15 Best SMS Verification Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

Many services that require registration to use them ask for your phone number to link it to your account or confirm your identity. If you don’t want to provide your personal phone number or need multiple accounts on the same platform, then use these best SMS verification apps 2024 for Android & iOS.

Quickly and easily get a new number right on your phone using these free apps to change phone number.

PingMe Second Phone Number App

PingMe Second Phone Number is a handy and simple app for getting extra phone numbers as well as for checking messages and other files sent to new accounts.

Get your new virtual number, which will allow you to make international phone calls all over the world, and at a minimal cost.

You will also be able to create multiple accounts in apps, social networks, and messengers thanks to the new virtual numbers.

In addition to being able to make international calls with your new phone, you’ll also be able to send and view messages. Thanks to modern technology, the app allows you to automatically get codes to the phone number you get in the program. It’s completely unique, so you’ll be the only owner of it.

Choose phones from other countries so you can use them to create your own online accounts. Don’t worry about your personal data, because it’s 100% protected in the program.

Manage your calls and messages if you have more than one private number in the app. Choose multiple international numbers and customize how you use them.


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SMS Virtual – Receive SMS

SMS Virtual – Receive SMS is an app for creating a repeat account or getting a new phone number. It will allow you to create new accounts on different social networks and messengers.

In the app, you can select any country to create a phone number with a specific code. You will then be able to receive messages and other content on that number.

You can also additionally protect your phone from intruders in the app. To do this, you just need to select certain settings and install them on your device. Activation will cost a small fee.

You can find out more about the payment terms and the cost of the service after you switch to the desired tariff. If you do not receive an SMS to your phone number, you can contact technical support and demand a refund for the subscription.

In the program, you can see the entire range of services provided. If you don’t find what you need, you can select the “other services” category. You can get any international number from the list offered. You can then use it to create new accounts.

You have about 20 minutes to receive messages. If during this period the SMS still does not come, you can contact support for help.


SMS Receive, Temp Phone Number

SMS Receive Temp Phone Number is a handy program for creating and using third-party phone numbers. You can select a new international number for yourself to register an account on any website or online platform.

You can also use extra new numbers to save and secure your main phone number. Use the app data for various websites and online services, because confirmation codes and messages can also be sent to the numbers.

The app has phone numbers from different countries available, allowing you to use them for multiple accounts. You can use the app to hide your personal number so that attackers can’t access it.

Use the program to visit various foreign sites to create personal accounts, because the service allows you to confirm your phone number in the system.

The message sent to the phone number from the app will automatically appear in the history of the program. You can easily access this information. The program does not ask for access to the personal data of the user, so it is absolutely safe and optimal to use.


Second Phone Number: Call&Text

This is an app that allows you to get a toll-free number from the United States of America. With the received number in the app you can make calls to different places in the world, including the United States.

The app allows you to save on calls made and messages sent. In this case, the calls will take place on a regular cellular network, not on roaming.

Thanks to this, the connection will be of the highest quality and reliability. Also, your real phone number will be protected from hacking by intruders.

The number from the program allows you to make cheap calls to more than 200 countries of the world. Make calls both over the cellular network and over the wireless Internet. You can also receive messages. Use numbers from the app to create personal accounts.

Because all the numbers in the app are active, you can receive notifications from them. Create an unlimited number of accounts in the app. You can use them all to create new accounts, social networks and other online platforms.

Prices in the service are as low as possible, so you’ll be able to create multiple phone numbers at once. If any of them are inactive, you can contact support and ask for a refund.


Receive SMS Online – OTP

Get SMS Online – OTP is an app for getting new phone numbers. This virtual provider allows you to get several numbers at once for different purposes.

For example, you can use the numbers you get in the app to create personal accounts on the site, register accounts, activate accounts, and so on. Numbers from the app will also be great for verifying your personal information.

You don’t have to give out your personal contact number to do this, which keeps it safe and private. You can choose any country in the app’s range to open your mobile numbers. Each of them will be automatically activated.

Once you select a number, you can easily use it. You will need to copy the number and paste it into your personal account or any other source. After that, you will be able to receive messages and make calls. Make calls both by cellular and video.

You will be able to receive messages to new numbers regardless of the time zone difference. Immediately after the requests confirm the phone number, a code will be sent. It comes automatically to your device, so you can view it right away.


SMS-Activate Virtual numbers

SMS-Activate is a modern app for creating new virtual numbers. Unlike other services, the app guarantees maximum security for its users.

Here people can get virtual phones in minutes and literally use them right away. For example, with the help of the number received in the app, you can easily create a new account on a website or social network.

You can easily confirm the new number, as messages, codes, and even incoming calls are routinely sent to it. Immediately after selecting the desired phone number, you can use it.

You do not need to activate the number additionally. With it, you can also easily make calls. Thus, international cellular communication will cost a penny, as roaming does not apply to virtual numbers.

The service guarantees reliable use of the developed telephone numbers, so you can not worry about the safety and confidentiality of your data.

You can see all the information about the received numbers in your account. You do not need to get a new SIM card to activate a new number in the app. Everything works in online mode.


SMS Numbers Receive SMS Online

SMS Numbers Receive SMS Online is an app that is designed to get new cell phone numbers. You can use it for various purposes.

For example, a new phone number will allow you to get a new account on a social network or create an account on a foreign site. Choose a phone number belonging to any of the countries.

The entire list is presented on the main page of the program. You just need to select the appropriate number and click on the button in the bottom right corner. After this, you will have access to the number and information on it.

There you will also see the number of new messages and notifications that came to the phone number. To get fresh data after you open the number, you can refresh the history by clicking on the button in the middle.

You can also easily copy this number and use it on other external resources. On the page of the number you selected, you can track its latest status to see the activity and number of visits to the user.

In case of problems with numbers from the app, you can ask all your questions in the technical support chat.


Receive SMS Verification‏

Receive SMS Verification allows users to become owners of new virtual phones for further use on the web. With their help, you can create an unlimited number of personal accounts.

With these virtual numbers, you can easily get codes to activate them. Messages come instantly after you confirm the number on third-party resources.

You can see the content of the sms or the code itself in the history on the page of the number. There you can also copy it for later use.

All numbers belong only to the program and you can only rent them temporarily. This allows you to keep your personal data secret.

The app does not ask for personal information and does not require access to it. So you can use this program and numbers from it being in anonymous status. All numbers are updated automatically and quite often. So you can get an unlimited number of new codes for different phone numbers.

To update the information on incoming messages you just need to reload the number page. This app is available to users even without extra payment, which makes it the most widespread among competitors.


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Receive SMS online – OnlineSMS

Receive SMS Online – Online SMS is one of the most user-friendly apps that allows you to get virtual phone numbers.

You can use them for various purposes, including the confirmation of accounts on social networks. For example, you will be able to enter a selected phone number to register on some foreign site.

Immediately after confirmation, you will receive a special code in the program. You will need to enter it to get access to the created account.

The app provides you with an assortment of numbers from different countries to use on international platforms. You will also be able to view their history.

The assortment of numbers shows not only the countries they belong to but also the time and length of their existence on the platform. There are even privileged numbers that a single user can access.

Since the app does not ask for your personal information and personal details, you can use it in complete anonymity. Besides, the list of phones is constantly updated and the service does not keep track of who has used his or her numbers and at what time.

Messages and other data will come into the app itself on the page of the phone number you selected.


Temp 2nd Number – Receive SMS

Temp 2nd Number – Receive SMS is an app in which each user can get his or her second or even third virtual number. This does not require extra SIM cards or any personal documents.

Everything can be done online and literally in a couple of minutes. Once you select a new virtual number, it can be used for different purposes.

For example, you can enter the number in your personal accounts. The numbers will automatically be active, so you can easily confirm them online.

All you have to do is click the button to send the secret code. After that, the message will automatically be sent to your selected phone number. You can enter it in the appropriate window and get access to your account or any other resource.

It does not require access to your personal data, so they are protected and fully confidential. In the program, you can get an unlimited number of virtual phones. Also, an unlimited number of them can be used to perform registrations on sites, activation of accounts, and other actions on the Internet.


Receive SMS US Phone Number

Get SMS Number USA is an app that allows you to become an owner of over 1000 different virtual numbers easily.

This service allows everyone to get their second, third, fourth, or more phone number for its use on the Internet, as well as on various sites and online platforms.

Thanks to this app and an unlimited number of phone numbers you can create any number of accounts, as you can easily verify them. All you have to do is select the phone number you want, enter it into your account, and ask for a secret code.

Since all the numbers in the app are active and available for use, the message will be sent automatically. You will be able to see it in a couple of seconds after sending the request. If the code does not appear on the number page, refresh it several times. If there is no code, you can also try another number.

A wide range of numbers and codes from different countries is available for you. Use any of them. Using this program will be the most secure for you. It does not require access to your personal data, so they are completely confidential and anonymous.


Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online is a completely free service in which users can get a new phone number even without activating the SIM card.

For this, you also do not have to prepare any documents and certificates, because everything can be done online in just a couple of minutes. You can try for yourself any number of new phone numbers that are registered in other countries.

Thanks to this service you have a great opportunity to register on foreign sites or create a completely new account at any online platform. In this case, you will not have problems with the activation and verification of your new accounts.

You can easily request codes to verify your virtual phone through an online service. All emails, including activation codes, will come in the app itself. You can easily access this information. All it will be on the main page of the phone number.

At the same time, you can update it to receive fresh messages and activation codes. Since the app’s range of numbers is regularly updated, you can add yours to your favorites so you don’t lose access to them.


Temp Number – SMS Verification

Temp Number SMS Verification is a universal app that allows you to use a virtual phone free of charge for a certain amount of time.

The service is absolutely safe and anonymous. You can not use your personal data in it, thereby protecting them from intruders.

You can also easily use all phone numbers, including foreign ones, to create new records and online accounts.

With these phone numbers, you can easily validate and activate them. To do this, all you have to do is enter your number, which you’ve selected in the app list, and ask for a code. It will automatically appear on the number page in the app. If you don’t see it right away, you can refresh it in a couple of seconds.

In addition to the code itself, the message will also include the source, so you can make sure it’s correct. Besides, the program allows you to use numbers from different countries.

For a convenient search, you can use the sorting by country. To do this, you can change the countries and use different services to check them.

Messages come automatically, allowing you to quickly use the selected phone number. The range is regularly updated, so every day you can add an extra temporary phone for yourself.


Temp Number Receive SMS Online

Get SMS Online is a service to provide temporary phone numbers that you can use to register new accounts. You can select several state phone numbers to use on different foreign sites.

The advantage of this app is its free functionality. Thus, every user can apply its features to solve their own problems.

At the same time, the service does not ask for access to personal data. Due to this, the program is absolutely safe and comfortable to use.

You can add numbers during the registration of accounts and personal accounts. Then you can easily verify them by confirming the selected number with an SMS code. It is sent to the user automatically after clicking on the button. If necessary, you can refresh the page several times for the code to reappear.

In the app, you can view the status of the phone to see the time of its activation, addition, and registration. This allows you to choose for yourself the least busy phones that other users haven’t used in a while. This ensures you won’t mix up your codes with others.


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SMSimo – Verify With Text

SMSimo – Verify With Text is an app that helps you activate and verify any personal accounts. It literally takes a couple of minutes to activate.

You can add any tariff, which is allocated to a certain number of available activations. That is, you can buy a package of 1, 5, or more uses of virtual numbers.

To confirm your accounts, just enter the number from the program in the appropriate box in the questionnaire, and then confirm it.

After completing all the necessary actions, the number entered in the box will receive a code or a short message, the content of which will serve as an account activator. The program provides only valid and verified phones, which can be used on a variety of online sites.

Moreover, the app guarantees the legal use of data from it, protecting the user and his or her personal information. The app allows you to use its functionality while remaining anonymous.

Messages and codes will come to your number from the list in just a couple of minutes, so you do not have to wait long for the activation of your record.

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