7 Best Rock Paper Scissors Apps for Android & iOS

Rock Paper Scissor – a classic popular game that you know from childhood. Nobody knows who was the original inventor of this game, but all people actively use it or have played before.

You can use it to resolve disputes, conflicts, or just kill time sitting with a friend. Many athletes draw lots in this way, finding out by luck who will go first. You can use 11 Best Random Generator Apps for Android & iOS for tasks like this.

Since we live in a modern world, where you can find applications with any game, special services have also been developed for Rock Paper Scissor. As you could guess, we are going to tell you about them.

First, we decided to remind you what principle determines the victory of the player. “Stone” is a clenched fist, “paper” is an extended palm, “scissors” is two fingers. The stone wins the scissors, the scissors cut the paper, and the paper covers the stone. Now that you remember the simple rules, we suggest you learn 7 Best Rock Paper Scissors Apps for Android & iOS.

Rock, Paper, Scissor by PLAYTOUCH

Rock, Paper, Scissor by PLAYTOUCHWhen you play Rock, Paper, Scissor, you must always anticipate what kind of figure will show your opponent. Agree, in any game where luck plays a decisive role, there is a little logic and the ability to guess the course in advance.

In Rock, Paper, Scissor everything is absolutely the same! This game will allow you to solve real problems or just have fun, randomly choosing figures.

Rock, Paper, Scissor is a set of different levels, in the process of passing which you will fight with artificial intelligence. In total there are more than a hundred levels, each of which you can pass with a maximum result of 3 stars.

We think you understand that 3 stars are 3 wins out of 3 possible in one round. Try your hand and see if you can defeat artificial intelligence in such a simple game of luck.

Rock, Paper, Scissor by PLAYTOUCH1 Rock, Paper, Scissor by PLAYTOUCH2


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Scissors Rock Paper 3D by An Nguyen

Scissors Rock Paper 3D by An NguyenLooking for pictures and an interesting interface in games, you may enjoy Scissors Rock Paper 3D. The game is fully implemented in old children’s entertainment, which is stylized for the real hands of you and your friend.

You will be able to acquaint your child with the game of your childhood in the format that will be more familiar and convenient for him – on the smartphone screen.

Scissors Rock Paper 3D is a simple fight between two players. During your move on the screen, there will be 3 possible options to choose from – stone, scissors, or paper.

The time of decision making is limited and the timer is shown on the screen during the game. You and your opponent in Scissors Rock Paper 3D will have time to make a decision – everything else will depend on your luck and the choice of your opponent.

Scissors Rock Paper 3D by An Nguyen1 Scissors Rock Paper 3D by An Nguyen2


Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight by Little Snail

Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight by Little SnailYou can win with one-touch – especially if you play Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight. This is a free and fun game, with which you were already familiar before and accurately played as a child.

Your victory depends on your luck and intuition – will you be able to guess what exactly will show your opponent in the next moment? If you are confident in yourself, then you can safely download Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight.

As in real life, the game is implemented as a confrontation between two players. You will need to choose an opponent, and then the game starts with yourself.

You will also need to choose a certain sign, which you will show – a stone, scissors or paper. Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight allows confrontation between 2 real players, and against artificial intelligence – it is up to you.

Rock Paper Scissors Epic Fight by Little Snail


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Rock Paper Scissor Battle Challenge

Rock Paper Scissor Battle ChallengeToday’s generation is inseparable from smartphones and it is not unusual. Now you can install on your device an advanced and modern version of the classic game while gaining an amazing gaming experience.

Rock Paper Scissor Battle Challenge will be a pleasant game for those people who used to like to compete with their friends without any particular purpose.

Nostalgia for childhood will become pleasant and accessible for you after installation of the Rock Paper Scissor Battle Challenge. Two players will fight each other in an exciting game while performing simple actions.

Rock Paper Scissor Battle Challenge has funny graphics, which is similar to a cartoon and can even immerse you in its atmosphere. In the game you can arrange a battle, for example, on the beach – you just need to choose a certain background and interface.

Rock Paper Scissor Battle Challenge1


RPSLS – Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

RPSLS - Rock Paper Scissors Lizard SpockFans of the series ” The Big Bang Theory” have a special relationship to the game Stone Paper Scissors. You know exactly how you can solve any disputes – thanks to RPSLS.

This game is based on the classic version, as well as under the influence of the cult series of our time. So if you really are a fan or just want to kill time with a simple game, then RPSLS is a great option.

Perhaps, you have heard that the players you know most often play in a draw. This is due to the fact that the classic version of the game has only 3 options. RPSLS has more advanced features – so you will solve any dispute or problem much faster.

To the classic rules of Rock Scissors Paper here are added Spock and Lizard. More details about the new actions you can find in the game itself – the developers have tried to make you immediately and quickly understand the new nuances.

RPSLS - Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock1


Rock Paper Scissors by Guillaume Desbieys

Rock Paper Scissors by Guillaume DesbieysSuch a simple game like Rock Paper Scissors simply can not have a too complex interface or incredible graphics.

This game has simplified as much as possible all visual parts of the application – on a simple dark screen, you will see the figures and a few more basic details. Your opponent will see all the same – so that in the process of a simple interface will not distract you from the decisions.

In Rock Paper Scissors you will be able to play both with your friends over the Internet, and with a computer that will be a smarter and more cunning opponent. You can invite anyone to the game – he just needs to install it on your smartphone.

It should be noted that Rock Paper Scissors is small in size and practically does not take up space in memory. Perhaps for someone, it will be another plus.

Rock Paper Scissors by Guillaume Desbieys1 Rock Paper Scissors by Guillaume Desbieys2


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Rock Paper Scissors – RPS game: fantasy arcade

Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game fantasy arcadeNot all versions of the classic game are simple and harmless. We want to tell you about Rock Paper Scissors – the combat version, in which you will actually fight the enemies.

However, your weapon will be not swords, crossbows, and pistols, but your hand and fingers. In fact, you will be able to high five your enemies, literally using only your palm.

You will fight in Rock Paper Scissors with different fantasy creatures. Orcs, robots, witches, knights, and even wizards can fight against you. In this case, you have the opportunity to win with just one click with the bonus “kill them all”!

In the process of all games, you will be accompanied by excellent thematic music, and all your victories will be recorded in the overall rating table. Will you be able to be the best in Rock Paper Scissors?

Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game fantasy arcade1 Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game fantasy arcade2


It is amazing that even the most simple and seemingly stupid games can also find options for smartphones. With your friends, you can make decisions even from a distance, playing Rock Paper Scissors with your smartphones.

Luck will determine where you go to have fun, what chips will choose, and much more that can be solved with a simple answer. It seems that installing such a game can be a stupid idea – but in fact, you just will find another way to have fun.

So if you would like to have a tool that will help you resolve any dispute – just install one of the Best Rock Paper Scissors Apps on your device and enjoy it.

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