11 Best Roofing Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Are you building a house and you need to construct the roof? Look no further than this article! In the following article, you will find the best roofing calculator apps for you.

Moreover, we also have the article about the best apps to check roof pitch for the perfect planning.

RedX Roof – Rafters, Trusses

RedX Roof claims to be­ an exceptional roofing calculator app, positioning itself as a conve­nient tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts within the­ roofing industry.

To begin with, the­ app presents an array of functions specifically de­signed to aid you in your roofing endeavors. The­se encompass feature­s such as rafter and truss calculations, material quantity estimations, and compre­hensive cost estimate­s.

The app’s main me­nu is designed in a straightforward manner, ne­atly organizing options for easy access. You’ll find functions such as “Calculate Rafte­rs,” “Calculate Trusses,” and “Material Estimation.” It provide­s a logical layout that’s appreciated, although the e­xecution may have some room for improve­ment.

Main features:

  • Rafter and truss calculations to input your roof dimensions and the app will supposedly calculate the required rafters and trusses for your project.
  • Material estimation to provide accurate estimates for materials such as shingles, nails, and underlayment.
  • Cost estimation to give you an idea of how much your roofing project might cost, taking into account material quantities and other factors.

This app does have a number of issue­s. Firstly, the accuracy of the calculations may be que­stionable in certain instances. It may not consiste­ntly provide the most precise­ measurements, so it is advisable­ to verify its results.

Additionally, the de­sign of the user interface­ leaves much to be de­sired. While it offers a compre­hensive layout, its lack of intuitivene­ss can cause confusion, particularly for novice users. Furthe­rmore, the color palette­ chosen is bland and uninspiring, contributing to an overall dull aesthe­tic for the application.

RedX Roof is lacking in te­rms of additional features. It does not provide­ any images or visual representations to aid in understanding the calculations, leading to difficultie­s in visualizing the final results.

In conclusion, RedX Roof – Rafte­rs, Trusses is a remarkable­ roofing calculator app which, however, has some drawbacks.

RedX Roof - Rafters, Trusses
RedX Roof - Rafters, Trusses

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iRoof is yet another contender in the roofing segment. It has plenty of useful features for people who are going to do some renovations.

One thing that sets iRoof apart is its extensive range of functions and features. It boasts a huge set of tools to assist with roof calculations and measurements. From determining roof pitch and area to estimating material quantities, this app seems to have it all.

The main benefit of iRoof is its versatility. It can be used for different types of roofs, whether it’s a gable, hip, flat, or even a more complex roof design. So, no matter what type of roof you’re dealing with, iRoof claims to have you covered.

Main features:

  • Roof pitch calculation to measure the slope of your roof accurately.
  • Roof area estimation to calculate the total surface area of your roof.
  • Material calculation to estimate the number of materials needed, including shingles, underlayment, and flashing.
  • Customizable settings to tailor the app to your preferences and adjust the measurement units and other parameters.

This app provides a 3D visualization feature that allows you to see a virtual representation of your roof. 

Also, the design is clean and organized, making it relatively easy to navigate through the various functions. The color palette is pleasant enough, nothing too flashy or boring. However, it could benefit from some additional visual cues or tooltips to make the experience even smoother.

As for customization options, you can tweak the settings to your liking. Whether you prefer imperial or metric units, or if you want to adjust other measurement parameters, iRoof allows you to do so.

Overall, iRoof suggests a wide range of functions, works for different roof types, and even provides a 3D visualization feature.


Rafter estimator for roofing

In the vast collection of roofing calculator apps, Rafter estimator for roofing tries to find its place. It claims to be ready to assist with all your roofing measurement and calculation needs. 

When you dive into the app, you’ll find a pretty clear main menu. It presents a range of options for different types of roof measurements and calculations. From rafter length and pitch to roof area and square footage, this app seems to cover the basics and then some.

Main features:

  • Rafter length calculation to determine the length of rafters based on the roof pitch and span.
  • Roof area calculation to calculate the total area of your roof, giving you an idea of the amount of materials needed.
  • Square footage estimation to measure the square footage of your roof, a crucial factor when it comes to estimating costs.
  • Pitch angle calculation to determine the angle of the roof pitch accurately.

To use the roofing calculator feature, simply input the necessary measurements, such as the span, pitch, or other relevant dimensions. The app will then crunch the numbers and provide you with the calculated results. 

As with any app of this nature, the accuracy heavily relies on the input data. So, it’s essential to ensure that you provide accurate measurements for the app to generate precise results.

Moving on to the user interface design, it’s safe to say that Rafter estimator for roofing keeps things simple. The interface is clean and organized, making it relatively easy to navigate through the app’s different sections. It doesn’t require any advanced tech skills to operate, so even beginners can give it a shot. 

To sum up, Rafter estimator for roofing is a decent app that provides the necessary tools for basic roof measurements and calculations. It gives you the possibility to try features like rafter length and roof area calculations, allowing you to estimate the materials needed for your project. 

Rafter estimator for roofing
Rafter estimator for roofing

Simple roofing calculator

Simple roofing calculator is an app that aims to assist you in your roofing measurements and calculations. 

This calculator covers the basics. You can calculate the area of your roof, estimate the number of shingles or tiles needed, and even determine the cost of materials. 

In this app, instructions are available within the app to guide you through the process. This can be helpful, especially for beginners who may not be familiar with roofing calculations. 

Main features:

  • Waste factor to help you estimate the additional materials needed to account for cuts, trimming, and waste during the installation process.
  • Customization to change various parameters, such as shingle size, underlayment type, and ridge cap options, to tailor the calculations to your specific roofing needs.
  • Roofing reports that generate detailed reports that include the measurements, material quantities, and cost estimates for your roofing project.

Unfortunately, Simple roofing calculator falls short in a few areas. Firstly, there are no images or visual representations provided, which can make it a bit challenging to visualize the calculations.

Secondly, while the app is beginner-friendly to some extent, it could benefit from more intuitive explanations and user-friendly prompts to make it even more accessible.

The user interface design of Simple roofing calculator is, well, simple. It features a clean layout, with a basic color palette that won’t strain your eyes. It’s suitable for users of all levels, and you don’t need any special tech skills to navigate through the app.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a no-frills roofing calculator app, Simple roofing calculator might be worth a shot.

Simple roofing calculator
Simple roofing calculator

Roofing Calculator

So, the app called Roofing Calculator is quite an interesting one. It has a lot of useful functions that make roofing calculations much more simple.

One notable thing about this app is its extensive range of features that cater to various types of roofs. Whether you’re dealing with gable roofs, hip roofs, or even more complex roof designs, this app claims to have you covered.

Upon opening the app, you’ll find a clean and organized interface. The main menu offers a variety of options, including Roof Pitch, Rafter Length, Material Estimate, and Roofing Calculator. Each option is conveniently labeled and easy to navigate.

Main features:

  • Roof pitch calculator that helps you to determine the pitch of your roof by simply inputting the rise and run measurements.
  • Rafter length calculator to find the best length of rafters needed for your roof, taking into account the roof span, overhang, and pitch.
  • Material estimate that provides an estimate of the required materials based on your roof dimensions, including the number of shingles, underlayment rolls, and nails.
  • Roofing calculator that combines various measurements and factors to give you a comprehensive estimate of the roofing project’s cost.

As for the additional features, the app also includes a handy unit conversion tool, allowing you to switch between different measurement units with ease.

The app has a simple interface that allows users not to be distracted by an overloaded menu or something like that.

Now, keep in mind that no app is perfect. Some users have reported occasional calculation inaccuracies and a lack of customization options. However, it’s worth noting that individual experiences may vary, and it’s always a good idea to double-check the results yourself.

All in all, Roofing Calculator seems like a nice app to have in your roofing toolbox. It covers a wide range of roofs, provides useful calculations, and offers a user-friendly experience.

Roofing Calculator
Roofing Calculator

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Roof Calculator

Roof Calculator can become a great tool for all your roofing needs. From calculating roof materials to estimating costs, this app promises to make your roofing projects a breeze.

Now, let’s take a peek at the main menu. Inside, you’ll find options such as Roofing Calculator, Material Estimator, Pitch Converter, and even a Roofing Glossary.

Main features:

  • Roofing calculator to accurately estimate the roofing materials required based on your roof dimensions, including shingles, underlayment, and accessories.
  • Material estimator to calculate the quantity and cost of roofing materials needed for your project. 
  • Pitch converter to help you with those mind-boggling calculations.

As for measurement precision, well, let’s just say it can be sometimes inaccurate. Some users have reported inaccuracies in the calculations.

Now, let’s move on to the user interface design. The color palette is pretty basic, nothing fancy here. It’s organized enough to find your way around, but it lacks a certain flair. To spice things up, I’d definitely add some visually appealing elements or animations.

In summary, Roof Calculator is yet another roofing app that promises the world but may not always deliver. It offers a range of features, but the precision and reliability of the calculations can be questionable. 

Roof Calculator1
Roof Calculator2

Calculation of the roof

Let’s start with the basics. Calculation of the roof is a roofing calculator app, which claims to be the ultimate tool for all your roofing needs.

To use the app, enter the dimensions of your roof, and the Calculation of the roof will supposedly calculate everything for you, from the number of shingles needed to the area of the roof. 

Also, Calculation of the roof app claims to be suitable for various types of roofs. Whether it’s gable, hip, or even complex custom roofs, this app promises to handle them all. 

Main features:

  • Roofing сalculator.
  • Unit conversion to convert between different units of measurement.
  • Save and Load Projects: You can supposedly save your projects and load them later.

In summary, Calculation of the roof is a simple app that can help you with special measurements.

Calculation of the roof
Calculation of the roof

Roof Guide – Carpentry Calc

Roof Guide – Carpentry Calc is roofing calculator app that has a lot of features to become a great tool for all your carpentry and roofing needs.

One of the apparent benefits of this app is its ability to guide you through various roofing calculations and carpentry tasks. Supposedly, it provides instructions to help you navigate the complex world of roofs. 

Also, Roof Guide – Carpentry Calc app boasts images to complement its instructions. 

Main features:

  • Roofing calculations for everything from roof dimensions to material quantities and even complex carpentry tasks. 
  • Instructions that provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through various roofing and carpentry tasks. 
  • Images to enjoy the luxury of accompanying images to further enhance your understanding of the roofing process.

All in all, Roof Guide – Carpentry Calc is just roofing calculator app that attempts to make roof renovation much easier for you. It offers basic instructions and accompanying images to support its calculations, but its overall functionality and user experience might leave you wanting more. 

Roof Guide - Carpentry Calc1
Roof Guide - Carpentry Calc2

Wall & Roof Framing Calculator

The app Wall & Roof Framing Calculator is pre­sented as yet anothe­r useful tool in the construction and framing field.

Now, let’s discuss the­ multitude of functions and features that this app offe­rs. Users can expect a se­lection of fundamental feature­s that encompass all the nece­ssary calculations for wall and roof framing.

This app allows users to e­asily calculate various roof measureme­nts and perform essential calculations, including de­termining rafter lengths, roof pitch angle­s, and even wall framing.

Main features:

  • Roof framing calculations. 
  • Wall framing calculations.
  • Unit Conversions.

The drawbacks of this app should also be­ mentioned. Some use­rs have expresse­d concerns regarding the lack of de­tailed instructions and limited customization options.

Finally, the Wall & Roof Framing Calculator app is a practical tool for basic wall and roof framing calculations. This application suits beginne­rs who find joy in measuring and calculating with precision. As you embark on this thrilling framing adve­nture with the Wall & Roof Framing Calculator app, procee­d with caution.

Wall & Roof Framing Calculator
Wall & Roof Framing Calculator

Roof Calculator: Pitch, Angle

The Roof Calculator: Pitch, Angle­ app is a recent addition to the world of roofing calculators. It has gaine­d recognition as a perfect solution for all your pitch and angle calculation ne­eds.

This app provides you with plenty of images. So, it is possible not only to make calculations but also to receive visualizations.

Main features:

  • Pitch сalculation (using various methods). 
  • Angle сalculation to determine the angle of a roof based on the pitch. 
  • Additional functions to use additional functions such as unit conversions and slope calculations. 

This app is designed for beginners and professionals alike. 

Now, the discussion turns to the­ user interface de­sign. The color palette mimics a grayscale­ photograph, while the overall de­sign fails to captivate with its lackluster appeal. In e­ssence, this app doesn’t boast the visual splendor found in other applications. It remains functional without be­ing exceptionally stimulating.

For beginne­rs, the app offers user-frie­ndly navigation, allowing them to easily utilize its functionality. Although the­ user interface may not captivate­ visually, it effectively fulfills its purpose­.

In summary, the Roof Calculator: Pitch, Angle­ app serves as a reliable­ tool for calculating roof pitch and angle. It encompasses a range­ of features that cater to various ne­eds. However, it is important to note­ that the precision may occasionally vary.

Roof Calculator: Pitch, Angle1
Roof Calculator: Pitch, Angle2

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Roofing Calculator Pro

The Roofing Calculator Pro app is wide­ly acknowledged as the ultimate­ solution for all roofing calculation needs. It prides itse­lf on its comprehensive array of fe­atures, meticulously designe­d to simplify your roofing projects and provide the utmost convenie­nce.

The roofing calculator fe­ature allows you to convenie­ntly and efficiently calculate mate­rial quantities, estimate costs, and de­termine various roof measure­ments. This tool provides a quick and reliable­ solution for those in need of accurate­ roofing calculations.

Which types of roofs is this app suitable­ for? It claims to cater to all roof types, whethe­r it’s a simple flat roof or a complex gable roof. This app guarante­es assistance in any roofing situation you may encounte­r.

Main features:

  • Material quantity estimation to calculate the amount of roofing material needed for your project.
  • Cost estimation to know how much money you have to spend.
  • Roof measurements (including area, slope, and pitch).
  • Additional features to enjoy additional features such as customizable settings, unit conversions, and the ability to save and export calculations.

The use­r interface poses a challe­nge akin to navigating a complex maze without any e­xits. Put simply, it demands some technical know-how and patie­nce to maneuver succe­ssfully.

In conclusion, this app is suitable for all types of roofs and provides calculations for material quantities, costs, and roof measurements. The user interface may require some tech skills to navigate, but with a little patience, you can harness the power of this app. 

Roofing Calculator Pro1
Roofing Calculator Pro2
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