17 Best free Music download apps for iPhone

Some iOS users still do not know how to download new music to their device. iTunes is not so easy to use, so the iPhone owners have to look for additional options. Uploading files can be done either with the help of special programs on the computer or through the applications. The latter option is preferable because it is more mobile. After all, the phone, unlike a computer, is always at hand.

There are many different applications for downloading music, both paid and free. All of them work on the same principle, allowing the user to search, listen and download the audio tracks they need.
Let’s talk about some of these applications. Here we present the list of best & free music download apps for iPhone:


The creators of SoundCloud for the iPhone have made the application interface so minimalistic that sometimes, there is a feeling that something is missing. In fact, this well thought out minimalism greatly simplifies the use of the SoundCloud and allows you to enjoy your favorite music without being distracted by trifles. In order to start playing a track or pause it, you can click on any part of the screen. Liked the song – click on the heart in the corner of the screen. Share with your friends on the social networks, repost for a split second, control the player from the lock screen. Want to listen to the next recording – just swipe your finger to scroll forward or backward.
You can customize what will be displayed on your main screen – the music stream from your friends, music which is popular at the moment, popular audio, or tracks and mixes marked with a tag of your favorite music style. To do this, just click on the button that takes you to a simple menu, and make your choice. On the profile screen, you will not see anything superfluous: only the music you marked with your likes and your playlists.
In the latest version, the application has become even more social: it is now incredible to simply search, comment and like records from your mobile device.


  1. Record tracks and share them on the SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.
  2. Go to Facebook, find and add your friends to the SoundCloud.
  3. Listen, like and comment on any records in your selection (Stream), read and like comments in the Activity.
  4. Look at users profiles, listen to their records.
  5. Record now and download it later.
  6. Background playback.

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Free Music Download Pro

Download all multimedia content with one application! All downloaded files will be in one download list, from where you can manage the playlist, rename them and copy them to any place on the device. The program contains its own built-in player with a thoughtful interface for listening to audio and video files. The library supports playlists, own rating of songs and – as a bonus – an editor of tags and lyrics of songs.

  1. A browser with the function of downloading groups of files and a password manager.
  2. Download manager.
  3. Automatic renaming of music files with information from tags.
  4. File manager with export to Photoroll.
  5. Integration with Dropbox.
  6. Media player with a timer, song text, screen lock and music and video playing in the background.
  7. Library with the editor of tags, lyrics, import of music from the iPod library.
  8. Exchange files from your PC.


  • A convenient browser in which the download manager is displayed in a separate application.
  • Successfully implemented downloading of multiple files at the same time.
  • Ability to manage files and make playlists from downloaded files.
  • A large number of different settings for advanced users.
  • Separate player control menu for the lock screen.


  • A very small extension of the functionality for a standard browser.
  • Inability to download content from YouTube.

The Free Music Download Pro – is suitable for fans of downloads of a large amount of multimedia content that face problems with renaming and managing downloaded multimedia data. The application will greatly facilitate the task of downloading, sorting files and their further listening.

iDownloader Pro

This application works on the same principle as the Free Music Download Pro. The only difference is that iDownloader Pro allows you to download media files from any source. Files downloaded to the device can be opened only with the help of the program, since they are stored in its internal repository.


Spotify is a streaming music service with over 300 million songs and an audience of over 100 million people, available in 66 countries around the world. The service can be used on desktops, mobile devices, the web, as well as on game consoles, TVs, and stereos.
Spotify was and is one of the most popular services offering a legal opportunity to listen to online tracks from a huge music catalog. However, the users love the service not only for this. The main advantage of Spotify is the algorithms for selecting music, which is almost perfectly tailored to the listeners’ tastes.

In addition, there are thematic playlists compiled by other users of the service and by the musicians themselves. Each week you will be waiting for a playlist with selected tracks, and so-called Daily Mix is daily available. Also, in Spotify, there are very cool personalized radio stations based on performers, playlists, genres or individual tracks. And also cross-platform support and the ability to control playback from any device.
This application is provided in a free mode for 1 month. Next, you will need to pay.
Recently, a number of restrictions on free audition have been removed and the service has become much more comfortable. Paid subscription (the first month of PRO-functions is free, and then $ 9.99 per month) allows:

  • upload tracks to mobile devices for offline listening;
  • skip any songs at any time (actual on mobile devices);
  • to protect yourself from advertising banners and periodically pop-up ads;
  • listen to songs as 320 kbps.

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Freegal Music

The application permits you to download more than 9 million mp3 music. The best performers, retro music and musical compositions from all over the world!
After installing the application, you need to make sure that your library has contracted for the Freegal service.

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The program allows you to find and download audio files in mp3 format from a variety of Internet sources, including social networks. Search can be carried out according to various criteria, including popularity in a particular country. Pre-listening is supported. In addition, the program has a fully functional offline player with an equalizer, intra-rewind and image display function. Supports work when the screen is locked and in the background. The program has a simple, understandable and stylish interface. But the most important – the application is free.
Look, listen and upload favorite tracks without restrictions on your iPhone absolutely free. Lots of free music, DJ sets, remixes, and live concerts. Now, you have the possibility to listen to the uploaded compositions OFFLINE!


  1. The app supports iPhone 5, 5c, 5s.
  2. The ability to listen to music online and/or load music in one click.
  3. Pre-listening before downloading.
  4. A convenient search by artist, DJ, song, remix or cover is provided.
  5. Sort by name, type, size and date.
  6. Multifunction media player.
  7. The downloading of album covers.
  8. Equalizer with BassBooster.
  9. Lock the screen during playback.
  10. High-precision slider to rewind songs.
  11. Playing music in the background.


Users who do not want to buy music through iTunes often ask themselves “how can I download music to the iPhone?” This application is the answer to it. It allows you to download your favorite audio tracks to your iOS device and enjoy them offline.

Zvooq is an application that is sure to please any music lover. The program allows you to download and listen to songs of the most diverse genres and directions completely legally. The library itself includes more than fifteen million tracks. All of them are conveniently grouped and available for downloading for further listening in off-line mode. From the downloaded songs you can easily create playlists, recommend them to friends, “like” and so on. The developers of the program can also be praised for the fact that they regularly create collections of interesting music for their users. Also, in the program, there is a section with recommendations in which you are sure to find what to listen to.

The application is very stylishly designed, you can immediately note the convenient design and nice colors. Here, users are offered various playlists, in which you can find both the most popular songs for the current period of time and those that have already entered the history. Using the “download” button, the audio file is downloaded to the smartphone, after which you can listen to it anywhere without connecting to the network. With the help of convenient sorting and searching technologies, the user will not have difficulty in finding the song of interest. In addition, the Zvooq is not only an application for downloading but also a player for the iPhone.


  • Contains music of different genres and directions.
  • Allows you to create playlists.
  • Offers the user selections with interesting and popular music.
  • Allows you to download music for later listening in offline mode.
  • Has a very nice graphical interface.


  • Provides access to a huge library of music only for a monthly subscription.

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iMusic Cloud Free

This application gives you the opportunity to find, save to your cloud storage your favorite music tracks with their further listening offline.
Now you can listen to what you want without connecting to the Internet. A simple and intuitive interface will help you with this!
Just download the application, upload your favorite tracks to the cloud, then, play them anytime, anywhere!

  1. Multifunctional player.
  2. Background playback.
  3. Control from the lock screen.
  4. Manage playlists.
  5. Sorting files.
  6. Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive.



Evermusic is considered to be the best solutions for accessing music tracks and an entire library hosted in cloud services. After you have moved the media library to the remote repository, the application will connect to the desired account and plays the music directly from there. In the list of supplied services – Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Web Dav. The desired music can be saved to the device’s memory, so you can listen to it without the Internet connection.

According to the design, the Evermusic resembles the standard Apple full-time player. However, the utility has an undeniable advantage in the form of the possibility to play audio recordings remotely and save compositions to the iPhone or iPad. Thus, music scattered across various cloud services can be collected in one place. According to the developer, the player should be the main tool for listening to song recordings on the iOS devices.

The Evermusic supports files in mp3, aac, m4a, wav, aiff, m4r formats and offers several listening modes, including repeat and shuffle, playback speed control, memorization of playback position (for audiobooks), search, sleep timer and others. The full support for Airplay is declared. In the settings of the Evermusic, you can specify the type of connection to prevent accidental consumption of mobile traffic.

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Free Music Downloader for SoundCloud

The application will be useful for all music lovers, and especially for users of the social network SoundCloud. This application allows you to download music from the SoundCloud directly from your iPhone or iPad.
The main functionality of the application is a download manager that supports downloading music in the background, downloading via 3G and other mobile Internet connections, downloading through multiple streams (simultaneous downloading multiple files). Also, you can fully control the process of downloading music: pause and resume downloads, undo and restart.

The music itself is searched in the SoundCloud library. You can also listen to music online without downloading it to your iPhone/iPad.

The program supports sorting songs by performers, song names, albums. It is able to display covers. There is a playback queue, like in the desktop version of iTunes, the modes of repeating and mixing music.
What is interesting is that the volume and brightness are adjusted in a usual gesture, which turned out to be very convenient. For fans to fall asleep to the music, a sleep timer is provided. And for particularly demanding users there is support for AirPlay and music management from your headset.


Now, you have the opportunity to search and listen to your favorite music, available on SoundCloud. You can listen to tracks online, or download them to your device.

  1. Online/offline playing.
  2. The possibility of pre-listening before downloading.
  3. Convenient search and sorting.
  4. A great player with a lot of features.
  5. Save album covers.
  6. Background playback.

It is worth noting, you can download only those songs that have the official permission of the artist. Observe their terms and copyrights!


Spinrilla is a functional application that is rapidly gaining popularity. And this is because of its functionality, simple and intuitive control, low requirements for the “internal stuffing” of the mobile device, represented by the application Spinrill. The new version contains changes that have increased the stability of the player.

The main purpose is to listen to high-quality and most modern music. It provides access to a huge number of hip-hop mixtapes including compositions by popular artists and DJs. It is important that the program allows you to download your favorite collection and listen to audio even if you do not have an active Internet connection!


  1. Allows you to listen to the most advanced music.
  2. Simple settings, convenient menu.
  3. Stability and high speed of work.

The soft is colorful and laconically decorated in pleasant colors for the eyes. Depending on the preferences, the owner of the mobile device can change the graphic design of the interface in one touch and select the theme that he likes. Large buttons make it convenient to work with the program on devices equipped with small-sized displays.

The app will appeal to music lovers, owners of mobile devices, watching for novelties in the music world. Now, the tracks of your favorite artists will be in your pocket, in the truest sense of the word!

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Eddy Cloud

Eddy Cloud is a cloud-based player that not only plays music directly from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. but also manages content in playlists and individual folders.
In addition to direct playback, the Eddy Cloud allows you to download music to the device’s memory (you must first connect the cloud service), organize it into separate folders, and upload it to the cloud storage.
If you do not have a permanent connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, the music collection is best downloaded to the device’s memory and it will always be with you. The memory at any time can be quickly released by deleting the entire library in the application settings.
The content downloaded to the application can be grouped into separate folders and moved from one folder to another. Also, there is a convenient feature – the ability to work simultaneously with a group of files (Select All). In a separate window, you can create and modify playlists, grouping your music according to your mood.

Media player in the Eddy Cloud differs from competitors in some functions: start/pause, switch between tracks, repetition and mixing are also among competitors, but the increase in playback speed, bookmarks, and sleep timer – no. When switching between the application windows, the music playback does not stop and you can not deprive yourself of musical pleasure while organizing your music library.

The Eddy Cloud is one of the best cloud players for the iPhone.  The Cloud service is connected in just a few seconds and you have got an access to its content through the Eddy Cloud interface.

In the app settings, you can limit the download of music only over Wi-Fi or over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You can increase the limit of simultaneous downloads, enable the display of file extensions. In the player settings, you can change the length of the track that is cached before playback (buffering time), automatically update the cache, manage the loading and processing of album covers.

About the interface of the app, there is nothing to say to the editors except the words of thanking: it is simple, intuitive, flexible and important – convenient to the eyes.


  • You will really like it for its capabilities, usability and the quality of working with cloud storage.


  • There is no support for FLAC.


Become one of a million who is already enjoying their favorite music on their iPhone offline.
Synchronize all your iOS devices, manage MP3 files and play them regardless of whether there is a Wi-Fi connection or not.
This application is a full-featured player that allows you to play music in the background, supports headphones and Air Port, it has screen lock control.
You can easily go to one of the cloud stores or create a playlist from several. There is a convenient search for songs by artist, date, track duration, size. You can move, change the order of tracks and delete them.

Free Music Play

Upload your favorite music!

Search, play and download your favorite songs on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, and also play them offline in any place and anytime! At your service unlimited free music and millions of songs, playlists, mixes, remixes and much more.

Key features:

  1. Download and play your favorite tunes.
  2. Look for any artist, song or any albums.
  3. Powerful music player.
  4. Listen to songs before downloading.
  5. The list of songs of performers from the top 20.
  6. Random play and repeat functions.
  7. Play music in the background.
  8. Playback controls on the lock screen.
  9. Share music on social networks.
  10. Album covers.
  11. Support for iPhone and iPad.


It’s a pleasure to use the Musicloud application on your iPhone! You will be able to listen, manage and sync your favorite music on all Apple devices, as well as on cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
The Musicloud application is also an excellent music player!
Key features:

  1. Supports FLAC format.
  2. Ability to set a timer to turn off the player.
  3. Lock the screen while listening to music.
  4. Background playback.
  5. Equalizer settings.
  6. Create your own playlists.
  7. Synchronization with iTunes.
  8. Track manager.
  9. Convenient search and sorting.
  10. Create and manage folders.

Here are some applications for downloading any music on iPhone. There are many paid and free applications that allow you to upload music files to your device. Among them, there are some which work through subscription. Some applications specialize only on tracks from the social networks, others allow you to download songs from absolutely any resource. Thus, the choice of a specific program depends only on the wishes and preferences of the user.

Freemake Musicbox

FreemakeMusicbox really stands out from its counterparts. This is a convenient and multifunctional interface, excellent laconic design, and, of course, the ability not only to listen but also to download your favorite music.
The program enables:

  1. Play music tracks and simultaneously watch clips from YouTube.
  2. Find the desired song in any available arrangement on the Internet.
  3. Search for songs by special hashtags.
  4. Access to a large number of radio stations.
  5. Share tracks in social networks.

In addition, the search engine automatically corrects the user’s typos. Another plus of the application – the downloading of your favorite music is done automatically.

The FreemakeMusicbox has a free access. For a symbolic amount the user can turn off advertising, and for a small fee, the program will work in the mode of saving traffic. The fee must be paid monthly, otherwise, the functions will stop working.

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