5 Best Apps to Sell Pets in 2023

Looking for a quick and simple way to sell pets online? This article has you covered!

Although there are plenty of animal-selling websites, they may not be the most convenient way to find a new home for pets. That’s why we’ve picked up the 5 best apps to sell pets in 2023 that you can use on the go.

These apps let you put selling listings within a few taps, so the animals could find a loving family as quickly as possible. You’ll get to chat with customers and discuss all the details to make sure they are the right people to sell pets to. Let’s dive in!



First of all, there’s an online marketplace to buy and sell quiet pets.

Whatever little companion you’re looking for or trying to find a home for, this app has you covered. It features such categories of pets as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, parrots, and more. The main goal of this app is to help sellers and customers easily connect and provide users with all the essential pet owner info.

The app won’t charge you any fees for posting a selling listing, so no worries here. All you need to do is to add a title, pick the category, add keywords, pic, and a description along with the price. It’s always great for the listing to have high-quality pics, but it’s not essential here. There’s also a built-in chat, so you can communicate with customers without sharing your personal number.

Along with pets, the app also covers multiple listings of pet supplies if needed. And there are lots of educational materials on how to take care of certain pets properly, what to avoid in raising a pet, and much more. The app doesn’t provide you with any kind of shipping services (well, it would be odd if it would), so you’ll need to meet with the customer by yourself.

Only4Pets 1 Only4Pets 2  

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Pets Home App

Pets Home App

Net, we have an app that lets you rehome all pets without much effort.

This app covers all kinds of pets: cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, and all that. There are also quite a lot of exotic animal listings, so there’s smth for everyone. Plus, you may set it up to rather sell pets locally or worldwide (if you have pet-safe shipping options for that, of course).

All you need to do here is to create a listing. To do that, you’ll add a couple of pis, add detail descriptions, title, price, and all that. The app also lets you advertise your listings to get pets rehomed faster. The ads are easy to set up and monitor, so you’ll get to track their effectiveness right away. Of course, the ads are not free, but there are several plans to choose from.

Besides, you can set up notifications to alert you of ad reactions, likes, and messages right away. The app also comes with a built-in chat that lets you communicate with customers right away. The chatting tool is free and unlimited, which is pleasant.

Pets Home App 1Pets Home App 2

Pets Store

Pets Store

This is an online pet store to buy and sell pets on the go.

It’s a simple pet market pale that covers hundreds of pet sell listings. You can find all kinds of pets and breeds out there: dogs, cats, birds, and even goats if needed. Plus, there are whole sections of pet supplies and accessories, so keep that in mind. The mechanics are simple: just add a listing with detailed descriptions and high-quality pis, and you’re all set.

You can also set up the location filters in case you don’t want to deal with long-distance shipping (which can be a mess when it comes to animals). And if your goal is to sell pets as quickly as possible, make sure to use the added feature. Yeah, you’ll need to spend some coins to advertise the listing, but it totally worth it.

You’ll get to edit your listings at any time needed, and you and also turn on notifications to not miss anything. The app also comes with direct chat options, so you won’t need to share your personal number or smth. The app won’t charge you any extra fees or sells, so no worries here.

Pets Store 1 Pets Store 2 

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Camlist – Just Pets


It’s an app that lets you buy and sell pets and everything related to them.

It covers numerous kinds of pets from dogs to exotic animals, so you’re all the way covered. Along with that, you can use this app to see pet accessories, supplies, and even services. All you need to do is create a listing with your offer. Make sure to add high-quality pics, an in-depth description, on-market price, and all that.

Plus, the app lets you add vids of whatever you’re selling, so the customer would get the best view right away. Posting a vid is beyond simple, it works just like the does on TikTok or IG. The app won’t charge you for sales, and it also provides all users with a secure payment system, so no worries.

There’s also a fully-featured built-in chat, so you won’t need to put a personal number out there. More to that, the chat covers video calls, o it’s easy to demonstrate whatever you’re selling to the client. The app runs on a ranking system, so make sure to track your reputation and reviews.

Camlist 1 Camlist 2 

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Buy & Sell Puppies Classified

Buy & Sell Puppies Classified

And lastly, this is a handy app for selling pups and cats online.

This pet marketplace is fully focused on cats and dogs, so if you want to sell some other animals, pick another app from our list. Along with pets, you can also use this one to buy and sell supplies and accessories, which is convenient. The app is incredibly easy to use: it lets you post a listing within a few taps.

Just make sure to pick nice images and write a solid description (and a fair price, of course). The app covers multiple dog and cat breeds, so you’ll just need to pick one from the list. Once it’s done, you get to turn your listing into an authenticated ad. Herewith, you’ll e able to set the location visibility of ads, in case you have any prefs about that.

The app also lets users exchange messages, so there’s no need to share your number. You can set up notifications on ad reactions, likes, messages, and whatever else is needed. If you’ll keep selling pets in this app for a while, your acc will get verified, which helps to get more sales.

Buy & Sell Puppies Classified 1 Buy & Sell Puppies Classified 2 

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