10 Best Songwriting Apps for Android & iOS

Do you consider yourself a beginning singer? If you give an affirmative answer, this post is exactly what you are looking for.

Well, the road to fame is going to be hard for you. You have to cope with dozens of difficulties such as buying musical instruments, finding a record company, employing the skills in this matter and many others.

And of course, as every creative person, sometimes you will be running low on inspiration and searching for the right word for a long time. That sounds depressing, but that’s true.

However, there exists an alternative: your device is capable to help you in this hard business.

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By saying this we mean many apps that have been developed for helping songwriters to find proper words and approve themselves. We have chosen the best apps for songwriting that we would like to present to you right now. We advise you to take a close look at this post, regardless of who are you – a novice, or a specialist.

Lyric Notepad – Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap

Are you going to write the best hit song ever? Lyric Notepad will definitely help you. The all-in-one app has a feature to check your lyrics for rhymes and suggest its own words for rhyme if there are any better.

By the way, there is one more special feature that will keep track of your rhyme and syllable schemes. It is called MetronomeIt can be used either as an audio or visual reference, so nothing will confuse you.

One more advantage is that here Measure mode is available for users. It will let you break your lyric into quarter measures.

Also, there you can learn information about a syllable counter for each quarter measure. So that you can try to break your lyrics up evenly or create a unique syllable pattern. And of course, here it is available to record your voice and apply it to any part of your song.

Lyric Notepad - Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap

Google Play

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Rhyme Time Professional: Rhyming Dictionary

Is your muse mute today? Probably, that is why you can’t find the best rhymes for your new song. Use Rhyme Time Professional and get rid of this problem. It will find rhymes for lyrics instead of you.

There are 9 types of rhymes available, just choose one of them and start writing. The app will correct you by suggesting a better alternative. Also, for your convenience, it is possible to play audio pronunciation for every word, that is why you will definitely find a rhyme.

Additionally, if you face difficulties in understanding the meaning of words, you may open the app’s Dictionary and study it.  The app has a rich database of more than 100,000 words, so it will help you for sure. By the way, the app will be appropriate not only for musicians but for poets as well.

Rhyme Time Professional

Google Play


Do you want to prove that you are a man of great talent? Download WordPalette and do it right now. Start writing your song with the help of 6 sliding lines. These lines include intuitively grouped words that are loaded from Palettes. It is very convenient to switch between keyboard with lines and iOS keyboard by one tap or swipe.

Why do you need to use Pallets? It is text sources that you can edit manually by adding your favorite lyrics, articles, poems, etc. That is why you will be seeing many wonderful words that you know but use very rarely. It is these 6 lines which will help you to reach a new level in songwriting.


App Store


This colorful and very functional app must be listed here as well. Here it is available to import your music and write a text while listening. The special intellectual platform will find rhyming words and suggest them to you.

That will make your song much catchier. Then you can record some generated song ideas if you wish. Its highly powerful recording system won’t distort a sound at all.

One more advantage of Tully is that here you can share your files directly from the app. By the way, all files are saved in one folder, which is very convenient. As you can see, the possibilities to use it are never-ending.


Google Play

Songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting

It happens that songwriters get stuck. But it’s not true for users of this great app. Well, let’s start with the app’s basic features.

As always, by using Songwriter you can easily find rhyming words, a special Dictionary will help you in this matter. By the way, Thesaurus is included in the app as well. In addition, you can import a melody and play it directly from the app. Then, record some song ideas, add author, copyright date, publisher, key, and tempo info, and your masterpiece is ready!

The main distinguishing feature is the app’s capability to generate words depending on the song’s emotion. The developers claim that even Grammy Award winners use that app. Who knows, maybe you’ll become one of them as well.

Songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting

App Store

Google Play

Rhymer’s Block

Are you running low on inspiration? That’s because you haven’t installed this app on your phone still. This app also has the capability to find rhymes for words from songs or poems. Moreover, rhyming words will be highlighted with the same colors, it will make your work easier.

What about Rhymer’s Block distinguishing features, the app is appreciated for its capability to find even near Rhymes.

In addition, you will definitely like its “The Block” community, where you can share your texts and get feedback. It will also become your source of inspiration. There is no doubt, the app will refresh your mind and improve your skills as a songwriter.

Rhymer's Block

App Store

RoadWriter Lite – Songwriting

If you want to simplify the whole songwriting process, this app is suitable for you. Import your melody into RoadWriter Lite, play it, and then write lyrics while listening. There is a special player that will make your work much easier. It has buttons that are capable to skip 5 seconds back and forward efficiently replaying a section of a song.

Forget about all the other players that you use. Try this modern and very convenient app and make yourself sure in its power. By the way, the paid version of the app is also available.

RoadWriter Lite

Google Play

Write Songs Lite: Songwriting

This app will become the best tool for poets, rappers, lyricists, and songwriters. By installing it, you will get everything that a songwriter needs in one app.

Here you can note down any text. Write Songs Lite will become your assistant in this matter. Its Rhyming Dictionary will suggest all variants that possible. As previous apps, it has its own Player and Voice recording system that will simplify a working process.

Now let’s discuss its distinguishing features. The riskiest ones will surely like its Song ideas generator. Such features as Word of the day and the Bible Scriptures will enlarge your vocabulary. The last one will be very suitable for those who are fond of Christian Rap, Christian Rock, etc. All the app needs is your talent.

Write Songs Lite

Google Play


It happens that brilliant lines for your future song or poem come to your mind and you want to write them down right now, but you don’t keep a paper and a pen handy. If this kind of situation true for you, download this app and make use of it.

Here you can type the text you wish and get access to it at any time. In addition, the app has the capability to record sample lyrics, poems, and ideas. As you can see, Songwriter‘s user interface is very simple and it has only basic features for songwriting.


Google Play

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Song-Writer Lite

This app is considered to be the classic for the songwriting and it has been on the market for a while already. The reason why it occupies the last position on our list is that it is already a little bit obsolete. But if you like everything classy, Song-Writer Lite is a nice option to go for.

Song-Writer Lite is a multi-functional app where you can write lyrics and add chords to them on the go. It is extremely convenient for professional musicians because it helps to keep everything organized.

Plus, you can create categories for your songs. Adding chords is possible for every instrument, starting fro ukulele ending with the classic piano.




Google Play

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