5 Best Sorting Color Apps for Kids (Android & iOS)

Children’s educational games are a separate and large-scale category among all smartphone applications. Since early childhood, the child interacts with tablets, smartphones, and other devices, while having the opportunity to develop.

Parents can also contribute to this by providing their children with good and proven games and applications. For example, 11 Best reading apps for kids (Android & iOS) will help your child to start reading.

Toddlers are one category of children who cannot yet do anything on their own. Usually, the games for them are simple and have no difficulty in controlling. So, for example, a child can just click on the screen and choose any items or colors.

An excellent example of educational applications will be those that teach how to interact with colors, sizes, and shapes. If you are interested in your child to develop with the help of modern technology, then we present you the 5 Best Sorting Color Apps for Kids (Android & iOS).

Bead Sort!

Bead Sort!Bead Sort! – this is one of the few applications, which will be suitable for both children and adults. If you like order, want to relax, and just something to occupy their hands, then this game will be ideal.

In the Bead Sort! all you need to do is sort the colored balls by color so that each category lies separately. The rules are really very simple – the player moves the ball of the desired color in a certain box, repeating this action countless times until everything is done.

Some of the people cope with the stress of coloring, you can sort the balls by color. Thanks to a simple control process and simple gameplay, your child may also be interested in the game.

Colorful graphics will attract your child’s attention, and the delaying and relaxing process will take a long time. Especially since the Bead Sort! Accompanied by pleasant music that will calm you down.

Bead Sort!1 Bead Sort!2

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Shapes – Toddlers kids games

Shapes - Toddlers kids gamesIn addition to colors, one of the ways your child’s development is a difference in shape and size. Usually, teachers and tutors combine this topic into one group for study – the developers decided to do the same.

In the game Shapes, your baby will get acquainted with different colors, shapes, and sizes, while studying their differences and remembering new material.

If your child is not so good at distinguishing colors and shapes, you can easily fix it with the help of classes in the application. Shapes is suitable for children, whose age is more than 2 years.

It is worth noting that your presence during the game is not required – the process of management is very simple and intuitive, so the child can cope on his own. His first acquaintance with the basic concepts in the world around him will be quite cheerful and fun.

Shapes - Toddlers kids games1 Shapes - Toddlers kids games2


Kids Sorting Games – Learning For Kids by Fabulous Fun

Kids Sorting Games - Learning For Kids by Fabulous FunYou can sort anything you want. The selection criterion can be any characteristic – color, size, category of the object, its purpose, and so on.

Kids Sorting Games is designed to ensure that children will be able to get practice in the process of the game, dividing items by special characteristics. Sorting and matching help them develop their visual perception of pictures and the world around them while training their memory and brain.

Adults will simply need to download Kids Sorting Games to their smartphone or tablet and give the device to their child. The application itself will engage in training, using bright and colorful objects that will attract the child’s attention.

The rules are quite simple – the baby should divide a bunch of objects on baskets of certain colors or divide them by another sign. Thanks to such sorting it is possible very quickly to learn the characteristics of objects and their attributes.

Kids Sorting Games - Learning For Kids by Fabulous Fun1 Kids Sorting Games - Learning For Kids by Fabulous Fun2


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Goodness Shapes by Little 10 Robot

Goodness Shapes by Little 10 RobotIf your child is not yet familiar with shapes, colors, or patterns, it is time to show him the game Goodness Shapes. Here, in the process of fun and entertainment, he can learn all the basic concepts of the world around him.

The game consists of several tests, passing which, your child will accurately learn the names and characteristics of the figures. Thus, in case of loss or inability to solve something on their own, the service will make tips, so the child will not cry or get upset.

Goodness Shapes offers to study the main figures (circle, square, star, etc.), colors and shape recognition, order and distribution, and so on.

The most important thing is that there are no purchases or advertising in the children’s application so that even while playing with your device, your child will not be able to make unwanted purchases.

Also, there is no need to constantly connect the network – the learning process is autonomous and can take place anywhere.

Goodness Shapes by Little 10 Robot1 Goodness Shapes by Little 10 Robot2


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Learn Colors for Toddlers – Educational Kids Game!

Learn Colors for Toddlers - Educational Kids Game!There is a lot for a child to learn at the preschool age. That is why in just a few years your child starts to walk, talk, distinguish colors and shapes, and much more.

An interesting game can develop your child’s memory, as well as help him learn something new in a game form. In addition to memory development, your baby will receive fine motor skills, as well as will be attentive and logical in the process.

Learn Colors for Toddlers is designed for children under 5 years old, who must learn colors, as well as learn many new words and subjects. In the game it is first proposed to learn 11 basic colors, using the game with objects of different shapes.

Then you can start to learn new words – usually, it is a set of basic products, furniture, nature and so on. With Learn Colors for Toddlers, the child will be taught during the game, developing their basic skills gradually. It is worth noting that all the material is fixed so that everything will be put into the child’s memory.

Learn Colors for Toddlers - Educational Kids Game!1


No development application can replace the full lessons with the teacher. Your child, no doubt, will develop and teach the new material, but the efficiency may be lower than in standard education.

Applications for sorting colors, figures, or objects can be useful for additional practice and repetition of the material, as well as if you need to distract your child for a while.

Such entertainment will be much more useful than if he will play a simple game or watch cartoons. We hope that our selection was useful to you and your goals.

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