11 Best Vacation Rental Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Going on a vacation, you should know that you need to plan this important event in advance. Before you start your new adventure, you need to book a hotel, buy tickets, and check all the sights in your chosen destination.

That’s not the whole list of things you need to do. To solve all these issues faster, use these best vacation rental apps 2024 for Android & iOS.

Find the most profitable deals for your travels with these best last-minute hotel deals apps for Android & iOS.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals

Vrbo Vacation Rentals is designed to help you find vacation rentals. It has a huge database of options to meet the most demanding user.

There are around 200 countries and more than two million properties available to you. Many objects available to users to select objects are not presented on the majority of other travel services.

Thanks to the search function and built-in filters, you can see exactly what you need. There is also an opportunity to create a common chat with members of your family or company you are planning a joint vacation with.

Chat will allow you to quickly discuss possible options and solve current issues related to the organization of the holidays. Using the phone you can easily and safely book a suitable rental object and make the necessary payments.

If you have questions about the object, you can ask the owner and get the information you need to make a decision. With the help of this app, it is easy, interesting, and safe to organize a vacation.


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The Vacasa app is designed to find and book vacation accommodations. Planning your next perfect vacation? Undecided or unsure about where to go? The app will help with these tasks.

Using a convenient search with filters set up, it’s easy to find just the right option for you. Photos, reviews, and 3D tours are available to help you make up your mind and not be disappointed in your choice.

If you make an active determination of the location of your device, the app will allow you to find out what objects are located nearby. This will be relevant for users for whom travel time and distance are important or even crucial.

Once you have selected a suitable facility, you also have the opportunity to make a reservation using the app. It allows you to share the results of your search and booking with those who will go with you on your journey.



The HomeToGo app is designed for finding and booking vacation accommodations. It has a large database with verified properties and owners.

Thanks to the capabilities of the app, the search and selection of rental objects will be quick and easy. You need to determine the dates of the trip and the place of rest.

Once you specify these data, this service will offer you possible options for accommodation. Using filters, you can choose the best option for you from the proposed list.

It will take into account the cost, accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities, and other criteria. Also, using filters, users can get information on the distance of the object to the beach, city center, or ski area. It depends on the location and your basic recreation concept.

Once the object has been selected you can easily contact the owner to clarify the necessary information. Then, inform him or her about the time of the planned accommodation. You will receive confirmation of your reservation by email.

Thanks to its database and the possibility of quick booking, the app saves users a lot of time to organize their vacations. It makes the process of searching and making a decision enjoyable and fascinating.



The Whimstay app provides up to 60% discounted rentals. Such a discount can be given on last-minute rentals. This is especially relevant and appreciated by travelers who love spontaneous vacations.

Try it if you are always open to new things and ready to travel at any moment. You will have access to a large database of rental properties. Filters, reviews, and photos will help you make the right choice and be confident in the result.

With the app, you can easily book the selected object and securely pay for the transaction.

Users have the opportunity to take advantage of counseling and other assistance from a customer advocate. Take advantage of this if you have any questions or difficulties.

The app provides the opportunity to organize a chat. So, you will be able to discuss options and details of a joint vacation with your company of travelers.



The Cozycozy app is designed to allow users to compare prices and search for vacation rentals. It appeared on the market relatively recently and takes into account all the needs and wishes of users when working with similar systems.

The program is easy to use and does its job well. The difference between this app from similar ones is the ability to compare all types of accommodations provided for rent to travelers in a particular place.

The work of the service is completely transparent, all the objects available for rent will be offered to the user without limitation. What you need is up to you to determine. Information is gathered from the largest sites and thematic portals.

Using filters, you can choose the object that meets your preferences and peculiarities of rest. Note – the price that users see in the program includes all possible commissions and fees, this is the final cost of the rent.

Once the object is found, you will only have to book it and make the payment. The app allows you to do this quickly and without unnecessary effort. It is a reliable assistant in vacation planning, allowing you to save your time and money.



The Holidu app is designed to help you find vacation accommodations. It is simple and easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It provides a large database of rental properties – more than 15 million.

The app compares offers for rent with the data of more than 600 sites. Thanks to the comparative analysis, you have the opportunity to rent a house for the most attractive price.

Using the filters available, you can easily find the option you need. The choice will take into account the available budget, quality requirements, and other parameters.

The app has a customer support service, using which you will get the necessary advice and other assistance. What is important, the support service operates daily.

Once the rental property is found, you can book it in a couple of taps. If you can’t wait to share your vacation plans and the accommodation you found with friends or family, the app will allow you to do so in a few seconds.


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UBER is an app for finding vacation rentals. Besides, users have the ability to use the app to find a real estate broker.

With either method of use, the app provides a quality service. If you are planning a vacation or a trip, the app will allow you to find accommodation for any period you need, including a long-term rental. Photographs and reviews will help in choosing an object.

The app allows you to contact the owner of the housing, as well as quickly and reliably make a reservation and payment.

If you are planning to sell or buy a property, the app will give you the opportunity to get in touch with a reliable broker. Working with the broker will save time and get a significant discount on real estate services.

For brokers, the app provides an opportunity to use it as a platform for finding clients. This allows you to cut costs and significantly increase your client base. Importantly, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data – the app doesn’t collect or transfer it to third parties.


Cheap Getaway

Cheap Getaway is an app for finding and booking vacation accommodations. The app is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface.

Using search filters, you set the parameters that are important to you and get a list of available rental properties. The available photos will help not to make a mistake in the choice.

The app provides an opportunity to contact the owner to get the necessary information about the object. You can also arrange the time of arrival, the method of key transfer, and other important organizational issues.

Once you have decided on the choice, you can book the object and make payment without too much effort and time.

In addition to travelers, the app will be of interest to owners of rental properties. They can use it as a working platform. To do this, you need to upload data on the object, and photos and wait for messages from potential customers.

The app is interested in the safety of the transaction for both parties, so owners may be asked for documents confirming the rights to the object.



With the Airbnb app, users can find vacation or travel accommodations. It supports a search by location, price, and other parameters.

To use the service, it is necessary to register, stating the cell phone number. There is also an opportunity to sign in with a social network account.

Users can choose a city or district of residence and specify the dates. After that, a list of available housing options will appear on the screen. The sorting by cost and rating is supported.

Besides, this service allows you to select the type of housing. This can be an apartment, a room, a hotel room, or a hostel. It is possible to view photos, descriptions, and a list of amenities.

With the help of the utility, you can book the variant of your favorite accommodation. At the stage of confirming the order, the choice of extra services is available.

After that, it is necessary to pay for the rent in any convenient way. Information about upcoming trips is displayed in the personal cabinet. Users can manage bookings and contact the host.



The Booking service is widespread among travelers, and the app makes it even more accessible and convenient to use.

Booking.com offers rooms, apartments, hotels, and hostels all over the world. Each property in the app is rated based on visitors’ reviews.

To get started with Booking.com, you’ll need to select the dates, location, and number of travelers on your trip to find the right options.

The app also allows you to search directly by city, hotel, or attraction. The list of lodging options can be filtered by selecting, for example, the accommodations needed, the price range, or the rating.

For each accommodation option, the user can leave a review, rating, and photos of their holiday in that place. This way you will greatly help other travelers to decide on their choice.

To book a hotel or apartment via Booking.com you should sign in or create your personal account in the service. For most of the options presented in the app, you will be able to cancel your reservation for free.

The app allows you to contact the host directly. In case of problems, Booking.com has its own round-the-clock multilingual customer support. It helps to resolve situations quickly.


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Tripadvisor is a travel planning and booking app with the ability to add interesting places to bookmarks.

There are millions of reviews of restaurants, hotels, and attractions around the world. Many of the reviews are supplemented with photos.

There’s also a forum available for users to ask questions about their trip and get answers or advice from experienced travelers. The user’s feed will display articles and publications of interest.

The app is free and has a stylishly simple interface. To get started with TripAdvisor you will need to create a personal account in the app. A handy feature of the TripAdvisor app is the ability to add places of interest to bookmarks.

You can fully plan sightseeing and eating places for the entire duration of the trip. They will be saved as favorites and reflected on the map.

TripAdvisor can compare airfares and hotel rooms directly from the app. Convenient list filtering is available for the user to find the perfect options.

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