15 Free Physics Based Games for Android & iOS

Physics-based games are popular among players all over the world. They are great for mobile platforms because their gameplay is quite primitive and the number of necessary tools for the game is minimal.

These games are varied, so you should be able to find something that suits your interests. Go through our review of these free physics-based games for Android & iOS and enjoy the option that interests you. 

These free sandbox games come with a similar mechanics, so you may try them and fall in love.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a funny racing strategy game in cartoon style. After loading immediately goes to the beginning of the race, in which you are taught how to drive a new racing car.

You only need to learn 2 pedals: the gas – on the right; the pedal that keeps the balance of the car – on the left. If you fail to keep your balance and the car still soars into the air – no big deal, there are cash prizes for tricks and turns of the car.

First, the race takes place in the countryside: green hills, plowed fields, and surprised cows watching the racers with their eyes. Each “iron horse” is given a flag of the country for which it stands, and the drivers are given funny nicknames, such as “Speedy” or “Slowpoke. 

The account connects to Facebook or Google Play, so progress is always reliably saved. The game itself also has career stats, which show the achievers earned by the racer.

At the top of the interface, there are 5 tabs that help you select the game mode: adventure, cups, team, events, and store. The game has 2 currencies: coins and blue diamonds, some upgrades are sold for real money. You can upgrade not only the race cars but also the garage, it gives more options.


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In the Orbit game, you will play with one of the most powerful forces in our universe, gravity.

Launch planets in orbit around black holes, and more often than not you won’t be dealing with just one black hole, but several at once, which affect both your planets and each other.

As you launch a planet, you will be able to see its initial orbit. But then, as the number of planets increases, their orbits will change. And not chaotically, but entirely subject to the laws of physics.

Black holes will have the strongest influence on the movement of the planets, but the planets themselves will also influence each other, attracting and repelling other celestial bodies, slowing down, and speeding up their movement.

On some levels you will be able to randomly change the size of the planets, creating massive giants like Jupiter and Saturn, around which, in turn, other satellite planets can rotate.

All in all, Orbit gives you the opportunity to learn about celestial mechanics in game form, without having to describe tedious formulas and laws.

Everything is in your hands, a deflection of your finger by a fraction of a millimeter will make a new planet collapse into a gravitational singularity or rotate on a bizarre trajectory around several black holes. 


Bouncy Buddies

Bouncy Buddies is a whole world in which the laws of physics are presented in game form. The bright 2D puzzle game will allow you to have a good time without the need for textbooks.

The main plot of the game is the time of the 80s. You will have to wrest the main character Bouncey Junior from the clutches of Cyclos.

He is recognized as the smartest on this planet, so you will have to make every effort to come out of this confrontation the winner.

 Without your help, the kid just can’t cope. Cunning villains set traps in your way, which will require logical reasoning and ingenuity. Almost all of the puzzles require the player to know physics.

Some relate to everyday activities, while others will require more serious knowledge. Surprisingly, there can be several correct answers. To bypass the enemy’s traps, you can also play around a bit.

The final task will have to be solved in the castle of the evil Cyclos. You just can’t let the cute Bouncey down. The game consists of dozens of rounds, each of which offers new and interesting puzzles.

During the journey, you will earn coins that can be spent on clothes and accessories for your character. A fabulous atmosphere, pleasant design, and a lot of unique puzzles will make you come back to Bouncy Buddies again and again.


Newton Ball

Do you want to try your hand at physics? Do you like to solve complex problems and answer extraordinary questions? Then install the NewtonBall app and do what you love.

The game does not require an in-depth knowledge of physics. It is enough to include logical thinking and use non-standard approaches to solve the proposed problems.

The multilevel game will keep you in pleasant tension until the very last round. All you have to do is answer the questions correctly and get stars for it. Once NewtonBall is in the basket, you will win.

For players’ convenience, the app offers 3 main levels, from easy to difficult. The “Professor” level is designed especially for experienced puzzle fans.

At first glance, it is extremely difficult, but the correct answer will make you smile. If you succeed in solving the problem, you will join our ranks of the “Hall of Fame”.

The app can be downloaded for free. It supports 10 languages and allows users from any country to play. Under “Puzzle of the week” you can find a new challenge. Play NewtonBall and enjoy interesting tasks and non-boring gameplay.


Angry Birds Friends

In the Angry Birds Friends game, you are invited to compete in destroying pigs with the help of birds with your friends on Facebook. Each week you are invited to pass a few new unique levels.

Set a record, take first place, and win the best pig slayer cup. By entering the game every day, you will receive various rewards and bonuses. During the game, you will be able to use four standards and one extra enhancement.

Angry Birds Classic is the very first game of the iconic series about angry birds and pigs. The birds here are pretty cute, but they were angry because the pigs stole their eggs from the nest.

Now your task is to take revenge on the mean green pigs by destroying all their buildings and wiping them themselves off the face of the earth. Use the birds themselves for this, launching them from a giant slingshot.

Adjust the tension of the rubber band in the slingshot and the angle of flight. Destroy the pigs’ fortifications, and hit the boxes of dynamite for spectacular explosions.

Each birdie has its own unique abilities: some can strongly speed up in flight, others break through glass and ice blocks of fortifications, some explode when falling down, and so on. Also, you can use different boosts.

Angry Birds Classic game offers several hundreds of different levels in several stages of the game, each with its own unique design and atmosphere.


Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed puzzle game. This time, Am Yum will go on a journey through forests, villages, deserts, car dumps, and more. Why? Our hero loves candy very much! And your task is to help him collect every candy.

During his journey, you will not only explore new locations but also meet a lot of tests and obstacles that will prevent you from performing your task – to feed Am Nyam.

Fortunately, in addition to obstacles, you will find other characters in Cut The Rope, who will be happy to help you get out of the most confusing situations and can come to your aid.

To feed Am Niamh, you need to carefully predict the direction in which the candy will go after each of your steps. One wrong action can cost you failure and lost candy.

Besides other heroes, you can be helped by bonuses and hints. Yet, this is expensive, so you need to think once more before buying a hint or another bonus.

For passing levels and completing secondary tasks you will receive coins, which can be spent to buy aids (hints and bonuses), as well as effects, accessories, and lollipops for Am Nyam. The number of attempts you can use to pass a level per day is limited, so it’s best to try to pass level after level on the first try.

Travel around the world with your pet and solve a lot of difficult tasks that will arise on your way.


Brain It On!

Brain It On is a cool puzzle game that helps you think outside the box in a flexible and unique way. Physics puzzles have materialized into a good hundred levels of the program. The walkthrough doesn’t take long and is excitably addictive.

Rock your brain in this fun, but very challenging puzzle game. You will understand how the physical laws work in this universe. The goal of the game is to pass each stage in which you have to draw different shapes and objects on the screen.

Tap the screen and draw a platform, a lever, a rock, or another object. Use your imagination and find the best solution. The task is getting more and more complicated each time, so use your intellect, logic, and wit.

For example, in some stages it is necessary to destroy the construction with the help of the drawn figure, in another stage it is necessary to move the ball, you need to draw a barrier or a lever to get the ball in the right place.

Tasks a lot and every day the developers please us with new ones, so start unraveling complex puzzles right now.



A simple and clear game with a geometric design. CircloO is designed for fans of methodical and relaxed entertainment.

The main task of the player with the moving ball is to collect the circles along the way. With each level, the circle becomes wider, and the obstacles, more. The player has to come up with new solutions, as the external situation changes significantly. 

The player can move the ball to the left and right side, so you have to pay maximum attention to the obstacles of each level. At your disposal will be not only the usual platforms of different heights.

In CircloO you will find different colored blocks for various constructions, planets with unusual gravitation, and unusual objects, the purpose of which is only guessed.

To enhance the intrigue, complex levels alternate with simpler ones. A nice bonus for the players: If you fail, you do not have to go through the whole game again. All you have to do is press the “Repeat” button and return to the desired round.

Mobile platformers gathered together the most interesting physical laws and events. We got a very unusual game that keeps the player in suspense until the last round. And pleasant music will help to relax and fully immerse into the gameplay. A great combination of science, design, and entertainment.


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Water Physics Simulation

The Water Physics Simulation mobile app will give a comprehensive insight into fluid modeling. An extremely addictive game based on the laws of physics about the behavior of water flows in any given situation. 

Players have access to 3 game modes, each of which has its own unique features. The first mode is presented in the genre of survival. By choosing it, the player will begin to build a boat or use a ready-to-travel through the waters of the ocean.

The user will have access to 13 parts of the real ship. The largest number of ships per user-5. You will be able to choose your own route of travel. To do this, you will be offered 6 different maps. Go on an unforgettable and dangerous journey with Physics Sandbox.

The powder game is for fans of bombs and explosions. Build a building and blow it up, and watch a bomb explode in the ocean. Each of the five types of bombs has its own distinctive features.

You will also be able to see the behavior of water flows in different situations: the effects of wind, high or low temperatures, and obstacles in the path of the flow.

Simulation mode allows you to create all kinds of objects, from high-rise buildings to huge liners. The game features 24 levels of varying difficulty. The player has only to choose a comfortable mode for themselves or try all three. Play Water Physics Simulation for free.


Age Of Brain

Do you want to try your hand at physics? Do you want to show off your extraordinary logic and unconventional thinking? Then you need to download the mobile application Age of Brain.

Totally new tasks, levels of different complexity, and pleasant designs will take your breath away for a long time and give you unforgettable emotions.

To play Age of Brain successfully, the knowledge of the laws of physics is not the most important detail. The company-developer Easybot Games requires from users non-standard behavior.

Each level offers the user new puzzles on the topic of physical phenomena. Do not look for clues in school textbooks or the Internet – turn your thinking to the full.

The game is available to users completely free of charge. Pass levels, share your successes with friends, and compare achievements with other participants.

Autosave is available, so you can interrupt the game at any time and pick up where you left off. If you want, you can buy a package with advanced features.

The gold pack blocks ads between levels, and the platinum pack guarantees hints and access to new options. Start training your brain today – download the Age of Brain app.



Shatterbrain instantly takes you into a world of complex geometric shapes and logical inferences. Orbital Nine Games has introduced a brand new product in the “Puzzle” and “Abstraction” genres.

You will have to create inconceivable geometric shapes and make the most unconventional decisions. The app has been downloaded more than a million times and is constantly updated.

The physics problems are not repeated and change themes in each new round. Each task has several solutions. Will you be able to find the most suitable one? 

You will love Shatterbrain if you like to fight with difficult tasks and find the best solution. You’ll need to make quick decisions, take smart actions and hold your temper. But what a pleasure you will experience when you solve a difficult puzzle.

Your assistants are logic, experience, and gravity. Although you can not always count on gravity. And to make the game more interesting, you can always determine your place in the standings.

The developer will be happy to get any feedback on their product. You can contact the experts via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.


Physics! Fun

Physics fun is possible. Let this game make learning the laws of physics not only rewarding but fun. This simulator has no purpose other than to give you a fun game.

You will be provided with a rag doll with which you can experience much of the laws of physics.  Improve, add, change and destroy. You can do absolutely anything in this game.

At your will, the rag doll can find itself in the waters of the ocean, under the sand, or in weightlessness. You can work with grains of sand, water currents, and gravity. In August, the app was completely updated with new locations and interesting items.

In the “Force” tab, you’ll find tools for destroying objects. Players can blast, smash and do serious damage to the dummy. Not only the usual options are available to you. The player can manually change the gravity settings, which immediately affects the dummy character.

The app can move the player to another location at any time. There are no accepted rules, everything depends only on you. Download Physics! Fun and create real miracles.


Steampunk Puzzle Physics Game

The SteamPunk Puzzle mobile app was created for brutal puzzle game lovers. The whole game is imbued with an atmosphere of science fiction and arts and crafts.

The user will be able to try their hand at more than 300 levels of varying complexity. Use logical thinking and common sense to break the records of other players.

The aim of the game is very simple: to get the proposed object in the container, which is located at the bottom of the screen. But to bring this to life will not be so easy: to do so will have to manipulate a complex mechanism.

Each part of the mechanism performs a specific function. Gears, screws, and bolts work together, affecting one another. Try to pass the level on the first try. 

The game will help you to have a pleasant time alone or with friends. The extremely simple menu and unusual design attract players of all ages.

The gameplay is measured, without unnecessary excitement. You will be alone with the miracle of technology and try to perform the task in the shortest possible time.

The developers have provided the app with pleasant sound effects, so the game will be interesting and enjoyable.



Sandbox offers to plunge into a fantastic world, where the laws of physics create real miracles.

The mobile app will appeal not only to fans of the scientific side. Here your long-standing dreams will come true. All you have to do is download the app and choose the right option in the menu.

More than a million players around the world have praised the capabilities of the sandbox. You can visually see what effect lightning produces when it hits a tree.

You will be able to observe the growth of plants, create and destroy a high-rise house, and recreate snowfall. Nothing is impossible here. Your desire is above all.

The game is great for creative ideas. Mix a few ingredients and watch the reaction. Players have a huge amount of materials and elements available.

In addition to minerals, rocks and natural phenomena are available to you as representatives of flora and fauna. Separately are the inventions of mankind, collected over the millennia.

The game does not require a serious approach or special skills. Sandbox- Physics Stimulator allows you to relax and spend time at your pleasure. The physics simulator requires an internet connection and 39 MB of free memory. Break up your daily routine with the wonders of physics.


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Sieger 2

With Sieger 2 you will feel like a real army commander. Under your keen guidance, your troops go into battle.

To leave the enemy no chance to win, you have to destroy all coverings with a mortar. Your goal is to make the minimum number of shots and cause maximum damage to the enemy.

For such a complex mission just need knowledge of the physical basics. It is necessary to aim at the bearing walls and floors so that the building collapsed as quickly as possible.

Your strategy determines the success of the entire mission. Don’t give your enemies the opportunity to go on the offensive – shoot first.

Sieger 2 works offline, so you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. The game is freely available on Google Play. An excellent simulator for practicing reaction speed and logical thinking.

Dynamic game, which captivates with rich gameplay from the first minutes. The better you cope with the task, the more rewards you get. 

Each level is unique and contains new puzzles. Try to pass all levels on the first try. Don’t let your enemies catch you by surprise.

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