11 Free Audition Apps for Android & iOS

Would you like to become a star or at least gain popularity? If your answer is yes, then we are sure that you have already attended castings and interviews. You can also check the list of 11 Cool apps to gain more followers on TikTok to gain followers on TikTok.

They are not always successful for you and it takes more than 10 interviews to finally get a small role in a film, TV series, or commercial. In order to facilitate your search, we have gathered special Audition Apps.

In most of these applications, you need to create a questionnaire where your photos, works, experience, and parameters will be placed. For casting directors, this greatly simplifies the task of searching – perhaps, it is your type they are looking for a new role.

Of course, you may not be lucky right away and it will still take a long time to find your way – but you will have a better chance when using applications. We have collected for you 11 Free Audition Apps for Android & iOS, so you can make your search a little easier.

StagePool Jobs & Castings

StagePool Jobs & CastingsStagePool is one of the best applications for finding creative work. Actors, singers, dancers, and other creative team members can easily find suitable castings and auditions here.

StagePool is available all over Europe, so if you live in Europe, then feel free to install the application and start using it. Create your resume in the application, attach photos and resumes, and start searching.

Every day StagePool publishes new vacancies, to which you can respond. You can even look for different jobs in the application for a team of professionals and beginners.

You can personalize your search and install filters that will help you select the most appropriate options. StagePool will send you a notification every time you’re interested and respond to your feedback on the job. Try to find an interesting job in Europe – perhaps this is your real chance.

StagePool Jobs & Castings1 StagePool Jobs & Castings2

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Collabor8Large brands are often looking for new faces to advertise their products. If you have already had experience in the media field, then perhaps your social media account is quite popular.

Collabor8 is a platform where you can collaborate with big brands to provide them with advertising services in your account. Your collaboration can be quite long and interesting for you, and Collabor8 will do everything to make it happen.

You will need to register and create your profile in the system. All you need to do next is to request cooperation with different companies. By the way, when you finish your work, you will also be able to leave feedback about the company you work with – so that other users know about your experience.

Collabor8 brings companies and new people together with whom they could collaborate. You won’t have to wait long for company representatives to find you – write to them yourself and get a quick response.

Collabor81 Collabor82

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Smule – Social Karaoke Singing

Smule - Social Karaoke SingingIf you love to sing and really want to create a career in this industry, you can practice in the Smule application. With its help, you will record your creativity and sing a duet with anyone – even with your favorite artists.

Sometimes managers are looking for new talents in the application, and you can become one of the candidates. It should be noted that this social karaoke can also give you new friends, because you will sing together, being in different parts of the world.

In order to improve your creativity, Smule offers you to add various effects. For example, after recording, you can edit it a little – add studio effects or improve the tone.

Smule gives you the ability to record a real music video, recording vocal parts and visual parts separately. In fact, the application is a popular service of online karaoke, where you are given the freedom of creativity. Choose from an extensive library of songs and performers and start enjoying what you do.

Smule - Social Karaoke Singing1 Smule - Social Karaoke Singing2

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FilmStry – Casting Call, Audition & Crew updates

FilmStry - Casting Call, Audition & Crew updatesThousands of auditions are held every day around the world, with hundreds of candidates taking part. FilmStry provides you with complete information about where an audition takes place and what project it is associated with.

Events in the application are added by the casting directors, so you will directly interact with the current project team. Auditions are held all over the world – Asia, the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

If you have moved and do not know what project you can work on at the moment, just use FilmStry. Here you can find both suggestions for ongoing collaboration and work on individual projects and events. You will need to create your own profile, and all employers will see it.

In the offer list, FilmStry will provide you with all possible options for daily castings – you will need to install filters and criteria for selecting these jobs. Run the application and view all the vacancies by category.

FilmStry - Casting Call, Audition & Crew updates1 FilmStry - Casting Call, Audition & Crew updates2


StarNow Audition Finder

StarNow Audition FinderIn order for your talent to be revealed, you must take some steps to do so. That’s why we suggest you use the StarNow application. Here for you are collected auditions, castings, the model offers, and much more.

It is worth noting that the service is not limited to any country or region – talents around the world will be able to find something suitable for themselves. StarNow is designed for actors, models, statisticians, stylists, makeup artists, and other professionals.

Model agencies use StarNow to find new faces and unique models. You will be noticed if you create your own resume and fill it with the best works. You can join the system for free, but if you use it for a long time you will need to pay for membership – it can be standard, premium, or elite.

You’ll also be able to follow other models and actors, navigate through their profiles, and see who’s watching and interested in you. StarNow will connect you to the right people.

StarNow Audition Finder1 StarNow Audition Finder2


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Online Casting Director

Online Casting DirectorYou do not always have the opportunity to visit in person the audition that you are interested in. Online Casting Director is a service that will help you remotely pass the casting and monitor other similar opportunities.

If you succeed, you will be invited to the team, and only after that, you can go to the right place. So if you would like to get to Bollywood, then Online Casting Director will be your perfect way to pass the interview without a personal presence.

Online Casting Director constantly publishes new offers. There is also a unique function – broadcast auditions, so you can understand exactly how you behave and what to do.

In the application, you will receive notifications when you are invited to a project. Online Casting Director constantly publishes shortlists after auditions, as well as gives you contacts of the necessary agencies. Use the application, and if you come to Mumbai to work, the service will support you and give guidance for proper work.

Online Casting Director1 Online Casting Director2



IMDbProIMDbPro is not a service where job offers will fall on you. Here you will need to look for opportunities yourself, but nevertheless, it is a great application.

It is suitable for all professionals in the field of entertainment and film, who would like to take part in new projects. Especially since IMDbPro has no territorial restrictions and you can use it in any country, wherever you are.

In IMDbPro you can find various profiles of people who have already been in a movie, series, or show. You will also be able to study a huge database of films and TV series to see which project you would like to participate in.

IMDbPro provides you with contacts and information about a huge number of projects and companies that can look for new faces right now – you just need to contact them. If you decide to track a person or project, just subscribe to their profile and they will send you notifications about any updates.

IMDbPro1 IMDbPro2

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WoB Casting : Bollywood Audition

WoB Casting Bollywood AuditionBollywood is constantly looking for talents, and you can become one of them. The WoB Casting application gives you the opportunity to find the latest Bollywood and Tollywood auditions, as well as various series and movies.

To work, you’ll need to create a profile and attach your photos and best works to it, and the team of project assistants will find you. When you create a profile, you can count on getting into an ad or the cover of a magazine – just go through the interviews.

It’s worth noting that your contact details should be included in your WoB Casting profile so that the Casting Director can contact you if he or she is interested.

The application itself does not create a profile – you send all your data by e-mail to the developers, all information is checked and only then your profile will appear on WoB Casting.

This ensures security, and managers will be sure of your candidacy. All the more so because the service’s capabilities are not limited to shooting – you may also receive offers on advertising.

WoB Casting Bollywood Audition1


Audition App Bollywood

Audition App BollywoodThe entertainment industry always needs new faces. You can perfectly dance or sing, but do not have the opportunity to gain popularity. Audition App Bollywood will give you the opportunity to find customers or employers who are ready to cooperate with you.

The fact that the application allows interested companies to organize castings and select the right people, and you can get into their lists. A simple interface will allow you to quickly understand the functionality and capabilities of the application, as well as give a real chance to become a popular star.

Audition App Bollywood is a platform for interaction between people in search of castings. You will be able to send your video for an audition to major companies and projects, and they will set you a meeting time or finally approve your candidacy.

It is worth noting that since all the castings are held at a certain time, you can use an excellent planner in Audition App Bollywood. It shows a calendar, which marks all your future auditions – so you will not forget about them.

Audition App Bollywood1 Audition App Bollywood2


Audition Hub – Bollywood & serial Audition Updates

Audition Hub - Bollywood & serial Audition UpdatesCasting calls, events, and selection of people to the team can take place regularly. Audition Hub will provide you with up-to-date information on all the opportunities that are available to you.

Interviews are held throughout the UK, the United States, and Asia, so you can find interesting projects anywhere in the world. Would you like to advertise yourself in a film or TV series? Easily, just find the right option.

Audition Hub constantly publishes new proposals from casting directors. Of course, here you will not get the role of the main star of the movie – but you can start your career with small roles.

The application will allow you to create your own profile to communicate with the producers, who will conduct interviews. Also, Audition Hub will be useful for those people, who can’t find a job and want to become part of a creative team. Find the event you need or an interesting offer and start working with new people.

Audition Hub - Bollywood & serial Audition Updates1 Audition Hub - Bollywood & serial Audition Updates2


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Dazzlr- Acting & Modeling jobs

Dazzlr- Acting & Modeling jobsDazzlr can be considered a real market where people can sell or offer their services. It may sound a little strange, but you can really find a job here or communicate with candidates for the position you need.

If you have talents and would like to show them, Dazzlr can help you. The developers recommend you to upload to your resume all your best works and portfolios, so that the customer can see at once what you are capable of and whether you are suitable for the necessary role.

Dazzlr uses intelligent casting technologies, which help to select candidates in more detail and by all necessary parameters. So you will receive only those offers, in which you are already considered a potential candidate.

The same service will offer you a variety of alternatives that could be suitable for you. If you want to receive notifications about new castings – just turn on notifications from Dazzlr, and as soon as the producer starts looking for candidates, you will be the first to know about it.

Dazzlr- Acting & Modeling jobs1 Dazzlr- Acting & Modeling jobs2


Not all services are popular among users and casting directors. In spite of this, each of them contains a set of offers and vacancies to which you can respond. In order to build a career of a popular person – actor or model – you need to constantly act and look for as many opportunities as possible.

Simply try to place your profile in some of the submitted applications or look for the nearest castings. We hope that our article has helped you in your search for a convenient service, as well as wish you good luck on your way to your dreams.

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