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The well-known expression says that a person can look at three things infinitely: how fire burns, how water flows, and on the shining starry sky. And if most people faced on a daily basis with the first two sources of inspiration, while we know little about the sky offensively. What planet are called gas giants? How far is it from Earth to Mars? What is the brightest star? What is the absolute and relative magnitude? Answer these questions and find out what celestial bodies are over your head at the moment, will allow Star Walk 2. The main features of the application are 3D-models of constellations, augmented reality mode, and even the ability to turn back time.

Star Walk 2 is an exciting application that will appeal to all fans of space, science, or just dreamers. This application using GPS or simply the Internet will show you what is happening in the sky right now!

You need to aim at any site in the sky and the application will show all the stars, constellations, planets, moons, nebula, meteor streams, and much more online! It is noteworthy that the program will keep track of your current location and show just the portion of the sky that is over your head. You can zoom in every way to twist and starry sky. You will be able to click on anything, and you will discover more information about any space object. The most interesting feature is the rewinding time, where you can see the whole picture of the stars that move on the real path.
star-walk-astronomy-guide-2Look at the planet in the context, study its structure, and also all details about it with the help of Star Walk 2! The app will tell you about all the myths about the different constellations and much more! You can also turn on the camera mode and then you will be able to reunite the stars with your camera, and those that show the app for more detailed information! There is also a night vision mode!
Likewise, a huge plus of this application is a high-quality visualization! Simply stunning atmospheric music and the most beautiful graphics will immerse you in the exciting world!


  • a large number of settings for convenience;
  • night mode;
  • 4 options display the constellations;
  • hundreds of stunning 3D images;
  • actually existing stars and constellations;
  • the app is an excellent tutorial;
  • an abundance of interesting information;
  • the ability to know the distance between the stars in each constellation;
  • the ability to manage time;
  • a huge number of demonstrated celestial objects.

This is a very beautiful and unusual application that turns your phone into a real planetarium.





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