9 Best Treadmill Calorie Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

RUN! From work, from problems, from quarrels, from overweight, from goodies… Just run to your dream – perfect shape! Too cold? Too hot? Get on the treadmill and no excuses! It is always comfortable inside and you can do sport easily! But how can we track our calories burned? Was this running worthy?

To see your achievements you need a treadmill calorie calculator app. You don’t have to google the average number of calories that you burn or do painstaking counting and waste time. You can do it in a matter of minutes. Insert all basic facts like time, distance, and your current weight, and get all figures. Moreover, apps may also have an array of types of running, so you will get the most precise information. Just find the one that will suit all your needs.

This article is devoted to 9 Best Treadmill Calorie Calculator Apps for Android & iOS and what they can do for you.

Nike run club

Nike run club Nike has made a great attempt not only to provide you with sports clothes but also to ease the process of training, and released a user-friendly and intuitive app to control your running success.

How does it work? This app will be useful outside, tracking your route with GPS, speed, and distance; and inside in a gym or at home while you are on a treadmill. When you finish your running session, the app will show you the average pace, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate. What is noticeable is that the screen color changes as you run according to the distance that you cover. You may also share your results with your friends on the social web after having fulfilled cardio.

Among additional customized features, there are personalized challenges and audio-guided runs promoted as incentives.

 Nike run club   Nike run club


Treadmill Workout

Treadmill Workout If you want to acquire resultative techniques of running to lose weight along with tracking your outcomes of training, Treadmill Workout will do both. The app includes an array of programs (cardio and high-intensity interval training) that you can choose according to your health condition or level: beginner, base, advance, mountain hike, etc. Each of them is built up of a number of sets which maintains the time period, incline, and speed to stick to. If none of the programs suit your purposes, you may customize your own plan to achieve the goals.

While training you don’t have to look at the timer and the next exercise as the app has a voice coach who will inform you about every position and will calculate heart rate zones.

The app saves all information about your pieces of training and represents it in a graph and separated units featured with the time that you have spent, and active energy (kcal).

To have more accurate data you may set information about yourself in settings and sync with Apple Health.

Treadmill Workout    Treadmill Workout


TreadR – Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach


TreadR will be your coach to see the progress in figures and to give useful advice to improve your running. There is an easy-to-use interface where you can the distance, the number of steps, and calories burned straight away. You should choose the program and follow the steps. Each session is added to your running history where you can find the incline, pace, and time shown in a line graph and distance, steps, calories in bar charts.

To not lose time recalling all steps of the program, the app tells you everything in the voice that you will set.

To advance your knowledge about diverse kinds of training you may watch videos proposed by TreadR. Do you want to do some stretching in the end? You will find some material about it in the app and in our article about the best stretching apps.

You may also choose a dark or a light mode and get music playlists. However, the majority of features to track the progress require some payment.

TreadR TreadR  TreadR


LFconnect – Workout Tracking

LFconnectIf running is just a part of the whole training and you would like to overview the overall calorie-burning number, you could try LFconnect to track your cardio workouts. What is special about it? It proposes a variety of exercises (not only for running) for different groups of muscles with precise video-description of the technique. You may compose your training in the app and it will count the number of calories spent during the session. If you want to get more information about your running, you may see not only calories but also the distance and the time.

Your progress will be visualized in graphs and shown on the calendar with exact exercises and their duration; so, you will never forget about upcoming training and will create your workout in advance.

LFconnect    LFconnect



SmartTreadmillA stylish, simple app for tracking your sport progress SmartTradmill is not overloaded with unnecessary functions – only running sports. Diverse programs and plans will help you to make every training joyful and unboring. While training it shows the timer and your target.

The version for iOS also can scan the surrounding treadmill and adjust the speed and incline.

To provide you an external motivation the app enables you to share your progress with your friends and drive them into running as well.

SmartTreadmill    SmartTreadmill


Couch Potato to 5K Runner

Couch Potato to 5K Runner Get on a treadmill or go out to have some running and don’t be bothered with counting your progress, because Couch to 5K Runner will be with you everywhere. As well as its analogs it possesses some programs that will help you to get fit. It is also great that there is a voice that will be in your earphone about what to do next run or walk and will blend into the music you are listening to.

It records the time, distance, calories, and saves them for you to see the progress. If you are outdoors the app will show your route on the map.

This app is beautiful: it has a picturesque background, represents periods of time in different colors depending on the task, and, finally, is really easy to use.

Do you want to let everyone know that you are sportive? Release on Facebook or Twitter your training.

Couch Potato to 5K Runner


Burn Calories & Lose Belly Fat Track daily routine

Burn Calories & Lose Belly Fat Track  If you are obsessed with calorie counting and want to know hints and tips to lose weight effectively, you may enjoy Burn Calories & Lose Belly Fat Track. The main tool for you will be the number of calories you have burned. To do this, you should choose the activity and input the time, and the app will automatically count the number of calories and will write how much to be burned is left for this day.

To make your running skills better the app proposes 3 methods of training heart rate zones and includes resting heart rate calculator.

The app will lead you to success in slimming. Set your current weight and the targeted one and input regularly information about changes to see the overall dynamic.

Burn Calories & Lose Belly Fat Track  Burn Calories & Lose Belly Fat Track


iTreadmill Pedometer

iTreadmill Pedometer  iTreadmill Pedometer is a complete app with all basic tools for tracking your cardio training. Choose the goal you want to achieve, no matter whether it is the number of calories, steps, distance, or time; and run until you get it. It not only records your ongoing training but also saves this information and builds up motivating graphs where you can clearly see your improvements. For example, you may find a graph on how many calories you have burned during training.

The app also has a built-in music player, so, it is possible to include the music you would like to listen to. Moreover, you can change the wallpaper there to make it more pleasant.

 iTreadmill Pedometer


Exercise Calorie Calculator

Exercise Calorie Calculator  Last but not least app Exercise Calorie Calculator is created especially to maintain a calorie-controlled diet. Here you can insert and count the calories that you have burned, can see the statistics made up on the data added on your running. Set your weight for more accurate counting.

The same scheme works with other types of training. Generally, there are more than 200 exercises which are mentioned in the app.

Should you try to count each and every calorie consumed and burned, you have to visit our article on the best calorie counter apps.

     Exercise Calorie Calculator


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