics amaze in the first place comical characters and stylish stadiums.

Management is very good, now you need to take into account not only the angles but every point of your gate. Each bend of your finger on the screen will clearly change the trajectory of the ball, or jump the goalkeeper. To more diversify the game, three modes were added radically different from each other. For example, you can compete for the Champions League Cup, or get the title of Superstar, and of course, try your luck in the tournament with the players from around the globe.

Pleasant three-dimensional models of players filled stands and good animation make the game one of the best in its genre. Fervent music, screaming stands and sounds from hitting the ball on the bar – something that makes the game interesting and does not let us get bored.

All lovers of football should try this application, especially in it, there is the possibility of offline battles.

IOS version Android version

Stickman Soccer 2014

Stickman Soccer 2014 – is quite an interesting football simulator for smartphones and tablets, in which the player will play for his favorite character – Stickman. In the game, we have an extremely convenient and simple control, as well as a good graphics, which was simplified along with physics for a more comfortable passage of the game.
The game is performed in a two-dimensional version with a fairly simple design of locations and characters that differ only in the color of the form. In other respects, the game has nothing special and exciting that could attract the user for a long time. But if you love football and want to play for Stickman, then go ahead, choose the team and go to the football field.
In the game, the developers have prepared for us several game modes, from the choice of which will depend on the type of site on which the football battles will occur. So, we can play beach football, mini football and classic big football on the usual green field. In addition, if you have the desire and time, you can test your strength and take part in club light tournaments, as well as play a friendly match by choosing one of the four difficulty levels.

The gameplay in the game is extremely simple, we get the ball, give the pass and when we come to the gate we put our shattering blow. But do not forget about defense, because the opponent is not asleep and can make a counterattack.
You can manage your team using a virtual joystick that controls the movement of the player in four directions, as well as individual keys for passing and hitting the goal. Depending on the situation, the keys change to select the ball and change the player, which in practice turned out to be very convenient.
The game Stickman Soccer 2014 is distributed free of charge and for this, the players have to pay for advertising and available in-house purchases, which in no way affect the gameplay. Unfortunately, the banner cannot be disabled, so it will haunt you throughout the game. In general, the game can be called a decent simplified football arcade, in which you can spend your time and play your favorite sport.

IOS version

Head Soccer

Head Soccer is a two-dimensional, light-hearted football simulator with a side view, where the big-headed players are invited to find out whose skills are better. This game is the official application of competitions among the teams of the Spanish Football League.
A distinctive feature of Head Soccer, which will allow you to recognize it among many games of this kind, is that all the players in it have disproportionately large heads, while they look grotesque and in the pressure can make special super strokes with their big head, scoring goals and sending opponents into the goal after the ball.

In a separate tab in Head Soccer, you can create your own football player by choosing a bizarre shape of the head, nose, and mouth, add hair or even a beard, and give him a name and choose the team for which he will play. By the way, the teams are exclusively from the Spanish League: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Atletico, Villarreal, and others. Here for playing money you can improve your character speed, jump, kick and super abilities.
To play Head Soccer is possible at the level of friendly matches, League of BBVA, cups and other world tournaments. In this game, one mode is PvE mode. The management is simple: moving players left and right, kicking, leaping and super-blow. Despite the fact that management is simple, in order to win you will need to work hard. Make sure that the ball does not appear behind your character’s back because in this game, own goals are common!
Head Soccer is able to please fans of football, as well as fans of simple gameplay and sports games.

  1. 49 different heroes.
  2. 5 game modes.
  3. Multiplayer via Google Play Service.
  4. Excellent physics.
  5. Additional bonuses.

IOS version Android version


Pro Evolution Soccer – one of the not many games that does not need advertising. The developers presented the next sequel to a series of football games. In the game, you are waiting for improved graphics, beautiful animation, updated lists of players and the latest teams. The matches in the game became more entertaining and interesting. Even at light levels of difficulty, a player cannot bypass the opposing team as standing chips by one player and score a goal. The developers also pleased the players with more vivid emotions of the players when scoring a goal.

This time the players are waiting for pleasant updates and new features. All this will help make the game process diverse, interesting, dynamic and unforgettable. Moreover, as far as physics is concerned, this part has surpassed all expectations. The same goes for graphics.

As mentioned above, the physics in the game application is at a very high level. This time all the players move more freely. It is known that in the previous parts, their movements were limited to an angle of 45 degrees. Changes affected the weather. In the rainy weather, the technique of football players suffers greatly, and at high temperatures, the endurance indicators are falling. The ball in the process also looks very realistic.

In the previous parts, many players did not like the implementation of the penalty shootout mode, because it turned out to be very primitive, due to the presence of only three directions of a kick. In this part, this point has been corrected and now, both the football player and the goalkeeper, have gained more opportunity to attack and reflect it accordingly. Graphics of Pro Evolution Soccer 17 is at an incredibly high level. In this regard, the developers really tried to achieve almost the maximum possible result.

Game objects can boast of excellent drawing to the smallest details. This also applies to the facial expressions of the characters, their emotions, the fans themselves, the lawn and so on. Also, the developers paid special attention to the physics of the ball. Now it displays any deformations due to physical interactions with the environment.

We can talk about this game for a long time, but it’s much easier to download it and see all the advantages with your own eyes.

IOS version Android version

FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile Football – is a football simulator from the talented developers from the company EA, will please all fans of this sport. Choose one of the football clubs, which in the application of more than six hundred and fifty, and lead him to an unconditional victory over all rivals and competitors. As a team captain, you should try to make a single organism out of it, build different concepts for the upcoming games, do homework and train personnel.

Download FIFA Mobile Football and select experienced players or promising young talents in the team, trying to make it invincible and effective. This will help you an extensive system of various improvements and skills for your players, which you can open for earned experience points. Develop all possible characteristics of players, buy or rent strong players, widely using the system of transfers.

The application has several game modes: for example, you can choose “Attacking Football”, where you will beat on the gate of a virtual opponent, or online battles, where you will meet real users. Matches will last until either you or your opponent does not score three points, after which a victory is awarded. The game has a global table that displays the personal rating of top players and leaders. Realize the full potential of the team, using the accumulated range of opportunities.
The graphic entourage of the application is impressive with an excellent picture, high-quality rendering and an abundance of various details. The management is responsive and implemented using a virtual joystick with buttons and swipes with tapes.

IOS version Android version

Slide Soccer

Slide Soccer – is an exciting table football with numerous game modes including a multiplayer. With the first minutes, Slide Soccer immerses in its game atmosphere from which it is not so easy to get out.
You have a choice of more than 50 most famous football clubs. The gameplay is very original, and not similar to any other. Actions take place step by step, you hit the ball, after the opponent, etc. While the ball does not fly into someone’s gate.

The most interesting thing is that in Slide Soccer you can play on the network with real people, participate in online championships. But if you do not have a constant access to the Internet, then you can play a match with a friend via Bluetooth.
The management in the game is intuitive, and simple, for the game it is enough to have two fingers.

IOS version Android version

Soccer Runner: Football rush

Soccer Runner: Football rush is an exciting game, which is sure to please all fans of the most real street football. Destroy all the obstacles in your path, slip, jump and dodge because only so you can not let your grumpy neighbor catch yourself.

Conduct a little boy named Mark on the city streets and help him keep his faithful ball – jump over the high fences, break the urns and barricades, dodge the collision with the trucks and scoring as many goals in this never-ending soccer race. And, of course, do not forget to collect coins because the more they will be, the more worthy reward you will get and will be able to beat all conceivable and unthinkable records. In the game, about 20 of the best runners in the world are available, with the help of which you will punch goals to the famous goalkeepers.
Collecting coins, you can open 4 new characters, change them and improve. In total, in the game, you are waiting for more than 120 unique levels in 40 of which you have the opportunity to win cups and special awards.
In the game, you are waiting for three scenarios for the development of the plot, which will unfold depending on the environment – a football stadium, parking or a city.


Real Football

Real Football – is a sports simulator. Play football as you see it. Create an unbeatable team at the best stadium.
Real Football offers many opportunities. Gather the best team of world players, improve their characteristics, to make people invincible force.
Build your own town, where everything is there so that football players are always in good shape with a healthy spirit and in a better mood. Improve buildings, see how things get better.
Real Football offers stunning graphics. Fine detailing, attention to detail with low performance cannot but please. Fans of football just will be delighted.

Android version

Striker Soccer America

Striker Soccer America is a sports game, which will transfer to the virtual fields of America!

The gameplay adheres to the humorous concept of the 44th draw of the America’s Cup in Chile. The player has 12 teams that take part in the official competition, as well as 6 invited teams. Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, USA, Costa Rica – any team is worthy of being on top! You can manifest yourself in 4 exciting game modes, which, one way or another, have to do with hot American football. Start with ordinary friendly matches or immediately make the team the champion of the America’s Cup. You decide!

The format and calendar are as close as possible to the competition in Chile, so the struggle for getting out of the group is serious. In addition, there is a mixed kind of challenges in which a team is created. But that’s not all! The official matches here are presented in the form of online events with excellent prizes. Gold coins and reinforcement cards have a big impact on the form of virtual soccer players. Striker Soccer America 2015 is distributed free of charge, but contains in-game purchases that remove restrictions from the database editor and also replenish the treasury with ringing coins.

The management of a team of players is adapted for touch screen displays of devices. The standard setting involves a virtual joystick to move, as well as several miniature keys that are responsible for the shots on the goal and accurate passes. Children’s tuning is reduced to the fact that the player only needs to give out action orders, and all movements of virtual players become automatic.

The sports game for android has a bright three-dimensional graphics and funny animation. All players look like plasticine dolls, which not only plastic control the ball, but also rush into hard tackles. Officially licensed players are not provided here, but in slightly changed names one can always recognize Lionel Messi or Alexis Sanchez.
Attacking American football 2015 is a nice sports arcade, which will appeal to adults and children.

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