11 Best Vocal Remover Apps 2024 For Android & iOS

Do you want to take the vocals out of your favorite song and add a version of your own performance? Or do you want to throw a karaoke party with your friends? In any of these cases, you need special services that allow you to separate vocals and music from each other without loss of quality.

They have all the tools you need and even allow you to add various effects to improve the sound quality. The best representatives are these vocal remover apps 2024 for Android & iOS. Try them all or choose the best one.

Make your own original soundtrack with these free apps for music mixing.


SplitHit is an app for creating karaoke and recording songs on an almost professional level.

Do you have a need or desire to make unusual music projects from ordinary tracks? This app will be an indispensable and reliable assistant.

Unlike similar apps, this service has many interesting and useful technology solutions. For example, you will be able to remove or enhance the sound of any of the instruments that sound in the tune.

There is a technical possibility to remove or amplify the voice. Users also have the ability to divide the song into vocals and separate parts of the instruments sounding in the tune. It is possible to divide and amplify the sound.

With these technical features available to users of the app, you can organize a house party and easily provide a musical event. Everything depends only on your desires and imagination.


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AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke

Al Vocal Remover & Karaoke is an app for extracting music and vocals from songs in MP3 format.

Are you planning a noisy event or meeting with friends? Do you need to rehearse a graduation or matinee song with your child? Then you can’t do without karaoke.

The app allows you to remove the voice from MP3 songs and prepare a track for karaoke.

The program is free, but it will please you with professional studio-quality results. Thus, it is also suitable for those for whom musical accompaniment is part of the work process. The sound is clear, so the performer is guaranteed to enjoy the process of performing the song.

The result of editing the track can be saved on your phone and shared with the participants of the event in advance. What’s important, the app can work in the presence of the Internet and in offline mode.

The app is convenient and easy to use. Now you are reliably armed and ready to organize a holiday and creative experiments.



unMix is a karaoke app that uses artificial intelligence in its work.

It appeared recently, so it has already taken into account all the mistakes and shortcomings of similar apps.

This program allows users to process music at a professional level. You will be able to create music for karaoke and divide the song into tracks.

The result can be saved by the user on the device used for music processing. This is a working, easy-to-use app that allows you to prepare for a holiday or other event as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Before the event, you will be able to share and discuss the result.



deMixer is a free app with which you can create karaoke songs even if you have never done it before. It allows you to process any number of songs.

With this service, it is possible to remove the voice or parts of individual musical instruments.

The result is easy to save and share with friends. Now you have the opportunity to make your holiday fun and unforgettable.

Working with the app does not require any special knowledge or skills. So you can safely proceed to the realization of your musical fantasies.

What’s important – registration in the app is not required and user data are not transferred to third parties. If you have any questions about using the app, you can ask the developer.



SonicMelody is an app for creating karaoke from any song in mp3 format. The program is free, yet of high quality and easy to use.

There are many technical features that set it apart from similar ones. These are the ability to change the tempo, detect and change the pitch, reverse sound, and many others.

You will also be able to remove the vocals and musical parts of the instruments sounding in the soundtrack.

The app comes with an audio recorder function and has auto settings. You will be able to save and share the result with interested parties.

The app has technical support, if you have any questions or suggestions, users will get feedback.



DeStem is a free karaoke app that does not require registration. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The app is equipped with artificial intelligence, which allows you to provide excellent results on the song.

In addition to removing vocals from the song, you will be able to highlight or remove parts of individual musical instruments. You don’t have to worry, the result of your creative experiments will not be lost, and you can easily save everything.

Now you have a great tool to create your karaoke party or other celebration. If there is a need, you can always send the results of your song processing any way you want. This will increase the chances of your musical event going perfectly.

Note that the app doesn’t collect or use your data, you don’t have to worry about its security. The program has technical support to resolve any issues that arise promptly.


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Iam a BAND

Iam a BAND is an app that lets you remove the voice or vocals from a song. You can organize a cool karaoke party or record a cover version of your favorite song.

The high-quality music player feature will provide music for your party at a high level. The app allows you to remove vocals from a song and divide it into tracks for individual instruments.

This program has the interesting function of editing the lyrics and their synchronization.

Users have the ability to change the name of the song or the artist – now everyone at the party will know the name of its main star.

You can easily save the results of your creativity and musical experiments in your music catalog.



EasySplitter is a quality app that allows you to remove vocals from a song. Now you can easily organize a karaoke party on your own, even if you’ve never done it before.

Working in the app does not require any special skills or abilities. The program does not stop at removing vocals from a song. Users will be able to easily and qualitatively separate it.

You will be able to highlight vocals or bass, drums, or instrumental. Users will be able to save musical experiments in the history of files. Find and use if necessary.

Now you have a reliable assistant for the musical accompaniment of any holiday. The app works quickly, without ads and bugs, which makes it especially attractive for users.

So, the tool is ready, turn on your musical imagination and start organizing the best party. Keep in mind, that the level of performance of the app is suitable for amateurs, professionals, and novice musicians.


Vocal Remover for karaoke & dance: Music Separator

This app uses artificial intelligence to remove the voice from songs. Users will also be able to separate music and vocals from video.

The app is free. It can be interesting and useful for performers and karaoke lovers.

Another useful feature in the app is the ability to highlight the drum part. This can also be done for piano or bass. Thus, it will be useful for those who learn to play the piano.

The result of your musical transformations can be easily saved. What’s important, the app has the ability to work offline – with the songs you’ve downloaded to your phone.

The indispensable tool is in your hands. Now it’s up to you – turn on your imagination, call for performers and dancers, and start preparing for a party or other musical event.


Phonic Vocal Extractor

Phonic Vocal Extractor is an app for removing vocals and instrumentals from a song.

It works at a high level, so it comes in handy for beginners and professional musicians alike.

You can easily save all your musical works to your device. They can be stored online too, but only for 3 days, then they are deleted.

The app works well so that you will not lose your results by accident. Preparing music for karaoke will be easy and fun. You can safely set the date of the party and prepare microphones.

Please note, that your data may be collected when you work in the app, but it is not shared with third parties.


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Me Beat

Me Beat is an app for removing vocals from music. Artificial Intelligence provides high-quality results and excellent technical capabilities.

Change your favorite songs in any cool way. You will also have access to split the song into vocals and separate parts of musical instruments.

The voice or any of the musical parts can be amplified, the tempo can be changed.

This will allow the song to sound new and you to surprise your karaoke party participants. Remove unwanted noise and create an echo effect.

The app has a lot of other technical possibilities for song processing. You can record the results of your most daring and crazy musical fantasies, save them and share them with your friends.

Rest assured that the app doesn’t collect or share your data with any third parties.

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