11 Best Fake Hair Clipper Apps for Android & iOS

Do you like pranks? Want to make fun of your friends? Then use this list of best fake hair clipper apps. Here you will find applications that simulate a hair clipper. They are all very easy to use and will help you entertain yourself and your friends.

Pull off the most realistic prank using these free text prank apps.

Hair Trimmer Prank

Hair Trimmer Prank

The Hair Trimmer Prank app is a prank that you can use to scare someone with the sound of a hair clipper.

There are 3 types of hair clippers to choose from. This application is very easy to use.

On the main screen, there is an image of this machine. You just need to press it and it will turn on. You can also turn the vibration on or off.

In this app, all sounds are exactly like the real sounds. So, you can walk up to the person behind you, and exactly scare him.

The application Hair Trimmer Prank creates a plausible effect and the sound of a real trimmer to cut hair. Pretend to be a hairdresser and play your friends wherever and whenever you want.

This free app is designed for fun and fun.

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Razor Prank the Hair Clipper Simulator

Razor Prank the Hair Clipper Simulator

The Razor Prank the Hair Clipper Simulator app produces realistic vibrations and sounds of a real hair machine.

You can play with your friends. They will think that you have a real electronic trimmer in your hands. You can also choose other modifications. For example, a pair of scissors or a razor.

Scare your friends or relatives by cutting their hair. But do not forget that this application is designed only for entertainment purposes. It does not carry any time and is intended only for pranks.

It is very easy to use this application. On the main screen, there is a hair clipper. Just press it and hold it to your friend’s head. Enjoy the reaction and joke about everyone.

Choose the right tool in the application settings. You can open them using the button in the upper right corner.

Hair Clipper – Electric Razor, Shaver Prank

Hair Clipper 2019 - Electric Razor, Shaver Prank

Hair Clipper – Electric Razor, Shaver Prank is one of the most realistic applications that simulate a hair clipper. It allows you to play along with your friends.

During the simulation of the trimmer, the application produces special sounds and vibrations. You’ll get the feeling that you’re holding a real hair clipper in your hand.

Turn your phone into a vibrating razor and scare your friends.

The image of the hair clipper is located on the main screen. All you have to do is click on it. This way, your phone vibrates and emits the sounds of haircuts. It’s very much like a real electric razor.

You can choose between several modifications. So, you can choose between trimer, scissors or electric razors.

This application is designed for pranks and has only entertainment purposes.

Hair Clipper Prank

Hair Clipper Prank

The Hair Clipper Prank application produces realistic sounds of hair clippers.

This is a prank game, with which you can play and laugh with your friends.

Make it look like you’re holding a real hair clipper in your hand.

You can also choose other tools. For example, a pair of scissors or an electric razor.

Play your friends wherever and whenever you want.

It’s a lot of fun. But don’t forget that the app Hair Clipper Prank is just entertaining and does not have any harm.

The hair clipper is located on the main screen. To turn it on, just click on the image. Swipe to the right to change the tool. Swipe up and down to change the intensity of sounds and vibrations.

Hair Clipper (Prank)

Hair Clipper (Prank)

The Hair Clipper (Prank) application simulates a real hair clipper. It lets you play your friends anytime, anywhere. Just download this app and have fun with your friends.

Scare your friends by pretending you shaved out of your head. This free app includes several types of tools for cutting hair. For example, you can use a trimmer or scissors.

You can also turn on the sound of the hairdryer. So, if you want to pretend to be at the barbershop, this feature is exactly what you need.

The app Hair Clipper (Prank) simulates all the sounds in high quality. It can also vibrate as if it were a real hair clipper.

Just turn on the app and you’ll see an image with the tool of your choice on the home screen. Click on it and bring it to any person’s head. Done!

You can select the tool in the application settings. This menu is located at the bottom of the screen.

Razor Prank – Hair Clipper

Do you like unusual jokes? Tired of the old ones? This mobile app will turn your iPhone into a real hair clipper.

Here you will find the sound effects of the trimmer, the machine, and a host of others. Choose any sound depending on the situation and laugh with your friends and family.

Imagine your sister’s face when you bring a hair trimmer simulator to her hair. Break up a boring party with unusual sounds and voices.

Attract the attention of passersby with an interesting video for social media or a blog. Razor Prank is perfect for pranks. To get the desired effect, all you have to do is select a beep and click on the main button.

The app is a simulator and is designed to be used for entertainment purposes.

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Hair Trimmer – Prank Sound Box

Huge selection of funny sounds and funny effects in one app. Hair Trimmer – Prank Sounds Box brings you a whole collection of audio files for successful pranks.

Who will you be today? The evil hairdresser who’s after your girlfriend’s hair? Or a scary clown with a creepy laugh? There’s an option for every prank. Adjust the sound level and duration.

Use the remote control to make your prank more believable. All the sounds in the app are as close to real as possible. It is impossible to distinguish them from real prototypes. To run the hair clipper simulator, you need to press a single button.

To end the draw, just touch the start button again. Take advantage of the free trial period before you subscribe.

Laugh with your friends, and become the king of pranks with the Hair Trimmer – Prank Sounds Box app.

Real Razor Prank

Just imagine the reaction of other students when you bring a hair trimmer to their head. The Real Razor Prank app on your iPhone perfectly simulates different sounds to make sure your prank is a success.

Here you’ll find a large collection of construction tools, animal sounds, and funny recordings. A whole box of props now fits in your pocket. No preparations beforehand: take your friend by surprise.

For a more realistic effect, the sound of the trimmer will change to the sound of hair cutting as soon as the phone is near the hair.

The Real Razor Prank is equipped with a special sensor and vibration option. Take the art of pranking to the next level. Use new developments to get real emotions and lots of laughs.

The app can be used for its intended purpose immediately after installation. It does not guarantee a perfect haircut and is only suitable for entertainment.

Hair Clipper Prank

Planning a prank and looking for the right tool? This free app will help you prank your friends and make the prank realistic. With one tap you can turn your phone into a full-fledged haircutting machine.

The simulator reproduces the sound of a haircut with high quality and without interference. As soon as you bring the phone close to a person’s head, the sound of the haircut will be added to the vibration, just like in a real instrument.

To start the performance, tap the phone screen anywhere. You have 13 different sounds available, which you can select separately for each situation. The app is great for fun company or jokes with your family.

The app will not give you a fancy haircut, but you can have fun and make everyone around you laugh. The app weighs less than 7 MB and is designed to be entertaining.

Hair Clipper Prank, Fart Sound

Want to diversify your friends’ get-togethers? Have you decided to play a prank on your best friend in front of everyone? Then you simply can not do without this app.

All the most popular and amusing sound effects are collected in one place. This sound simulator allows you to hear the operation of a haircutting machine, siren, car horn, and many others.

Watch your friend’s face change. You have just lifted a real trimmer to her hair. The sound simulator reproduces the sound of the real car, so it’s indistinguishable from the original.

In addition to the sound, you’ll feel a vibration as soon as the phone is near your hair.

The sound of breaking glass as your phone falls to the pavement. What kind of reaction will your friends have? Use the sounds of a siren and a doorbell at the most inopportune moment.

Get a call from a real celebrity, and watch the bright laser beams with the simulator. Add some humor to your life.

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Hair Clipper, Razor Prank

The entire arsenal for professional jokes is already in your phone. Download the Razor Prank app and get access to a dozen interesting ideas. Each joke is unparalleled and great for fun with friends.

Take advantage of popular pranks and laugh with those around you. Unusual sound effects, jokes involving insects, and lie detectors are waiting for you.

Send your friend a real call from his favorite artist, and simulate broken glass on your phone. The app will definitely not let you get bored and help you choose a joke for any situation.

The hair cutter will definitely not make your sister happy. Powerful sound and reality of what is happening will not leave indifferent even the calmest participants of the prank.

Terrible huge spiders and scorpions at your service. Pass the lie detector and surprise your friends with your calmness and insight.

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