SourceMonitor Software Review

Writing code that works well is a craftsmanship, and every master must have a journeyman. One that will carefully analyze the code, evaluate its complexity and help the developer organize their work easily and neatly. One that will offer you suggestions for improvement. Such a user-friendly assistant is provided to you by the Campwood Software team. And the name of the assistant is SourceMonitor.

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The application is a software polyglot. It will easily understand code written in Java and HTML, Visual Basic (VB6), and the family of C languages, but not only these. After analyzing the code, the SourceMonitor will create clear tables and graphs and provide you with metrics.

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Metrics can be either in XML, or in CSV, or a sufficient number of other formats. The Source Monitor can even build Kiviat diagrams to facilitate work with multivariate data.


Once you are aware of the systematic view of code analysis, you can begin defect elimination, if any. You can immediately make changes to the analyzed code, it is organized in such a way that it does not take much time and effort. Do this depending on the information gathered from the source code files.

Not only does the application evaluate the complexity of the code but analyzes if it has any weak points also. And it even tells you exactly how you can eliminate them. By measuring files, statements, comments, and more, you organize your code and run it further.


Oh yes, let’s not forget that the utility is freeware.

SourceMonitor – is right what you need to facilitate your work. Finding mistakes or analyzing the complexity is not difficult for him. It is ideal for anyone looking to develop their coding skills.

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Still, looking for a similar tool? Download the SourceMonitor, install it on any version of Windows, and enjoy the flight of your coding mind!

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