7 Best bird identifier apps for Android & iOS

It is the natural desire of many people to find out what sounds surrounding them. This is why the Shazam app was created, which allows you to define the music you hear.

But people decided to go a little further and define other sounds. That’s why this kind of technology exists for birds singing. By the way, besides singing, you can define a bird by its appearance or other distinctive signs.

For example, you can find a bird by simply typing into search its bright features in appearance or feathering. But it is quite difficult to search for it in your browser – so there are several handy applications.

We tried to find the best bird detection applications for you, with different systems represented among them. Somewhere you will have to record birds singing, somewhere just navigate through the pictures. You will be left to choose the convenient one!

Merlin Bird ID

merlin bird idMerlin Bird ID is a tool you can use to explore the wildlife. The application was developed by specialists from America’s leading universities that specialize in animals and birds.

The Merlin Bird ID allows you to find exactly the bird you are interested in at the moment. Moreover, the application is completely free and the search is incredibly fast.

So how does the whole system work? Initially, Merlin Bird ID asks you a few simple questions about the bird you are interested in. Then, based on your answers, you will get the most suitable species for your description.

By the way, if you are able to take a picture of a bird, the search will be even more accurate – Merlin Bird ID will determine who exactly is depicted in the photo. The application also determines which bird species are most likely to be near you.

The study is conducted in many regions of the world. By the way, the description of each bird contains an image, singing, as well as other background information.

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Picture Bird – Bird Identifier

picture birdAs you can understand from the name, Picture Bird is an application that deals with identification by photo. All you have to do is to take a picture of the bird – after that, you will literally know everything about it!

You can test the work of the application on the photos you already have, as well as fresh photos were taken right at the moment of research. Picture Bird will help you determine exactly what kind of bird it is in just a few seconds.

At Picture Bird you will need to upload a photo of the bird you are interested in. The application will then start searching for matches in its database, using modern technology. The accuracy with which a bird is identified also depends on the quality of the image.

Picture Bird is also appreciated for its ability to communicate with other nature lovers – the application represents a friendly community united by a common interest.

You will be able to keep track of the birds living in your area – Picture Bird will display the position of the population on the map, and they will also take their place in your collection.

picture bird1 picture bird2


Audubon Bird Guide

audubonThe Audubon Bird Guide is an application that works precisely with sounds. This service is one of the most complete bird guides. The application is designed both to track birds living nearby and to explore new species.

Every time you go out into the street, you can notice completely new and previously unseen species of birds that fly around you every day.

The Audubon Bird Guide allows you to determine exactly what kind of bird is flying around you. Mostly North American species are represented in the app, but you can meet them all over the world. If you can’t record the sound, you can describe exactly what the bird looked like.

The area guide, which will always be on your smartphone, contains a lot of different information about birds. It can be audio recordings of the bird singing, its pictures, detailed text from ornithologists, and much more.

Every time you are looking for a bird or enter information about it, the Audubon Bird Guide catalog is updated.

audubon1 audubon2


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GoBird – Guide to Nearby Birds

gobirdWould you like to know which rare birds live in your yard? Perhaps you often go for a walk in the forest and see a lot of birds there, whose names you don’t even know.

GoBird is an application that can help you get to know the birds around you, as well as find the best places to observe and study birds. You will be able to find out exactly where rare species live, as well as see a map showing all the places where they appear.

GoBird has over 100,000 bird singing records to help you identify the species. The application was created by ornithologists, who precisely identify all the species popular in the area. Also in GoBird there are pictures of birds that were seen near your location.

While in national parks or forests, you can learn about new species that you see every day on ordinary walks. The application has a simple interface where you can find all the information that you might be interested in.

gobird1 gobird2



birdnerdThis application is not a fully functional service and is currently only available at an early stage. So if you want to contribute to birdwatching and adding to the application collection, BirdNerd is for you.

Here the user will be able to identify the bird by its voice – so you will need to record the singing of a certain individual. BirdNerd will also be able to distinguish several bird species if they sing at the same time.

The application perfectly suppresses background noises, thus separating real bird singing from these noises. The search is based on a neural network with special algorithms, which searches for matches in the huge database of the application.

The more entries you upload to BirdNerd, the more accurate your bird’s detection will be. It is worth mentioning that the application is active in European countries – so it identifies species that have been observed in this region.

All the data you upload to BirdNerd will be analyzed and you will see the results immediately on your screen.

birdnerd1 birdnerd2


Bird Identifier by World Info

bird identifierThis application is also one of the simplest applications that offer you the ability to identify the birds around you.

Despite the simple interface and simple logic of the application itself, here you will still be able to identify the most popular and common birds, as well as find out which of them are found in your region. You will also be able to learn something new for yourself.

In order to correctly determine the desired species, Bird Identifier will ask you a few questions. Search criteria involve many factors, mainly related to body shape and structure of the bird.

You will also be able to easily explore all the species in the application – just based on categories. Each bird is accompanied by a photo of the bird and brief background information.

If you consider yourself a specialist and know about birds, in Bird Identifier you can pass several interesting tests. We hope that you will get just perfect results.

bird identifier1 bird identifier2


Bird Identification by Phuong Bui

bird identificationIf you are looking for an extremely accurate application, we present Bird Identification. Here the developers guarantee you the exact result, as well as the location of any species of birds that are near your home.

The application is not limited to one region of the world – you can search for individuals who live everywhere from penguins to Kookaburra. Most importantly, Bird Identification does all its work in just a few seconds.

The database used in Bird Identification was formed by real scientists. At the moment, it is regularly updated and maintained by scientists and employees around the world.

The information that is in the description of birds is provided by the developers from trusted professionals and ornithologists. You can also go to a page on Wikipedia dedicated to this bird.

Unfortunately, Bird Identification has only 3 days of the free trial period. So if birds are your constant hobby, you will need to buy a subscription to the app.

bird identification1 bird identification2


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Obviously, accurately identifying any bird is a rather difficult task even for people who are not ornithologists. But you can still rely on the good results if it is one of the most popular birds.

All presented applications are designed for users who just decided to find new information for themselves and to explore the world around them. Professionals will certainly not rely on such information.

We hope that the applications we have found will help you and you will learn a little bit more about the birds that sing around you every day.

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