11 Best SMS Recovery Apps for Android 2021

Text messages have been used less often to communicate, but they are still relevant. It is a great way to contact someone without having an Internet connection. All you have to do is be within the range of the network and text the person you would like to tell or ask something.

You can also receive important information about bank transactions, orders, deliveries, or even documents via SMS. Sometimes you may accidentally delete a message and then regret it because you lost important data or information. If you deleted photos you may use one of the 11 Best apps to get deleted photos back for Android.

Don’t despair – now there are many tools that can help you. The fact is that SMS is not permanently deleted – it is still stored deep in the memory of your device. We found for you 11 Best SMS Recovery Apps for Android 2021.

WAMR – Recover deleted messages & status download

WAMR - Recover deleted messages & status downloadWAMR is a special utility that helps users recover lost and deleted messages, attached media, and more. If your friends or other people you are communicating with often delete their messages before you have time to read them, this application will help you recover the text and see the lost information.

WAMR can also work with statuses that are changed or deleted by users: you will just have to run the application and start the recovery process.

This utility does not have direct access to the messages themselves. The recovery process works in the following way: WAMR accesses the notifications on your device and uses them to reproduce text or attachments from SMS.

The app also prompts you to make a backup of your notifications and messages so that the recovery process is quicker and easier if necessary. Not all messages will be retrieved in this way, but WAMR is the easiest app that won’t require permissions or rights to access your device.

WAMR - Recover deleted messages & status download1 WAMR - Recover deleted messages & status download2


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SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd

SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty LtdHow many times have you read about the need to backup all the time? When you lose a file, documents, or even tabs on your desktop, you regret not saving them. It seems like such a simple action, but we constantly forget about it.

Now you will have a special application SMS Backup & Restore, which allows you to create a copy of your messages, call logs, and other important information. With this feature, the service can restore all your messages and calls from already existing copies, extracting the necessary data from the memory of your smartphone.

On some devices, the Force Backup feature is installed by default. A copy of the data is downloaded either to your smartphone memory or to cloud storage which you always have access to.

SMS Backup & Restore requires such copies to restore – this is due to the fact that the developers do not get root rights and have no additional permissions to work. The service simply can’t do anything without existing backups!

However, from now on you will be able to back up the data you need periodically and automatically upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox with SMS Backup & Restore.

SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd1 SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd2


Recover Deleted Messages Pro by Go neo Tools

Recover Deleted Messages Pro by Go neo ToolsRecover Deleted Messages Pro is a simple application with a cute design that will help you recover all the things you talked about. It will not let you lose the messages deleted by you or your friends or the ones that will automatically disappear after a period of time.

With Recover Deleted Messages Pro you can recover the whole history of your communications with any person to refresh your memory or find something important in the conversation. It takes very little time to restore, just a few seconds and you see what you need on the screen.

Recover Deleted Messages Pro offers you to recover messages, full conversation history, or specific text that you received recently via SMS. It can also recover and delete different files that are stored on the free disk space of your smartphone.

Thus with Recover Deleted Messages Pro you will be able to free up more space on your smartphone – of course, if you want to get rid of any information permanently. The whole deletion process is safe and you will need to confirm several times that you are sure of your actions.

Recover Deleted Messages Pro by Go neo Tools1 Recover Deleted Messages Pro by Go neo Tools2


Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev

Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal DevThis app is also quite cute and has a nice design in purple that users will love. Backup & Recover deleted messages is a great option to recover your messages and make backups anytime. All your SMS dialogs and conversations will be saved and every message from chat will be fully recoverable – even if there are some files attached.

Backup & Recover deleted messages will help in a difficult situation when you accidentally hit the screen and delete something important from the chat.

All recovery will be done from existing backups. Usually, smartphones create such a copy every certain period of time by default, so most likely the message that you deleted today is still somewhere in the memory of the device.

Backup & Recover deleted messages will detect such a copy and can find the information you need in it. Otherwise, all you have to do is to use the same service to create a current backup and use it later for recovery purposes – so you can protect yourself from accidentally deleting chats, messages, and even documents.

Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev1 Backup & Recover deleted messages by Jamal Dev2


Unseen I Recover Deleted Messages I Hidden Chat

Unseen I Recover Deleted Messages I Hidden ChatWhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers around the world right now. Millions of people carry out their correspondence and dialogues every day in this application.

Users you chat with on WhatsApp can have their messages deleted before you even see them. You can also accidentally move a conversation to the trash.

The Unseen app was created specifically so that you can easily restore your conversations and chats without losing all the images, files, and voice recordings from your conversations.

Besides this useful feature, Unseen has another one equally important – the secret reading of messages. As we all know, as soon as you open a dialog with a user and read an incoming message from him, he instantly sees that you’ve read the text.

Unseen allows you not to set this reading icon, but to read everything in stealth mode. With this application, you can read all the dialogues without being online and without having to disconnect the internet specifically for this purpose.

Unseen will also automatically back up your messages so that you can access them again at any time.

Unseen I Recover Deleted Messages I Hidden Chat1 Unseen I Recover Deleted Messages I Hidden Chat2


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Recover Deleted Messages 2020 – Message Recovery

Recover Deleted Messages 2020 - Message RecoveryDespite the year in the name, you can use this application anytime. Recover Deleted Messages 2020 is an application with the functionality that is stated in the name – recovery of deleted or lost messages.

With it, you can go back in time, read your whole message history, or just recover a certain message with the information you need. Just one tool gives you the ability to recover voice memos, text messages, videos, and attached documents without having to root access or use a wizard.

Recover Deleted Messages 2020 creates a backup copy in your smartphone’s memory, thanks to which the app can work in the future. Absolutely everything is subject to copying – both files and simple text messages.

You can search for them either by date or by keywords, without having to completely reproduce the dialog again. The main function of Recover Deleted Messages 2020 is to keep track of your notifications about new messages so that you can restore the whole chat later.

Recover Deleted Messages 2020 - Message Recovery1 Recover Deleted Messages 2020 - Message Recovery2


WhatsDeleted: Recover Deleted Messages

WhatsDeleted Recover Deleted MessagesNo need to get upset if you or your friend deleted a message that you didn’t have time to read. It may have contained important information – but it can be recovered in just a few clicks!

The WhatsDeleted app is designed specifically so that you can recreate deleted messages, media attachments, and other information. All actions are available for the messenger WhatsApp, where most people are currently in constant communication with friends and family.

WhatsDeleted scans all your notifications on your device and extracts the necessary information from them – for example, the text of the message or attachments.

Since some media files are automatically downloaded to your smartphone memory, WhatsDeleted will show you exactly which files have been attached to a certain message.

The app also has a built-in preview function, which will allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with a document or file. Scanning notifications is a must for the app – it is the only way without access to additional smartphone permissions that the service can deal with the recovery of text information.

WhatsDeleted Recover Deleted Messages1 WhatsDeleted Recover Deleted Messages2


Auto RDM – Recover deleted messages & status saver

Auto RDM - Recover deleted messages & status saverAuto RDM is another app that works with your smartphone notifications. Scanning consists of automatically saving and fixing the text of incoming messages, as well as the status of the recipient, attachments, and other information.

By scanning the notification history Auto RDM will give you all the information that was available after deletion – media, text, summary, or time the message was sent. Its operation and functionality are not much different from other similar applications, but it is just as efficient and convenient.

Auto RDM accesses your notification history and automatically saves everything sent to your smartphone as messages. It can also be statuses that change as you work and communicate.

The application has small customization of the user interface: you can change the theme or slightly customize the design to make using the service more enjoyable. There are also some limitations on how Auto RDM works.

For example, if you have disabled notifications from a certain person, deleted messages before installing the application, or blocked a contact, it will be impossible to restore the SMS.

Auto RDM - Recover deleted messages & status saver1 Auto RDM - Recover deleted messages & status saver2


Restore: Recover deleted messages by deleted messages

Restore Recover deleted messages by deleted messagesRestore deleted SMS can help you recover your correspondence or clarify some details you simply forgot about. Restore helps you recover deleted messages or find among them exactly what you need.

This procedure will not be visible to your contacts – even if they have deleted their own messages. With the help of notification scanning, Restore will get the history of the messages and will be able to download them back to the original application adding the necessary media files or attachments.

Note that if you haven’t received notifications for any reason – for example, you left a dialog open or turned off notifications, Restore will not be able to restore SMS.

The thing is that the service provides itself with access only to the history of your notifications, and in case of an instant read the application simply doesn’t send them to you.

If you were still able to restore the dialog, Restore can offer to save it to the internal storage of your smartphone – an SD-card, for example. This way you’ll always be able to re-read the message at the right moment.

Restore Recover deleted messages by deleted messages1 Restore Recover deleted messages by deleted messages2


SMS Backup by Jerry Zigo

SMS Backup by Jerry ZigoSMS Backup is an app not for restoring messages but for making good backup of all your SMS. This approach prevents the irretrievable loss of information and helps you to restore it if necessary.

In fact, SMS Backup duplicates all your correspondence and messages in a compressed format in the memory of your device, and if necessary, accesses this archive and gives you the results. You can also transfer the backup to your other devices, or even send it over the web for easy reading.

SMS Backup creates a compressed copy of SMS and MMS in two formats – you choose which one you prefer. For reading on the main smartphone, the most convenient option is the HTML format – it saves the user interface, and the messages will be easy to read.

For transferring data to other devices it is better to use the JSON format. SMS Backup can easily create and send backups to the specified email or cloud storage, so you will have access to your correspondence in the future, even if your smartphone is lost or broken.

SMS Backup by Jerry Zigo1 SMS Backup by Jerry Zigo2


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Add-On – SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd

Add-On - SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty LtdIf you are not picky about the application interface and all you care about is functionality, we can offer you Add-On. It backs up and saves all the text messages you receive to your phone number.

Add-On offers users to backup SMS and automatically upload them to cloud storage or email them to your email. You can set a specific time interval after which this will be done or do it yourself.

Backup helps you recover those emails that have been deleted or lost if necessary. Since Add-On downloads all the data, not in the memory of the device, but sends it via the Internet, even if you lose your smartphone, you will be able to recover all the correspondence.

It’s worth mentioning that in order to do this you need to either bind your cloud storage to Add-On or specify the e-mail address you want to send all the files to. With this functionality, the application has a simple and even a little crude interface – there is nothing superfluous, only fields for filling in information and settings.

Add-On - SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd1 Add-On - SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd2


Of course, accidentally deleting a message is unpleasant. That said, you can retrieve any message, especially if you deleted it quite recently. To do this you only need to install one of those applications that we told you about in our selection.

However, it is worth noting that files and SMS deleted quite a long time ago may have either been replaced or completely disappeared from the memory of the device. Any file is still saved for some time in the form of a bit sequence or residual files, by which the application has the ability to recover it.

Don’t hesitate if you are afraid of losing really important information. We hope that we were able to help you and now you can prevent such unpleasant situations.

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