11 Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps for Android & iOS

Any modern smartphone has a built-in alarm clock function. You may even use a real watch or a smart bracelet for this purpose. But it’s worth noting that individual applications that you can install on your smartphone have many more advantages over built-in services.

If you often have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, we’re sure that you’ve already postponed your alarm clock many times before. This makes it very easy to miss a job, a meeting, or an important appointment, as well as just sleep for half the day.

So that you can do all the work in time and stay productive during the day, you need to wake up on time and in a great mood and, perhaps, 25 Best productivity apps for Android & iOS.

Perhaps you can lift your spirits with a nice program or phrase in the morning that will be heard during the alarm clock. We found 11 Best Talking Alarm Clock Apps for Android & iOS.

Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker

For those people who can’t stand to wake up from the alarm clock, the Sleepzy app is great. It fully monitors your sleep, determining which phase you’ll wake up most comfortably.

The service adapts easily to your sleep mode, no matter what time of day you are sleeping at the moment. Sleepzy helps you wake up rested and relaxed, enjoying your favorite music from the very morning.

The app shows you daily statistics of your sleep by marking certain phases and grades on the charts. With Sleepzy you can easily adjust your habits and lie down early to follow the developers’ recommendations.

Also, the application supports synchronization with Apple Health and Apple Watch, which gives you more information about your own health and rest. It also makes it easier to fall asleep: Sleepzy includes special relaxing music or melodies for you to fall asleep as soon as possible.


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Voice Reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm

If one alarm clock is not enough for you and you want much more functionality in one application, you can use Voice Reminder.

Not only does this service set a good voice alarm on your smartphone, but it also allows you to play alarms, create customizable reminders, and more. You can organize all your tasks in one app, and even if you’re busy doing something important, you’ll hear a voice reminder.

As well as setting up work and meetings, Voice Reminder also lets you make lists for weekends and home tasks. It automatically tracks the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family, so you’re sure to avoid embarrassment and congratulate them on time.

You have to admit, it’s quite a wide range of features for one application. And of course, your alarm clock will surely wake you up – and if you don’t wake up, the alarm will repeat itself over and over again.


Talking Alarm Clock Pro Free

Talking Alarm Clock has several versions of its application. At the moment we would like to tell you about the Pro version, but the standard version also has little difference in functionality and features.

Talking Alarm Clock allows you to wake up every morning to the voice of your favorite person or artist, listening to the prepared text as an alarm clock. In addition, you can set a standard melody or music – if you’re scared of the human voice next to you in the morning.

Talking Alarm Clock also works as your mobile assistant. The application allows you to add meetings and events that you must remember to your daily to-do list. During the day you will receive a voice reminder – you set the time and frequency of reminders yourself.

If you go back to the alarm function, it is worth noting one useful function. Talking Alarm Clock supports volume increase of melody or phrases, so you can wake up gradually and easily.


TalkClok. Talking Alarm Clock

Starting your day with something nice or interesting is important. If you wake up for a long time to the sound of a standard alarm clock melody, in time you will simply start to hate it! TalkClok allows you to change the idea of waking up and start your day properly.

Here you will be able to control the time of your awakening, as well as the things that you have to do today. If you know in the morning that you will be going to a restaurant with a friend in the evening, it will be much more pleasant to get up.

Also in TalkClok you can listen to the weather forecast in your region, the latest world news, traffic on the roads and much more from the very wake-up time.

For example, your alarm clock will tell you what happened on your Twitter overnight, or that you should leave home as soon as possible, otherwise you risk getting into traffic jams.

All the details are individual and easy to set up, so you don’t have to spend too much time every night. Set up your wake-up time in TalkClok for the whole week and wake up with pleasant thoughts.


myAlarm Clock: News + Radio Alarm Clock

myAlarm Clock is a special application that makes waking up users more pleasant and invigorating. Thanks to a large number of features and capabilities of the application, you will get up every morning at the right time, sleeping and having no problems with sleep.

By the way, you can wake up to your favorite programs and podcasts on the radio, defining your favorite radio stations, or installing the most popular in the country by default. MyAlarm Clock offers up to 100 radio stations to choose from for each country.

Of course, you can also set any other wake-up sounds you like. Your alarm clock can be activated with your favorite music, light show, vibration. There is also a soft wake-up function – the volume of a silent alarm clock will increase over time, allowing you to easily overcome your sleepy state.

MyAlarm Clock will keep you awake at work or at the beginning of the day – choose a certain amount of time between the signals and their delays, so you won’t be able to fall asleep again and miss all the fun.


Talking Weather alarm clock

Talking Weather alarm clock will allow you to find out all the latest news, weather reports, and much more. With it, you won’t need to look for a weather forecast in the morning or turn on your TV – there’s a risk of getting carried away and being late.

This app tells you whether you should bring an umbrella, what happened overnight in the world, or what kind of celebration awaits you today or in a few days.

Talking Weather alarm clock allows you to set up all the information you will receive. For example, you can find out the weather in the morning for the next 5 days or just for today, but in detail.

The service has direct access to the alert signals, and you can not just take and cancel the repetition of the signal if you are not awake yet. Also, Talking Weather alarm clock supports 10 different world languages, in which you will listen to the information – you only need to select the voice of the speaker.


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bedr alarm clock radio: US and World Radio

Waking up to your favorite shows on the radio is much more enjoyable than hearing the alarm squeak. The bedr alarm clock radio app gives users what they want – a soft and pleasant wake-up no matter how long you sleep.

Here you can set up all the details of what happens in the morning – what you will listen to, what time the wake is scheduled, and other nuances. To wake up gradually, you just need to turn on the Smooth Alarm function.

The Smooth Alarm clock radio has access to more than 8,000 radio stations from around the world. In their list, you can easily find something in your language or with a topic of interest – sports, politics, or theme channels.

All controls and settings are intuitive, and you won’t have to understand a simple alarm clock for long. Also in the bedr alarm clock radio, you can set the music for a dive into a dream – usually, these are soft and pleasant melodies that are turned off on their own after a specified period of time.


CARROT Alarm – Talking Alarm Clock

If you do not wake up from standard alarms and with soft wake-up functions, we recommend you to try CARROT Alarm. This alarm clock will not stop to wake you up and lift you from your bed.

It is a sophisticated system that will make you wake up. You won’t be able to just turn off the whole system and relax, because artificial intelligence will keep an active dialogue with you all the time.

Your job is not to upset CARROT in the morning. Every day, the system will wake you up with songs and jokes, as well as use prohibited methods to wake you up. For example, CARROT can threaten to kill a kitten if you don’t wake up and get out of bed right now.

To calm the system down, you’ll need to do a few strange things in the morning – like pinch the toaster on your smartphone or clean your cages. If you do everything on time, you’ll even get an award!



Despite the fact that many users are looking for multifunctionality in applications, simple services also remain in demand. Talking Alarm Clock is an absolutely transparent and simple application, which does not contain any unnecessary functions and features.

You simply install it on your smartphone and start the process for a certain time. It is equipped with soothing melodies and other options.

It’s worth telling you a little bit about the alarm clock itself. Talking Alarm Clock provokes your awakening by constantly chanting time. Yes, when you wake up, you hear the numbers on the watch that are always accurate.

This will continue until you really get up, and every repeat function will resume these sounds. Of course, if you do not want to wake up absolutely all people around you and even your neighbors, you can set a calm and quiet alarm clock, but in this case, you will not be able to wake up instantly.


Hourly Reminder – On Time Talking Alarm Clock

Hourly Reminder is an application that is similar in functionality to an old cuckoo clock. Every hour you will be notified of what time it is with the text.

Every user will be able to add their favorite music to this reminder simply by uploading it to the app. The Hourly Reminder allows you to never install or configure anything, so you only need to run it once for this regular reminder.

In order to increase your productivity and activity during the day, Hourly Reminder offers a permanent solution to small mathematical problems. Their level of difficulty may be quite different, but this warm-up to the brain improves your concentration and memory, and you become more productive and focused.

For people who want to control their workflow, there is another convenient function. The Hourly Reminder triggers alarms every hour with the expectation that you are working continuously for 50 minutes and resting for 10 minutes. This approach can be adjusted and you can set your own time intervals.


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Radio Alarm Clock – PocketBell

Start your day with your favorite music – you don’t have to put it on the ringtone in the settings of a standard alarm clock. PocketBell invites you to wake up with your favorite radio station or playlist, so you can wake up in a good mood.

The app will turn your smartphone into an online radio that will lift your spirits in the morning, and you can charge up positive and get out of bed.

PocketBell has a very simple control and setup process. No extra features or extra service charges – you can intuitively set up the signal in seconds and then go straight to work.
Gesture control is also available here, allowing you to turn off your alarm with a simple movement. The main thing is that you still have to wake up after such a shutdown!

It will be enough to shake your phone, flip it over – PocketBell will understand that it is time to stop playing music. Of course, you should set the alarm again to wake up for sure.


We’ve tried to put together quite different alarms for you. Some will wake you up delicately and unobtrusively – so that by the appointed time you are awake. Others will loudly and decisively remind you of your wake-up so that you don’t have any options for sleeping for a few more minutes or even hours.

Sony will certainly not remain indifferent to at least one of the services provided and will be able to choose what suits them best. Of course, it is worth remembering that it will be difficult to get up with an alarm clock if you managed to sleep only 2 hours a night.

We hope that our article has helped you and you learned a little more about interesting and functional alarms.

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