5 Best Road Maintenance Simulators for Android & iOS

All kinds of road and vehicle games are trending right now. There must be some reason why they are so addictive. In the following article about the best road maintenance simulators, we are going to find out the reason.

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City Road Construction Game 3D

The main idea of this game revolves around building a city road. Bulldozers, cranes, excavators, loaders – you can have any machines you want.

Main features:

  • Realistic setting: many terrains, weather patterns, and landscapes
  • There are numerous construction projects to finish, including constructing roads, bridges, and buildings
  • The game offers entertaining gaming at various levels of difficulty.
  • The game’s graphics are impressive, with careful attention paid to the design of the area and the construction machinery.

The game’s overall goal is to replicate the formation and growth of a city, with the player in charge of doing major infrastructure projects like roads. With numerous building tools and methods, the player must perform a variety of jobs.

The player chooses the building assignment they wish to finish at the beginning of the game before selecting the necessary tools. After that, the player must use the tools to finish the building project. When the construction project is successfully finished, the game is won.

Though I noticed the game has crashes and glitches, its developers routinely update it to improve performance and address any problems. For those interested in simulation and building games, Cirty Road is generally an excellent option.

City Road Construction Game 3D1

Highway Road Construction Game

You wanted a game where you have to maintain the road – you got it.

Main features:

  • Variety of stages with varied degrees of difficulty
  • Accurate construction toolsDemanding gameplay

Building and repairing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure requires players to employ bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy equipment.

Highway Road Construction Game’s overarching concept and plot center around running a construction site and finishing various construction tasks.

In order to finish jobs on schedule and within their allotted budgets, you must employ strategic thinking and your construction abilities. The game’s qualitative experience is enhanced by realistic and detailed graphics.

Highway Road Building Game’s tough gameplay necessitates the utilization of players’ problem-solving abilities to finish construction jobs. To finish projects on schedule, players must trek through difficult terrain and overcome obstacles.

A range of construction tools is also included in the game, which players must employ wisely to finish tasks quickly.

Highway Road Building Games is a fun game overall, however, there are certain challenges that players could run across. For instance, gamers may occasionally experience slowness or problems. The game also has ads.

Highway Road Construction Game1

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City Construction Road Builder

In the simulation game City Construction Road Builder you will be in charge of a road construction facility.

Main features:

  • Realistic building tools
  • Range of construction projects
  • Hard gameplay

Building and repairing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure requires the employment of bulldozers, excavators, and other machines. Several stages with differing degrees of difficulty are also included in the game.

Managing a construction site and completing numerous construction projects are the main concepts and plots of the game. Gamers must navigate through difficult terrain and overcome obstacles while using their construction abilities to finish assignments on schedule and within budget.

City Construction Road Builder gameplay is quite difficult for an average user. The game has a range of construction tasks, for example, tunnel construction, road repair, or bridge construction.

And here you basically face the same drawbacks as in the previous game – lots of ads. It can be removed by purchasing the premium version though.

City Construction Road Builder1

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Road Builder Construction

And once again we have excavators, bulldozers, and cranes to build and expand the road network. This is an older game and it has a little weaker graphics than the previous ones, but it has its own elements which are quite unique in the genre.

The central concept and plot of the game center on the player’s task of creating a network of roads and highways in difficult off-road terrain.

Designing and constructing roads, bridges, tunnels, and other transportation infrastructure that can resist challenging terrain and natural impediments is the player’s aim. The gameplay is made more intricate by the game’s various stages, each of which has its own set of various tests.

The game’s gameplay features a realistic simulation of large machinery and equipment that the player can operate with the use of quite simple controls.

It’s an open-world setting, which lets players explore and build as they like. In addition, the game provides a range of diverse building terrains, such as mountains, valleys, and rivers so you won’t get bored. But keep in mind that the controls of the game might be challenging to learn, especially for new players.

Road Builder Construction 20181

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Asphalt Paver: Airport Roads

It is a more simple game, but I paid attention to it because it’s a one-of-a-kind thing. Even though it’s a little weird.

Main features:

  • Realistic physics-based simulation
  • Large selection of construction equipment
  • Different game modes
  • 3D graphics with an intricate landscape

The player has a variety of game types to choose from: free mode, time trial, and career mode. You can take on many building projects, carry out numerous chores, and earn money to unlock new equipment in the career mode.

Here you start with a simple machine and use the money earned from chores to unlock more complex machinery. The game contains a tutorial option that walks the player through each machine’s controls if needed.

In order to move, steer, and operate the machinery to carry out tasks like paving a road or removing barriers, players must use the on-screen buttons to manage the machine during gameplay. I would recommend you not to skip those tutorials because the controls of the game are quite… specific.

All in all, this is the last but not least game on this list and it’s definitely remarkable for its idea and variety of challenges.

Asphalt Paver: Airport Roads1
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