7 Best Resistance Band Training Apps for Android and iOS

Are you tired of never-ending sitting beside the computer screen, loads of day-to-day dealings, and lack of sports activity? Do you want to pump up your body and to get rid of excruciating backache? Do resistance band training at home.

Resistance band training doesn’t imply the use of expensive and heavy exercise machines, only resistance bands of diverse kinds chosen according to your preferences and purposes. This kind of sport includes not only aerobic but also strength training. So, you will lose weight and gain muscle tone without draining exercises with a heavyweight in a gym. Power bands are also strongly recommended by physicians and widely used in rehabilitation programs to improve the work of the motor system and posture. The only thing you should know is the exercise technique, as in any other kind of sport.

This article will present 7 best apps for Android & iOS that will quickly upgrade your knowledge about resistance band training, possible variations of exercises for different muscle groups.

Resistance Bands Workouts by Fitify

Resistance-Bands-Workouts-by-Fitify Resistance bands workouts by Fitify is a coaching app that provides 4 workout programs targeting different parts of the body. Each motion is accompanied by clear video demonstrations.

This app has an easy-to-navigate interface with customized functions that adapt any program to your level. If you are not satisfied with given workout sessions, you can follow your own program. To make it, you should group your favorite exercises and set the duration of the rest and exercises.

What makes it special is that it may be used in offline mode as well. So, should you go to the village or far from the city you will always have access to your training app.

Resistance-Bands-Workouts-by-Fitify-interface      Resistance-Bands-Workouts-by-Fitify-training

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance-Band-Exercises A convenient app, called Resistance Band Exercises, possesses an outstanding range of free workouts divided into groups according to targeted muscles. This app covers several kinds of resistance bands: loop bands, tube resistance bands. That is why this app will surely help you to select exercises performed with the tool you have.

While training you don’t need to always control the time, the app will do it for you – the voice coach will signify the beginning and the ending of a set.

The system also counts the overall time, the number of workouts, and calories; thus, it is easy to monitor your progress. However, even providing perfectly formed programs, this app lacks free customized features and has some pay functions.

Resistance Band Exercises Interface     Resistance Band Exercises Training

Resistance Band Workout Challenge – Strength

Resistance Band Workout Challenge - Strength To stay fit at home, you can also try Resistance Band Workout Challenge. This app has a concise, but a quite useful array of exercises shown in illustrative pictures. You can select them in settings and choose a specific time period for each of them basing on your feelings and priorities.

You can also track your training progress and control the total time spent on sport during the last 7 days using the automatic calendar which graphically demonstrates your workouts. So, you get a kind of an incentive in competing with your previous results to improve your current performance in time and difficulty.

At the end of each training session, you may share your performance with your friends on any social network.

Resistance Band Workout Challenge - Strength_Interface

Virtual Trainer ResistanceBand

Virtual-Trainer-ResistanceBandVirtual Trainer ResistanceBand is here to replace your personal trainer and help you to achieve the best results in bodybuilding. This customized platform contains 23 different exercises; each of them is presented in HD video.

You are to draw up your own programs to pave the way to your perfect body. Is it going to be for the upper body or your legs? It is you who will make a decision.

If you are a professional, you will admire the timer that supports different workout programs: Tabata, HIIT, and Circuit training. Play with all customized features to build up your unique challenge for the next day or ask to do it for you in another app mentioned in our article random workout generator apps.


luwal: Resistance band workout

Luwal logoLuwal is an app to help you lose weight or gain muscle mass. This program represents certain workouts for your body. Exercises can be done with special bands that create resistance.

The program has many functions. You will track your weight, watch for proper exercise techniques. Also, the program is convenient because you do not need to go anywhere in a certain place and time. It is enough to take your mobile device and a good mood. Exercise wherever you want and be sure to change into sportswear.

Moreover, you will not be able to buy extra items for training on the type of rollers, expanders, enough to do a certain gymnastics. It will replace all exercises with objects, the main thing is the correct execution technique. To all of the above, you will be able to choose a workout from the eight offered.

You will be able to save your favorite exercises if you wish and then perform them. There is also music for the exercises. It is worth noting that you only need to have resistance bands for effective exercise. This app pleases users with its accessible interface and an interesting set of exercises that are not difficult at all. Download the app and enjoy the exercises.

Luwal screen 1 Luwal screen 2

Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts

Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts If sport is an essential part of your healthy lifestyle, you should try Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts where you will find not only exercises combined into logically built programs for different parts of your body, but also a nutritional plan to stick to. To take your eating habits under full control you should check our article about calorie counter apps.

While exercising you will have a timer set for you in the app. The task is followed by an explanatory video to prevent possible mistakes.

In the main menu, you can find some additional useful hints and tips about how to power up your body and get rid of fat to increase the profit.

Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts_Start     Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts_Interface     Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts_Training

Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band WorkoutIf you can fairly make yourself doing sport regularly (if not find your incentive in our article apps that pay you to exercise), but need a theoretical backing you should have a look at Resistance Band Workout. This app is aimed at a precise explanation of the theoretic part of diverse types of exercises performed with different kinds of resistance and stretch bands.

The theory is very well structured and divided into crucial points to make it more readable. Each piece of content attributed to a certain exercise is featured with photos for better understanding.

Such an informative platform will be especially good for those who have to undergo a rehabilitation program because the app describes the importance of each exercise.

The app is pretty simple and maybe preferably used as a supplementary guide to some more sophisticated apps like those mentioned in the article about butt workout apps. It includes only basic things, but it is enough even for an intermediate level.

Resistance Band Workout_Interface      Resistance Band Workout_Training

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